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  • Name: Irina Metlitskaya ( Irina Metlitskaya )
  • Date of birth: 5 October 1961
  • Age: 35 years
  • Date of death: 5 Jun 1997
  • Place of birth: Severodvinsk, Russia
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: was married to Sergey Gazarov

    Irina Metlitskaya: biography

    One of the most beautiful women of Russian cinema in 2016 would have turned 55 years old. Graceful, ethereal, with incredibly sad eyes, she seems to contain some mystery, something to be desired. This Irina Metlitskaya and remembered by the audience forever.

    Irina Metlitskaya
    Beautiful, sad and mysterious |

    Born Irina Metlitskaya on the shore of the White sea, through breezy winds from the Arctic ocean town of Severodvinsk shipbuilders. Here childhood the future actress. But to grow up and finish high school she had in Minsk, where he moved with his mother after his parents divorced.

    Almost eight years mother and daughter had been travelling in a rented apartment and lived very modestly. Probably, such a life has left its mark on the girl: she has been withdrawn and distant. A large number of girlfriends Irina Metlitsky never was. She focused on training in the physico-mathematical school and pleased the mother considerable success. Tatyana Pavlovna in an interview said that no artistic talents in those years she was his daughter, not found. Moreover, the Ira did not like to be the center of attention. In performances she never participated. The only club that attended the dance.

    Irina Metlitskaya
    Ira in his youth |

    In high school Metlitskaya was determined with the future profession: it aimed at the Belarusian University, selecting «male» physico-mathematical faculty. But senior year an event happened that turned the world upside down girl upside the head. In their class looked Director Igor Dobrolyubov. He was looking for guys for her new movie «the schedule for the day after tomorrow.» This is a picture of talented students physics and mathematics school. The opinion of the Director immediately identified the slender girl with the big sad and some not childish, wise eyes.

    Thus began a cinematic biography of Irina Metlitsky. The magic of movies instantly captivated her. While working on the set with such stars as Oleg Dal and Margarita Terekhova, opened a high school girl’s world, without which she never imagined life.

    Irina Metlitsky in the film
    In the film «the Schedule for the day after tomorrow» | Nicolaitroitsky

    Their plans restrained Ira with anybody did not share. After the presentation of the certificate it, as planned earlier, he entered the physics and mathematics faculty. As it turned out, only in order to thoroughly prepare for admission to College theater. After the first year Metlitsky quit University and went to Moscow.


    She easily entered the Shchukin school. In the course of Irina Metlitskaya studied with Yevgeny Dvorzhetsky and Elena Kazarinova. To many she seemed unapproachable and cold. Regal posture and a cool look cooled the ardor of youthful guys who went after her in droves. All the Ira has focused attention on studies. She received an increased stipend, and the 4th course was accepted into the troupe of «hip» «Contemporary» hit, it was particularly difficult.

    Irina Metlitskaya
    Star broke |

    She immediately began to trust the «challenging» role. Metlitsky played Lyudmila in the play «little demon», the main characters in productions of «the whirlwind» and «Stars in the morning sky.» For nine years she went on stage and conquered the audience with an unearthly beauty and some unearthly inner light. Oleg Tabakov, actress seeing some tiny role in one of the performances, admitted that he was impressed. It seemed to him that he’s «swallowed an atom of the sun.»

    On the talented Metlitsky drew the attention of Roman Viktyuk. To get to his theater dream of many. Irina, he was invited to play Nabokovs lolita. At that time she was already growing up two children, but the actress brilliantly turned into a frail teenager, weak doll and at the same time a living person.

    Irina Metlitskaya
    In the theatre |

    Sergei Makovetsky, along with Metlitsky involved in the play «Madame butterfly», admitted that witnessed the birth of a star. According to him, the audience fell in love with Irina instantly. Her every appearance on the stage was akin to magic. She played surprisingly easy, like breathing.


    In cinema she returned to the mid-1980s. Her second film after «Schedule for the day after tomorrow» was a melodrama, «a Private matter of the judge Ivanova». Metlitsky got a small role of a teacher of literature. Then there were several pictures, among which the most famous «don’t forget to turn off the TV», «We are cheerful, happy, talented!», «Redemption» and «joy of earth».

    Irina Metlitskaya
    In the movie «the Executioner» | the Cinema

    Talent Irina Metlitsky played all sides in the late 1980s. drama «the Doll» was released in 1988 and turned the actress into a real movie star. This is the first major role in which Metlitsky has appeared in the most winning manner, which seems to have been created. Fragile, infinitely feminine heroine with a steel rod inside, cruel and merciful at the same time.

    Such heroines she played in films «the novel «alla russa» of» Alois come with me, «the Executioner» and «Love, a harbinger of sorrow» by Viktor Sergeyev, «Makarov» Vladimir Hotinenko and «the Black veil» by Alexander Proshkin.

    Irina Metlitsky in the film
    In the film «the Black veil» | Cinema

    The picture of the «Black veil» was released in 1995. It was the last work of Irina Metlitsky on the screen. Unfortunately, the actress never appeared in the role of Anna Karenina, as planned by the famous film Director Vladimir Solovyov. In difficult for the cinema 90 money for the film adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s novel was not. And then it was too late.

    Personal life

    With Sergey Gasanovym, talented and famous actor, Metlitskaya met in the «contemporary». It was love at first sight, and forever. After a meeting with the main man of his life, Irina, constantly surrounded by a crowd of fans seemed impregnable castle, which could only admire from afar.

    Irina Metlitskaya and Sergey Gazarov
    With her husband Sergey Gasanovym |

    This novel was incredibly beautiful. In the 14 years that have taken the fate of the couple seems to be «breathing» each other. They all envied. Two sons, Nikita and Peter, who were born one after the other, came easily and quickly. Every time pregnancy Irina’s colleagues did not notice, and the birth of the boys miraculously coincides with the closure of the theatrical season. And after the opening Metlitsky appeared again slim and light as after a holiday.

    Irina Metlitskaya and Sergey Gazarov children
    With her husband and sons |

    «She was able to do everything easily, later told a colleague at the «Contemporary» Liya Akhedzhakova. And gave birth easily and easily fed and managed the family all of yourself to give to a rehearsal to resort. She had a light breath».

    Personal life Irina Metlitsky and Sergey Gazarov was incredibly happy. They were dispensed generously. In addition to the time.


    The terrible diagnosis – a cancer of the blood, was delivered in 1995. But the actress continued to appear on stage and in the movies. No one except the family knew about her deadly disease. When Irina Metlitsky, pale and emaciated, colleagues are asked to share their diet, she just sadly smiled.

    Irina Metlitskaya
    The actress has gone unnoticed | Cinema

    Sergey Gazarov to the last fought for the life of the woman. He was able to get her to Paris, where Irina had surgery. The treatment of the actress fought the best European oncologists. But all in vain.

    The actress did not live up to its 36 anniversary 4 month. Cause of death Irina Metlitsky – transient leukemia. When she died 5 Jun 1997, everyone was shocked by the news. Because most of her colleagues and fans didn’t know she was sick.


    • 1978 — «the schedule for the day after tomorrow»
    • 1985 — «Personal file of the judge Ivanova»
    • 1986 — «We are cheerful, happy, talented!»
    • 1988 — «joy of earth»
    • 1988 — «baby Doll»
    • 1990 — «the Executioner»
    • 1993 — «Makarov»
    • 1994 — «the novel «Alla russa»»
    • 1994 — «Love, a harbinger of sorrow»
    • 1995 — «Black veil»


    Irina Metlitskaya

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