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  • Name: Irina Miroshnichenko ( Irina Miroshnichenko )
  • Date of birth: 24 July 1942.
  • Age: 74 years
  • Place of birth: Barnaul, Russia
  • Activities: theater and film actress, singer, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: divorced

    Irina Miroshnichenko, biography

    Irina Miroshnichenko — Soviet and Russian actress and singer. She became known after starring in such films as «Them knew only by face» and «Andrei Rublev». Later Miroshnichenko has won national love and has become one of the iconic figures of cinema of the Soviet period. Interestingly, it is very often because of the dramatic look and accentuated elegance played foreign women.

    Despite the fact that all of Irina’s relatives are indigenous Muscovites, she was born in Barnaul, where her mother was evacuated during the Second world war. The girl’s father, Peter Weinstein, was a soldier, and later became an administrative assistant. Her mother Ekaterina Miroshnichenko trained as an actor, but because of the arrest of the first wife was deprived of the opportunity to perform on stage. By the way, Irina had an older brother Rudolph from his mother’s first marriage.

    When Miroshnichenko was a little girl, she fell in love with the art of music. The girl wanted to be a harpist, but in the music school at the famous school named after Gnessin sisters, she was accepted into the violin class. In addition, Irina studied French language, has received quite a classical education for a young lady. Later this knowledge came in handy for her singing career.

    After school, the girl was finally convinced that he wants to become solely an artist. She was able to go to School the Moscow art theater, after which she got into the troupe of the homonymous theatre, where he served almost all his life.


    In the movie Irina Miroshnichenko debuted in the role of Katie, the sister of the main character played by Nikita Mikhalkov, in the lyrical film story «I step through Moscow». And in the second work, war drama, «They knew only in the face,» the actress played a major role. Also critics praised her performance of Mary Magdalene in the historical film «Andrei Rublev».

    Then followed a spy film «blunder», Chekhov’s drama «Uncle Vanya», political drama «Mission in Kabul», the narrative «…And other officials», the revolutionary ribbon «Is a sweet word — freedom!» and Patriotic painting «soldiers Came from the front.»

    Interestingly, when adopting the role of Faith in Kurkina in the latter film, the arts Council was uncertain as to the candidacy of Irina. People were not sure that the bold actress will cope with the image of a peasant woman. But Director Nikolai Gubenko defended it, and she Miroshnichenko perfectly proved its diversity and artistic talent.

    Subsequent works of the actress clearly distinguished espionage detective «the secret service Agent», the family drama «You can not dream…», the Comedy «Old New year», the Thriller «the Mystery of Madame Wong», a psychological drama «Not together,» romance «Winter cherry» and the social picture of «the World in another dimension».

    In the 21st century Irina Miroshnichenko began to do it less often. Can only be called a social Saga «Farewell echo», criminal drama «Captain’s children» and the second part of the famous Comedy «We are from jazz», which, alas, was never completed.


    Irina Miroshnichenko has not forgotten her childhood hobby of music. Now, though, she surprises the audience by playing musical instruments, and velvet vocals.

    Interestingly, the singer always sang only the songs of one author – Andrew Nicholas. Moreover, together with him, Irina released several records, the most famous of which is the album «Tender Words», published in 1994. In addition to Russian soul hits in her repertoire there are songs in French.

    With their concerts Miroshnichenko goes on tour not only from Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union, but also overseas. By the way, one of her songs, «Elegy», the audience could hear in the Comedy «Old New year».

    Personal life

    Irina Miroshnichenko was married three times. Her first husband was the famous playwright Mikhail F. Shatrov, with whom she lived for 12 years and left because of suspicions of infidelity.

    Then the actress married film Director Vytautas Zhalakyavichus, but the Union lasted only six months. The last official relations bright women with actor Igor Vasiliev ended in 1980, the year and more Miroshnichenko in the registry office did not go.

    However, her name was associated with such famous people as actor and Director Oleg Yefremov, and singer, musician and songwriter Konstantin Nikolsky. But the saddest page of all romantic relationships is that none of these men could not give Irina a child.

    Miroshnichenko is a very versatile man. She loves to listen to classical music, well-versed in the Russian and foreign literature, in fact on a professional level knows the works of the Flemish painters. People’s artist loves to travel, her style cruises and intelligent company. Camping, hunting and fishing – it is categorically not for her.


    • 1966 — They were known only in the face
    • 1971 — soldiers Came from the front
    • 1972 — This sweet word — freedom!
    • 1976 — …And other officials
    • 1975 — a secret service Agent
    • 1980 You never dreamed…
    • 1983 — the Measure of restraint
    • 1986 — the Secrets of Madame Wong
    • 1990 — World in another dimension
    • 1990-1995 — Winter cherry


    Irina Miroshnichenko

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