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  • Name: Irina Muraveva ( Irina Muravyeva )
  • Date of birth: 8 February 1949
  • Age: 67 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actress, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: Widow

    Irina Muravyova: biography

    Irina Muraveva was born 8 Feb 1949 in Moscow. A girl brought up in severity, her father Vadim at the time was a soldier and maintained in strict family discipline. Irina had always to be on time, she was forbidden to engage in dubious entertainments, like dances or walks with the boys. The mother closely followed his daughters, protecting them from all kinds of unwanted attention of the opposite sex. However, parents trying to help children and to encourage their aspirations: the mother was an excellent seamstress and sewed her daughters fine clothes, thanks to which they always looked impeccably stylish.

    At school, Muravyova was a straight a student, she was a favorite teacher and role model for other students. Otherwise, the girl to learn and could not, parents are very disapproving of even to the «fours» diary of a young artist. Despite good marks for behavior, a girl often joked about his comrades. School and learning was so much like the future actress that she even dreamed to connect his life with pedagogy. Irina got on very well with children and never missed an opportunity to shake the neighborhood kids in strollers or hold them on hand.

    In parallel with educational activities Muraviev is seriously into art. It intrigued the field of theatre, and from an early age she participated in a local circle of Amateur acting, often acting in school plays and concerts. To high school girl determined his future career.

    Having graduated from ten classes of school, the future artist came to audition for all theatrical institutions of the city, despite the entreaties of parents to choose other, more promising profession. However, Irina was disappointed that none of the schools had not taken a talented young woman, and in Shchukinsky school she even advised me to forget about acting and find another profession. However, the failure did not shake the determination of the Muravyova, and a year later she was again applied in the same institutions. Decisions of examination boards has not changed, and the girl was forced to study at the drama Studio at the Central children’s theatre. After graduating from the Studio and gain experience, Muraviev was able to go to GITIS in the correspondence Department.

    Irina Muravyova: theatre

    After graduation in the Studio in 1970, Irina Muraveva was working in the Central children’s theatre. Her first role on stage was the appearance in the crowd at a performance at the fairy tale about the Goat. The first time she played male characters, including Shura Tychinkin with the production of «Sombrero» by Director Nekrasov and Fyodor Druzhinin from the play «2001 year». In the children’s theater she worked until 1977.

    In 1977, already known at the time in the world of cinema, the actress was invited at the prestigious Theater Mossovet. The first performance on the new job was «halfway to the top» one of the leading Directors of theatre Chomsky. At the same Muraviov who played a major role in performances of «House on sand» on the play by Rustam Ibragimbekov. For twelve years, the actress has appeared in eight productions. Since 1982, she played only three performances, devoting practically all his time to work in the movie.

    Since 1994, Irina Muraveva has become the leading actress of the Maly Theater. Its diversity allows you to play any part, from a lyrical and naive heroines, like Mamaeva from the play «the wise man stumbles» to cause antipathy of the audience characters like the image of the Matrona of the production of «Power of darkness».

    March 29, 2015 premiere of the play «Eight loving women», where Irina Vadimovna acts as a sophisticated, but quite mischievous grandmother.

    Irina Muravyova movies

    Irina Muravyova, with childhood dreams of playing on stage and in film, first appeared on screens in 1965, agreeing to a small role in the crowd scene in the film «Children of don Quixote». Since 1973, the actress started playing more prominent roles, debuting simultaneously in two movies: «a Letter from a young man» and «Grain of rice».

    Irina Vadimovna has played many roles, but the real all-Union fame and glory caught her after participating in the legendary film «

  • Moscow does not believe in tears», which appeared on screens in late 1979. The story of three girls from the provinces who came to conquer Moscow, was awarded the»
  • Oscar» and gained many fans. Such success from a film nobody expected, because first of all the Russian critics pretty low spoke melodramatic picture. The image is punchy and exciting Ludmilla is also not left without attention of spectators and filmmakers: talented actress were actively invited in the big picture for the main roles.

    In 1981, Muravyov was invited to the shooting of musical Comedy «

  • Carnival», where she played a graduate who came to conquer the theatrical institutions. The story was largely similar to the story of the most Muravyova, and the actress readily agreed for the role. At that time she was already 32 years old, and the scenario she played a young girl of 18 years. Despite the difference in age, Irina did a great job with the image, helped personal memories and experience. For this role, readers of the magazine «Soviet screen» recognized her as best actress of 1982. The artist has received several honorary awards, which have become the recognition of her talents. In 1983 she was awarded the Order «badge of Honor» for high achievements in the sphere of culture, and was also awarded the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR.

    Since 1999, Muraviev began to appear in Russian television series, debuting in the lead role in the film «With new happiness!». A seven-serial film enjoyed considerable success, and in 2001 they released a sequel to «With new happiness!-2. Kiss in the frost».

    In 2005-2006, Irina took part in the filming of the popular Comedy-drama TV series «Not born beautiful». The picture was an incredible success, thanks to a new generation of viewers could get acquainted with the talented game the great Soviet actress, who played the role of the protagonist’s mother.

    In 2010, the actress appeared in the film «the Chinese grandmother». After this strip, Irina Vadimovna no longer appeared in films and on TV, dedicating his life to his family and loved Small Theater.

    Irina Muravyova: personal life

    According to Irina Muravyova, she never wanted to get married, but only dreamed of becoming an actress. Working in the theatre, she became acquainted with the Director

  • Leonid Adonim, which in 1973 was offered a young artist’s hand and heart. Two years later the couple had their first son, Daniel, in 1983 Eugene. Irina turned out to be a good mother: during rehearsals in the theater, she often called home and asked about family Affairs. Unlike most child actors, Daniel and Eugene spent their time at home, not in theater. Grown up, the Ants also appeared in the movie, playing a courier in the film series «With new happiness!». In 2014, the idyll in the family Muravyova-Eidlin came to an end. At the end of January Leonid Kuchma was hospitalized with a stroke, and on 16 February he died. This tragedy has become a serious challenge for a great actress, but she managed to find the strength to move on.

    Irina Muravyova: filmography

    • A letter from the youth
    • Purely English murder
    • Moscow does not believe in tears
    • Fox hunting
    • Carnival
    • Hands up!
    • Madame Bovary from Sliven
    • Marshmallows in chocolate
    • With the new happiness!
    • Not born beautiful
    • Chinese grandma

    Irina Muravyova: photo

    Irina Muraveva

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