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  • Name: Irina Pudova ( Irina Pudova )
  • Date of birth: 1 July 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Khanty-Mansiysk, Tyumen oblast, Russia
  • Height: 160
  • Activity: TV presenter, journalist
  • Marital status: married

    Irina Pudova: biography

    Irina Pudova – journalist, familiar to domestic audiences mainly as a presenter of «Around the world» and «My planet».

    Future leading-traveler was born in 1982 in the city of Khanty-Mansiysk. In the childhood Irina had attended a regular school, then decided to continue her education, receiving a creative profession.

    Irina Pudova
    Irina Pudova

    The girl graduated from music school, piano class, but to pursue a career in the profession would not. Ira went to conquer the capital, hoping to go to a journalism University. However, the exams for her to pass she was able.

    Later in the interview, pounds admitted that she simply did not have enough perseverance, you had to try, and her dream would come true. Then, in zero, Irina is absolutely not discouraged, and easily went to another Metropolitan University – Moscow State social University. After studying the appropriate number of years in the specialty «journalism», pounds settled leading to the TV.

    Career on TV

    Television career of Irina Pudova has developed rapidly. Talented and charismatic young woman immediately noticed and was invited to broadcast on TV. She has experience as a journalist for the news portal RBK, TVC channels, «Capital».

    Irina Pudova
    Irina Pudova | Wikipedia

    Popularity to the young and fragile beauty came after her debut on the music channel «Muz-TV». This work (in the «Engine» and «Settings») not only made EDM popular leading, but also brought additional income. The girl was invited to various events, corporate parties. But high earnings were never a goal in itself for Pood, in addition, in one interview, she admitted that he does not believe journalism is the profession you are in it for the money.

    True calling Ira was opened, when it became the leading program «Around the world», aired on the TV channel «Russia». In the two years of the project (2006 to 2008) Irina traveled to dozens of countries, including the most exotic destinations, interviewed miners and shamans down in the deep caves, climbed mountains and skyscrapers, collecting experiences around the world and enjoy sharing them with the viewers.

    Irina Pudova
    Irina Pudova | Holiday in Russia

    Some of the audience repeatedly rebuked Irina excessive persistence and even impudence, with which she was eager to gather information from complete strangers. But Irina believes that such a «working grasp» is an integral part of the profession of journalism, and without it, sometimes an interesting story can take.

    It would seem, on this can only dream of, and any journalist would agree to be in Pood. And Irina herself was in awe of the endless travel and meet new people, countries, experiences, flora and fauna, although the trip lasted in total for four months of the year, and even more.

    One day, while on a business trip to Peru, Ira spoke with the local shaman, who told her that in a past life she was a traveler, and in this life, any activities associated with this field.

    Irina Pudova
    Irina Pudova in the program «Around the world» | the Rest of Russia

    In 2009, the leading changed the work place: a TV program «Around the world» for the project «My planet» channel Russian Travel Guide. In fact the Ira changed only the geography of their trips, narrowing the range of travel from around the globe to the borders of our country. However, the girl herself claims that her decision was influenced by the technical side of the issue: conventional analog television she preferred the digital, which had just started to develop.

    It turned out that Ira was right: the future belongs to the digital TV. In the press appeared news that in two years, analog TV completely obsolete, and all the basic channels will move to digital format.

    Alternative projects

    On «My Planet», Iran had to cooperate with many well-known TV hosts and television city, the same fans of their profession, just like the pounds. Although her work and has quite a busy schedule, Irina does not restrict its activities exclusively to the conduct and preparation of programs about Russian cities and villages. In her life there was a place for both children and the family, and the man, whose name the journalist keeps secret, and alternative projects.

    Irina Pudova
    Irina Pudova | TV Diva

    So, once Irina together with a colleague on the program «Around the World» by Andrey Ponkratov during the year had to conduct a private course for students in the program Travel. And it all happened in the same Moscow state University, where Pounds of its time was not accepted.

    Another project Irina opened in collaboration with her husband, a professional PR man. Together they developed and produced the magazine «Passport». This is a niche publication dedicated to, of course, travel.

    Irina Pudova
    Irina Pudova | Aptvisit

    Its main feature is that it contains many specific, concise, dry, but important information especially for the tourists who are in a foreign country or city far from the Internet. According to the authors, the journal is issued to travelers in travel agencies together with the ticket and tickets.

    In addition to the above Irina takes an active part in public and political life as a member of the Public Council of the organization «Young guard of United Russia», also pounds is the transfer of «Travel the world» on the radio «My Family» and wrote a book about travel.

    Personal life

    Personal life TV presenter and avid adventurer, and that photos and filming always optimistic and cheerful, has developed successfully. With her husband she met on television for a long time they worked together, know each other and understand at a glance. Their Union is strong and harmonious, and the new projects they come up with enviable ease, positioning it as a joint hobby.

    Irina Pudova
    Irina Pudova | Facebook

    Surprisingly, with such a busy schedule, Irina manages to look young; in a bathing suit, shorts and a t-shirt or elegant dress she is energetic and graceful, and her figure after the birth of her daughter remained fragile and tiny. Ira confesses that he always considered that the appearance of children should not restrict parents in their professional activities, some personal achievements.

    She left her job with the birth of his daughter and all lead the same active lifestyle, but sometimes still thinking about what my favorite profession is not important, and home and family can be more important.


    Irina Pudova

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