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  • Name: Irina Pegova ( Irina Pegova )
  • Date of birth: 18 June 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Vyksa
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress, honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: divorced

    Irina Pegova: biography

    Honoured artist of Russia Irina Pegova was born on June 18 1978 in the small town of Vyksa, in the Gorky region. Father Sergei Zakharovich Pegov – known sportsman worked as a coach and physical education teacher. Irina and her older sister Tatiana, dad actively instilled a love for sport life. Therefore, in childhood and adolescence, Ira spent a lot of time in athletics, skiing, skating, swimming, fencing and even equestrian sports. The parents wanted the daughter followed in the footsteps of his father and devoted himself to the sport. Became a Metallurgist, as mother Vera, who worked at a large metallurgical plant in Vyksa.

    In addition to active outdoor sports Irina Pegova have time to attend a music school and graduated in violin. In high school, after participating in a local competition «Wanna be a star», she is thinking about her career. She began to attend vocal Studio performed at concerts and even tried to write my own songs. In the future, Irina Pegova saw himself as a brilliant singer, for example, it was Edith Piaf.

    To be able to continue his vocal studies, she decided to enroll in drama school. Parents were strongly against it, Irina had to make concessions. In 1995, after finishing school Pegova entered the Nizhny Novgorod Polytechnic Institute, but his desire to be a singer girl forgot: in the same year, she entered the Nizhny Novgorod theatre school, the Department «Actor of drama theatre and cinema». Pegova studied on the course at Basil Bogomazov.

    In the second year of school in Nizhny Novgorod came to the theater «Pyotr Fomenko Workshop», which made Irina Pegova and other students a lasting impression. The arrival of Fomenko said Irina, allowing her desire to go after school in GITIS, only intensified. The result of all came Pegova was adopted by the directing Department.


    The creative biography of Irina Pegawai began in 2001, the year when the young artist joined the «Pyotr Fomenko Workshop». Almost immediately the young actress has put in some performances. She played Anfisa Tikhonovna in the play «Wolves and sheep», and «War and peace» Pegova played and Sonia and Lisa. In the play «Barbara» the girl appeared in the image of Pelageya Pritykina. But the brightest in the repertoire of Irina Pegboy was the role of dishwasher Irma in the play «Mad of Chaillot». Fomenko Irina worked until 2006.

    Since 2004, Irina Pegova started to cooperate with the Theatre-Studio of Oleg Tabakov, who played the role of Sonia in the play «Uncle Vanya». It is this role brought the talented actress the prestigious theater award «Golden mask».

    Pegova has partnered with the Studio Theater to date, playing in productions of «Crazy day or the Marriage of Figaro», «Uncle Vanya», «Wife» and «the Story about happy Moscow». Work on this stage has brought Irina a lot of awards: «Golden mask», «Crystal Turandot» in the nomination «Best actress» and award the Charitable Foundation Oleg Tabakov «For the difficult role of Moscow Chestnova».

    In 2006, Irina Pegova was the actress Chekhov Moscow art theater, which today is one of the leading Actresses. She plays in performances «the humpbacked Horse», «Marriage» and «the Seagull.» Successful for Irina Pegawai became 2012. This year the artist received the Russian national actor award named Andrei Mironov «Figaro» in the nomination «best of the Best» for the brilliant performance of roles in the Russian theater scene for the past three years.


    A cinematic biography of Irina Pegawai rich not less. The actress made her film debut in 2002, playing a small role of the military veterinarian in the film «Spartak and Kalashnikov». But the glory was overtaken Pegova after the first major role that she played in the film by Alexei Uchitel «Walk». The film was released in 2003 and brought Irina a few awards, making it a very in demand actress. Charming for the role of Olga in «Walk» Pegova received the «Golden eagle» and was awarded the prize of the festival «Window to Europe».

    Soon, the artist continued her collaboration with Director Alexei Uchitel and starred in his film «dreaming of Space», where he appeared as a waitress Lara.

    In the filmography of the actress a lot of interesting work. The most important – «Varvara», «Passenger», «Ivan the terrible». It should be noted that Irina Pegova reluctantly agrees to a role in the television series, not wanting to «lower the bar» of excellence. Work in the TV series «the Girlfriend of special function» and «Saviour under birches» can be considered an exception.

    Number of films starring Irina Pegova has been steadily growing. In 2014, the year released three new paintings. The most important – «All grieving pleasure» «I leave you love» and «Tankers do not throw their».

    Irina Pegova, with her tight schedule, managed to take part in the TV show «Dancing with the stars», and together with Andrey Kozlovsky was the winner of the 25 April 2015.

    Personal life

    Personal life Irina Pegawai always the center of attention of journalists, and this life is quite eventful and rumors.

    Husband of Irene was actor Dmitry Orlov. The pair met in Warsaw at the festival where he has presented the painting «the Sky. The plane. Girl», and Irina — a film «Walk». After returning to Moscow Pegova and eagles began to live together. The lovers were married on 8 Sep 2005.

    About this couple a lot written in the press, admiring the perfect family. Dmitry in an interview repeatedly said that the great luck in life he believes that he met this wonderful girl as his wife. Being a talented actress, she copes with the duties of wife and mother. The family grows daughter Tatiana.

    Having lived seven happy years, Pegov Dmitry Orlov divorced. First, the former spouses are very unflattering comments about each other in the press, but time passed and the relationship became friendly.

    Daughter Irina Pegawai and Dmitry Orlov in 2012 along with her mother, the girl starred in the film by Alexey Uchitel «Eight»

    Irina Pegova: filmography

    • Saved under the birches
    • Girlfriend special purpose
    • Barbara
    • Admiral
    • The return of the Musketeers
    • Passenger
    • Moscow fireworks
    • Indian summer
    • Love with an accent
    • Mary-in-law
    • I leave you love
    • Tankers do not throw their

    Irina Pegova: photo

    Irina Pegova

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