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  • Name: Irina Mazurkevich ( Irina Mazurkevich )
  • Date of birth: 20 August 1958
  • Age: 58 years
  • Place of birth: Pinsk, Belarus
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: widow

    Irina Mazurkevich : biography

    Future national actress of the Russian Federation Irina Stepanovna Mazurkiewicz was born in the Belarusian town of Mazyr in August 1958. She had to grow up very early. Parents for permanent employment was hard to keep track of the daughter and two sons. Mother days lost in the boarding school. Caring for children grandmother. Already at 5 years of age, Irina could go to the market and buy some basic products.

    6 years Irina Mazurkevich began to visit the section of rhythmic gymnastics. For 8 years she worked hard, never missing a class without good reason. Sports developed her hard work and commitment. Later, when the young actress took the stage, the audience noticed her elegance and «Royal» posture.

    Early adulthood and freedom have induced a 15-year-old Irina Mazurkevich leave their homes and city and head to Gorky, where she and her friends decided to go to drama school. The girls failed to qualify, but Irina took immediately.

    A year in the theater looked in search of a suitable actress assistant Director Victor Titov who is familiar to viewers for his hit «Hello, I your aunt!». Taking a photo of a thin girl with wide eyes and plump lips, he left. Soon the young artist was invited to audition.


    In 1977 Mazurkiewicz graduated from drama school. Capable with a characteristic appearance noticed the main Director of Theatre of a name Lensoveta Igor Vladimirov. The young artist was invited to St. Petersburg theater where it was immediately enrolled in the troupe. But, unfortunately, she had immediately to plunge not only creativity, but also in the theatrical intrigue. The young pretender surly met senior colleagues. The protection and patronage Irina Mazurkevich provided Alisa Freundlich, the wife of the chief Director Vladimirov, Anatoly Ravikovich.

    However, with the works also had problems. At first Irina Mazurkevich, like most aspiring actors, passed through the crowd and inconspicuous cameo. Unfortunately, this testing period was delayed until the late 1980s. Only then the artist began to offer more serious work. They turned out to be not so much in the productions of «Hasten to do good» and «zinulya» Irina finally got the opportunity to showcase their exceptional talent.

    In 1988 Irina Stepanovna left the scene of the Leningrad city Council and moved to the Comedy Theatre of a name of Nikolay Akimov. The transition was the right decision: soon Mazurkiewicz took its place among the leading actors of the theater.

    But the sound of «dashing 90-e». Theatre and cinema gradually began to sink into chaos and decline. Irina Mazurkevich had a hard time. To make ends meet, she was forced to deal with the traffic. In order that it did not recognize avid theatre-goers, the actress was wearing «sun» glasses. Fortunately, this gray bar did not last long.

    When the 90s went down in history, Irina Stepanovna Mazurkiewicz again began to appear on the stage of the Comedy Theatre. The audience enjoyed watching her performances. The image of Zoe Pelz in «Zoyka apartment» and Mrs. page in «the merry wives of Windsor» will be remembered for the tie.

    The artist herself believes that the best and loved her role, Emily will forever be Marty from «vec Makropoulos». This method requires total immersion and commitment. Later Irina Stepanovna shared, what role she could not get out, nor in the theatre nor at home. Fortunately, she was with husband Anatoly Ravikovich, who knew perfectly well what the artist’s work.


    A cinematic biography of Irina Mazurkevich though and start early enough in the period of study at the Gorky theatre school, but were not as rapidly as theatrical. Itself artist considers more theatrical than «cinematic».

    Debuted Irina Mazurkevich on the screen when she’s barely 16. She played a gymnast Tanya Malyshev in the sports drama Viktor Titov «Miracle with pigtails». This role, though was the first, but has been played that is called, «in one breath». After all, Irina is not hearsay know what the lives of athletes-gymnasts.

    The first film of a young actress not yet released how she was invited for the second project. Photos girls with huge eyes and child’s face caught the eye of Director Alexander Mitte. He was looking for actress for lead role in his new film «the Tale of how Tsar Peter arapa married». It is noteworthy that the choice of the artists (except Mazurkiewicz was considered another candidate) will play Natasha did not MITT himself, and Vladimir Vysotsky, who also starred in the film.

    This painting and several others, taken in 1980-90-e, did Irina Mazurkevich real star of Russian cinema. In 1979 he published the musical Comedy «Three men in a boat not counting the dog». Irina Stepanovna was truly stellar cast: Andrei Mironov, Michael Derzhavin and Alexander Shirvindt, Larisa Golubkina and Zinovy Gerdt – this is an incomplete list of those famous artists who happen to appear in the frame Irina Mazurkevich.

    And finally to establish themselves in the «star niche» of the Belarusian artist helped the film Eldar Ryazanov called «About the poor hussar say a word». The daughter of a provincial comedian Bubentsova made Irina Mazurkevich on the peak of popularity. Her father in the film played by the legendary Yevgeny Leonov.

    TV project with the actress, which was released in the 2000s, it can be noted drama «Collector» and TV series «Streets of broken lights» and «Advertising Agency». But modern cinema is not very much to Irina Stepanovna, so she often rejects the proposed role than agree to them.

    Personal life

    Irina Mazurkevich has been married twice. The first time she got married at quite a young age, when I was a student at the Gorky theatre school. In Leningrad she came with her husband. The young family settled in a small communal flat.

    But not domestic problems and poverty have led to the separation of the pair, and the sudden novel of Irina and her colleagues in the theater Anatoly Ravikovitch. This rapid novel could not prevent nor age Ravikovitch (he was older than Irina for 22 years), nor the fact that both were married. Everything else in Anatoly Yurievich the daughter grew up.

    Personal life Irina Mazurkevich and Anatoli Ravikovitch entered into the mainstream in 1976. The couple were married very quietly at the ceremony were invited only the closest friends. The triumph of the couple noted in a spacious apartment of Alice Freundlich, because in a 12-metre communal Irina’s guests had nowhere to turn.

    To this marriage was born the joint daughter Elizabeth. It is noteworthy that Irina Stepanovna not stand the birth of his daughter on «comfortable» career. The actress has never faced a choice: family or work. In the first place has always been a family favorite.

    In April 2012, Irina Mazurkevich has experienced a huge impact. Anatoly Ravikovitch did not. Consolation artist is her daughter and beloved grandchildren, Matthew and Eva.


    • «Three men in a boat not counting the dog»
    • «About the poor hussar say a word»
    • «The mystery of «blackbirds»»
    • «The collector»»
    • «Everything will be fine!»
    • «Streets of the broken lanterns»
    • «Advertising Agency»
    • «Third breath»


    Irina Mazurkevich

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