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  • Name: Irina Pechernikova ( Irina Pechernikova )
  • Date of birth: September 2, 1945.
  • Age: 71
  • Place of birth: Grozny
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, Honored artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: widow

    Irina Pechernikova: biography

    After the iconic painting «we’ll Live till Monday» actress Irina Pechernikova woke up famous. Its popularity has reached far beyond the borders of the Soviet Union. Abroad Pechernikova called «Soviet Audrey Hepburn with the eyes of a fawn». Perhaps it was then that the young actress realized that her childhood dream has come true in full.

    Irina Pechernikova
    Baby photo Irina Pechernikova |

    Irina Pechernikova was born in Grozny in early September 1945. Shortly after her birth, the family moved to the capital. On Leninsky Prospekt, where he settled Pechernikova, lived the famous actress Rufina Nifontova. Already the future star high school Saga dreamed of the stage. She secretly wore flowers famous Nifontova, but could not decide to present the bouquet in her hands. Therefore, the Ira would quietly put flowers under the door and ran away. But once decided. Out of reach when star opened the door, the girl stammered that she also wants to be an actress and asked what it needs. Rufina Dmitrievna thought, briefly answered your rough and hoarse voice: «Everything.» And closed the door.

    Irina Pechernikova
    In his youth | Wokrout

    After such an exhaustive answer Pechernikova got all the mugs at once: gymnastics, figure skating and even fencing. But most importantly, started attending the drama club, who was a student of the great Vsevolod Meyerhold. That she was able to prepare Irina to enter, and chose her College, and certainly the Moscow art theatre.

    But the confidence that it will arrive, Irina Pechernikova was not. She claimed she did by accident. Decided that the first year work in the theatre. Mayakovsky, following artists, and to enter will go to next year.

    Irina Pechernikova
    In the beginning |

    And in the School-Studio of MKHAT Ira looked, only to see how others are doing. Timidly opened the door to the Studio, where he took the exam and was immediately noticed. The girl was invited to come in and asked how old she is. She was 16, but she added another year. And thin and small in stature the girl was not more than 13. At the head of the huge nylon bow. Clothes brown school dress and white socks. So the answer «17» was met with friendly laughter.

    A request to read Pechernikova recited the poem «Jack Setter» Vera Inber and said the excerpt from the play «Dashenka, or the History of puppy life» Karel Capek. And again the laughter. However, it took.


    The creative biography of Irina Pechernikova started on the 2nd course. She is also entrusted with a complex and interesting role in a production of «the Winter of our discontent». Now the actress has learned what the theatrical intrigue. Beyond the thin partition of her dressing room she heard her, just a girl, not yet never a kiss, discussing envious of your senior colleagues. That student was entrusted with such a responsible role, they suspected her love affair with two Directors.

    Irina Pechernikova
    Irina Pechernikova in the theatre |

    Ira wept, huddled in theatrical scenery. Her sobs whines when he heard the Director. Then he gave the young actress a piece of advice: «Remember: if you talk about something you or woman charm, or a talented actress. Cry when you cease to speak.»

    Since this kind of talk behind Pechernikova have heard more than once. Sometimes the rumors were groundless, but often not.

    Irina Pechernikova
    In the play «Vanina vanini» | Cinema

    After graduation Irina Viktorovna took in the film, where she worked for 2 years until 1968. But then moved to the Theatre name. Mayakovsky, who wanted to get even in his youth, on seeing «hamlet.» «Mayakovka» actress was delayed for 10 years. From there he was lured to the theater, the Maly, the famous Director Mikhail Ivanovich Tsarev. However, immediately warned that two of her «will eat» and she meant «edible».

    Irina Pechernikova
    Star theatre |

    It just happened. Irina Pechernikova hated. She was jealous of black envy. Because «new girl» took away all repertory roles. Often, called her before the premiere and insinuating voices threatened to mutilate the face with acid, or put a terrible curse.

    When there was Tsarev, which the artist loved her life in the theatre has lost its meaning. The best role was played. She was boring and uninteresting. Besides began the «dashing 90-e» that broke the career of many actors. Was no exception and Pechernikova. From despair and uselessness she began to drink. To stay just on the edge of the abyss.


    A cinematic biography of Irina Pechernikova was not less successful than theatrical. It becomes clear after listing her movie partners: Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Oleg Dal, Innokenty Smoktunovsky, Vladimir Vysotsky, Yuri Bogatyrev.

    Irina Pechernikova
    The star role of Irina Pechernikova |

    After a successful start in the film «the Stone guest» and «First love» Stanislav Rostotsky has offered the young actress a role in his poignant film «Live till Monday». The Director was looking for a new, «not illuminated» face. The film was released in 1968. English teacher Natalya Gorelov Pechernikova played in one breath. Later Irina admitted that it was not a game, and fun. Because on set there was an atmosphere of universal love and respect which can «implement» only Rostotsky.

    After the movie and talking about the novel Pechernikova and Tikhonov. Actually it wasn’t an affair. The young actress not to flirt with the Maitre shy, she even breathe when it was afraid. Love really was, but in his memoirs the artist called it «respectful».

    Irina Pechernikova and Vyacheslav Tikhonov
    In the film «Live till Monday» |

    Didn’t have an affair with Oleg dal, although Irina Pechernikova was really in love with the star. In order to play with him, the artist, already famous all over the country, agreed to play the episode in the film «the Variant «omega». But Dahl was married. His wife Lisa has worked as an editor and was interesting and bright personality. The pair went everywhere, holding hands. Therefore, in addition to friendly relations with Dahl anything else could not be.

    Irina Pechernikova and Oleg Dal
    Irina Pechernikova and Oleg Dal |

    Half-truths have been attributed to Pechernikova affair with Vladimir Vysotsky. The pair played together in the film «the Tale of how Tsar Peter arapa married». In his memoirs, the actress shared that in the beginning of acquaintance Vysotsky her terribly annoying. He was often drunk and tried to pinch. Their friendship was unconventional. Irina, first heard, as sings the bard said quietly, «wow, he is nasty, and this song was written!». But in dangling after singing the song of silence Vysotsky these words are heard. Possible to hide resentment or surprise, he laughed loudly.

    Irina Pechernikova and Vladimir Vysotsky
    Was there a novel? | KP

    Later, when after a short stay in Poland, the actress returned to Moscow, they met again. Pechernikova creativity is famous all over the country Vysotsky was completely unknown. She asked, did he write something else besides «Sail». And again, incredibly surprised and amused bard.

    I think he really was in love with the actress with the eyes of a fawn. Or you wouldn’t have to ask his father Ira, so he sent the daughter for 3 days. After receiving consent, Vysotsky put no misgivings Pechernikova in the car and drove to the airport. Together they flew to Adler, and from there went to Gagra. There Vladimir starred by Oleg dal in a film «Bad good man». On the second day, the bard gave a concert in Sukhumi. Like all of his concerts, this was sold out. A lot of the songs Vysotsky was dedicated to his lovely companion, who blushed when everyone turned around to look at her.

    But the bard was fond of Marina Vlady. And Pechernikova being a mistress is not wanted.

    Irina Pechernikova
    In the film «Two captains» |

    His favorite role in a movie actress called Mary Tatarinova from the film «Two captains». Although almost abandoned the work. The fact that the Director Eugene Karels asked her mother Kati. While Kate played almost the same age as the Pechernikova – Elena Prudnikova. Irina offended that Karels said to her, «I invited you because I need a woman that three men love my whole life.»

    Irina Pechernikova
    In the film «Cities and years» |

    In the 1990s, the actress almost starred. In the 2000s, she appeared on the screen twice. Pechernikova agreed to a small role in the film «don’t leave me, love» and «Last reproduction». But Irina says that absolutely no regrets about his lack of demand in the new century. She says that after players with dal and Tikhonov her hard to look at what is now called cinema.

    Irina Pechernikova
    After plastic surgery |

    The audience is again reminded of the legend in 2010 when she was invited on the show «Formula of beauty». Pechernikova have undergone plastic surgery, after which she surprisingly younger.

    Personal life

    The first husband of actress was a Polish musician Zbigniew Bizon. They met when the actress during the shooting broke both legs. Friends to shake it, led to a concert of jazz group «the Bison». This saw her Zbigniew – with a stick. The affair broke out instantly.

    Irina Pechernikova and Zbigniew Bizon
    With her first husband |

    A couple of a long time called up and corresponded. Then they, not to be torn between the two countries, decided to sign. But together they were able to live long: Irina is not enough of the theatre. She really missed her family. So long could not continue. The couple broke up.

    The second time the personal life of Irina Pechernikova has changed after a meeting with actor Boris Galkin. They met in a Small theatre, where the actress while he served, and almost put graduation performance. First, he fell in love with her portrait that hung in the foyer, and the «original». After a couple of months after meeting they got married. But Boris loved Irina, but she only loved the theatre.

    Irina Pechernikova and Boris Galkin
    Boris Galkin — the second husband of actress |

    According to the actress, true love came to her at the age of 51, when she again met Alexander Soloviev, who played handsome in «Green van». They met in 1969. But then, much later, in 1986, they realized that between them is not just attraction, but real love. But at the time, Solovyov grew up a little boy. Irina didn’t want to break up the family and build your happiness on other people’s broken destiny.

    Irina Pechernikova and Alexander Soloviev
    Alexander Solovyov |

    They met again in the late 1990s. the Son of Alexander grew up and became a student.

    In 1997 Pechernikova and Soloviev were married in the Church on the Arbat. A short 3 years took them to a fate in the vast, incredible happiness. And on the eve of 2000 the actor was found with a head injury on a bed. He died, without regaining consciousness, in hospital Sklifosovsky 1 Jan. And if the policeman who found the actor recalled that he saw him in the «Green van,» he was buried as unknown.

    Irina Pechernikova and Alexander Soloviev
    Last love artist |

    Six months the actress has been in the hospital with a severe nervous disorder. Then there were the long years of terrible depression and unwillingness to live and to see people. It seems only recently a famous actress began to see the world in color and occasionally appear in public.


    • 1968 — Live till Monday
    • 1968 — Shield and sword
    • 1970 — the Love for three oranges
    • 1973 — At own request
    • 1975 Variant Omega
    • 1976 — Two captains
    • 1978 — Personal happiness
    • 1979 — the Blue carbuncle
    • 1985 — the Alarm bell at dawn
    • 2007 — the Last recollection


    Irina Pechernikova

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