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  • Name: Irina Nizina ( Irina Nizina )
  • Date of birth: 14 March 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Odessa
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Irina Nizina : biography

    The aspiring actress Irina Nizina was born in March 1976 in Odessa. In her family no one was associated with the world of theatre and cinema. But the girl grew up artistic. She sang beautifully, went to music school and I’d love to visit the Studio of actor. But in a regular school Irina was boring and uninteresting. And although it is quite well studied, but stay within the school walls, she seemed bored with the service.

    In high school Irina Lowlands had to make a difficult choice, torn between two Hobbies: vocal or scene. But after high school graduation final, as it seemed to the relatives, the decision in favor of singing suddenly changed. Instead the Odessa Conservatory and vocal Department Nisin went to Moscow, where the first attempt has entered GITIS. Here for several years the Governor was initiated into the secrets of acting under the guidance of talented mentor, people’s artist of Russia, Professor Alexey V. Borodin.

    In 1997, Irina Nizina successfully graduated from drama school. It was immediately accepted into the troupe of the Russian youth theatre (RAMT).


    To work and earn money Irina Nizina beginning in his student years. To survive in the capital was not easy, because the future actress had to try myself in different roles. She starred in many commercials, although now she doesn’t really want to think about it. It was a lot of money for the young women of Odessa, to the same non-resident students. But the satisfaction this work brings.

    More pleasant moments brought to work as the lead on television. Irina Nizina led the contest «Songs of Russia» which is something similar to another project called «Hello, we are looking for talents». Together with the crew Irina traveled across the country. And she kept the show on the channel «STS».

    But the real creative biography of Irina’s Depression started when she after graduating high school theater came on the scene Ramtha. In the first productions of «the Cherry orchard» and «fool» the audience saw considerable creative potential of the actress. For his work in the play «Erast Fandorin» the Valley gave the theatre award «Seagull».

    Brilliant and professional critics have called the game the Odessa Actresses in the play «the Suicide». Veniamin Smekhov put him on the eponymous play by Nikolai Erdman. Irina Lowlands, he entrusted one of the main roles, with which she coped, being able to deeply and accurately convey the character of the heroine.

    Within a few years of work on stage, Irina Nizina has collected numerous awards. In her piggy Bank, in addition to these, was the award «the Moscow debuts» for 1999, another «Seagull» over 2004 and many others.

    Among the most successful performances staged on the stage of Ramtha in recent years, can be called the production of «Scarlet sails» Alexei Borodin and «Proof» Krzysztof Zanussi. In addition to the scene of the Russian youth theatre the actress appears on the stage of the Astana Opera «Master» and the Agency «Premiere».


    A cinematic biography of Irina Nizina quite extensive. First, the Governor appeared in separate episodes of the criminal series «the Advocate». Then together with the Polish actress Magdalena’, said Katarzyna wójcik starred in the title role of the Albanian-Russian project «the Gates of eve».

    But the popularity and recognition came to Irina Lowlands after the melodrama «still I love» and the series «Adjutants of love». The army of fans of the actress rose several times.

    Russian Nikita Valley played in the acclaimed series «Mad». The heroine Irina – a police captain Daria Shevchuk, acting security officer in the police Department of a small Siberian town. However, unlike the Nikita Dasha more analyst than a fighter.

    Suggestions to appear in the popular television series received the Irina Nizina punctually. From tape, released recently, became the highest-rated «New life detective Gurov», «wedding ring» and «Urgently in number-2». But most of the audience sympathies got the TV series «Traffic light» in which the actress appeared in all 8 seasons.

    Personal life

    Irina Nizina pretty private person. She doesn’t like to open the curtain of his private life. Avoids noisy and crowded parties and public events. The artist prefers to relax in a narrow circle of relatives people.

    Irina knows how to make money and spend it. Shopping is a favorite pastime of every woman. No exception and the Lowlands. Branded bags, expensive shoes, fashion accessories is her passion. But the greatest passion — horse riding.

    Personal life Irina Nizina it is arranged. Her husband Alexey Myasnikov is also an actor. It is most popular in the dub. Office romance with Alexey Irina ensued in the theatre. After 4 years of operation, according to the Plain, she suddenly noticed Alexis. It happened in one of the performances where they played together. Hero Myasnikov had to melt the icy heart of the heroine Lowland with a passionate kiss. He succeeded with a vengeance, because the novel for the stage have been successfully transferred to real life.

    The actors have been together. They are in no hurry to put a stamp in the passports, because they know they are not, and love is the Foundation of this good marriage.


    • «The lawyer»
    • «The Gates Of Eve»
    • «Adjutants of love»
    • «And still, I love you»
    • «Engagement ring»
    • «The citizen the chief»
    • «Urgently in number-2»
    • «Traffic light»
    • «Balabol»


    Irina Nizina

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