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  • Name: Irina Muromtseva ( Irina Muromtseva )
  • Date of birth: 11 February 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 162
  • Activity: a Russian journalist, producer, Director, TV presenter
  • Marital status: married

    Irina Muromtseva : biography

    Irina Muromtseva was born in February 1978 in St. Petersburg in the family of a serviceman. At the time her father served in the Northern capital. But school Irina has graduated in another city Bryansk.

    From an early age Irina Muromtseva grew very sociable and open girl. Like many peers, she dreamed of becoming an actress and to conquer Moscow. But parents had a different opinion. They feared for the young and beautiful daughter, for which Metropolitan life may prove dangerous. Ira listened to parents and after school, in 1996 he entered the Voronezh University, where he chose journalism.

    But Moscow continued to call Irina Muromtsev. The girl, getting rid of close parental care, decided to act on their own. At the 3rd year of high school she transferred to the correspondence Department and went to the capital.


    According to Irina, Moscow immediately captivated with its frenzied energy and opportunities that opened. But at the same time, Metropolitan life was sweet and carefree. Muromtseva constantly had to be alert and to work on myself tirelessly. This spurred and did not allow the girl to relax. Without this, according to Irina, she would not what is now.

    2 years after moving to the capital Muromtseva has led the newscast on one of Moscow radio stations. But soon Irina has got a job on the TV channel «NTV». She worked as a correspondent for the news program «Segodnjachko». After working in radio, where no one saw her, Irina felt uncomfortable in front of the camera. Had to make considerable efforts to «make friends» with the camera.

    The next job was more interesting. Muromtsev took in the program «Old TV», which was led by Lev Novozhenov. Irina had to do a small story sketches of celebrities of the last century and the beginning of the 20th, managed to change the course of history. The work was extremely interesting and the young journalist were laid to the fullest, to make the stories interesting and in high quality.

    In the 2000 television biography Irina Muromtseva comes to a new level. The journalist tries his hand at producing. Along with Andrey Norkin and Svetlana Sorokina she is working on the information program «the voice of the people». Here Muromtseva, together with colleagues making great efforts and showing aerobatics diplomacy to obtain consent to film from the people that are extremely interested in the audience, but extremely reluctantly go on contact. The team, which turned out to be Irina, has managed to achieve consent for the shooting of Jackie Chan, who arrived in the capital for just one day.

    After a short break in the work, which happened in Muromtseva due to her departure on maternity leave, she again appeared on television. But now she has changed a lot. After considerable political changes in the country and disturbances in the «NTV» Irina returned briefly to radio journalism.

    But stay on the radio station «Freedom» was short. In 2002 Irina Muromtseva again has come in «Ostankino». And again in the field of its responsibilities came the news broadcasts. The journalist visited the offices of writer, managing editor and even producer. But the appearance in the frame, especially live, continued to «stretch» Irina. So she went to lessons speech technology and took courses in television skills in the school of television.

    Soon the audience saw the charming Irina Muromtsev as a leading program «Vesti» on the Federal channel «Russia». Then the leader moved to the favorite of the audience the channel «Good morning». There Muromtseva, she said, felt in his place.

    After the second maternity leave Irina Muromtseva in may 2013, returned to TV channel «Russia» and continued to lead a «Good morning». But at the end of 2014 the leading left this information program. As it turned out, she got a good offer from the management «the First channel». Now it is her responsibility to not only keep, but also produce the new Sunday project.

    February 2015 Irina Muromtseva weekly he hosts the program «Park of culture named rest,» where, together with their guests sums up the past week. And she hosts the program «on Sundays» at the same «the First channel».

    Personal life

    Irina Muromtseva very open and positive person. But she doesn’t like to complain and talk about problems. So about my first marriage which didn’t last long, she’s not saying anything. About the first husband of the popular TV personality known only that he was an entrepreneur. In 2001, Irina gave birth to a daughter Lyuba. For a long time Muromtseva brought up his daughter alone.

    But in 2012, the personal life of Irina Muromtseva has changed: the famous journalist has married a second time. Her husband was a music producer Maxim Volkov. In March 2013, Irina and Maxim’s daughter Sasha. Leading for quite a long time concealed her pregnancy and until recently worked on the set.


    Irina Muromtseva

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