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  • Name: Irina Lindt ( Irina Lindt )
  • Date of birth: 15 April 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Height: 164
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress of German origin
  • Marital status: not married

    Irina Lindt : biography

    Irina Lindt was born in April 1974 in Almaty. Her father is of German origin. He served as a military musician, so the family quite often changed their place of residence.

    At the time of child’s birth the family already had older 9-month-old daughter Natasha. Therefore, the pregnant wife were thinking about how to get rid of an unwanted child, but her husband wanted a son and asked me to give him a chance at birth. The girl was born. But on many qualities of character it strongly resembled the boy. The preference was given to football and hockey, but the doll was interested in the least. Her grandmother called Irene «kolobkovoy cow». So in her village called the animal, which constantly strove to fend off the herd and travel on their own. Granddaughter also left the house in the morning and returned after dark.

    Irina Lindt quite early began to show interest in music, which is not surprising. Indeed, in the house of a military musician Viktor Lindt is constantly heard good classical music. The girl was taken to a music school, where he presented the violin. But, apparently, not about this tool wanted a girl, because she soon started to hang on poles ads about selling it. Parents stopped insisting on visiting Irina music school, when the daughter said that these engagements she had no desire to live anymore.

    Freedom Irina Lind took happily. She immediately enrolled in the school of Olympic reserve and love to do skiing and athletics. As for the music, the daughter, to the great joy of the Pope, after all, mastered one of the instruments – the guitar. And he did it in just a week of autumn vacation. I must say that hearing the voice went to the wonderful Irina.

    School education Irina Lindt made in Germany, where at that time abandoned the family parent service. She received the «gold medal». Returning to his native Alma-ATA, Lindt went to University, by the faculty of journalism. She did it only to avoid missing the year, necessary for preparation to enroll in College theater.

    Irina Lindt really well prepared. This year she not only had time to go to the University, but also attended classes of classical vocal at the local Conservatoire and was engaged in a theatrical circle.

    In 1992, Irina easily entered the VTU named after Boris Shchukin. In 1996 she received a diploma.


    After graduating from theatre school Irina Lindt took the troupe of the Taganka Theater which was directed by Yuri Lyubimov. The prerequisite for this was the debut of a young actress on the stage of the Russian-German theatre «the triumphal arch», which was led by Erwin Haas, a student of Lubimov. Debut, when Lindh was on the 4th course. Play Irina saw the head of the troupe of the Taganka Theater, and advised her to see a Yuri Petrovich.

    After graduation, the actress did. Lyubimov, making some sharp observations in his characteristic manner, took Lindt in their company. Soon she debuted in the play «Teenager» in two roles.

    Today the actress had many great theater roles. She played Margarita in «the Master and Margarita», Grushenka in «the Brothers Karamazov», Charlotte Corday in «Marat and Marquis de Sade» and many other equally complex images.

    For his work in the play «Marat and Marquis de Sade» Irina Lindt has won the title of laureate of the prize «Triumph». In addition, she received youth grant for training in Italy.

    Irina Lind more theatrical than a film actress. Most often you can see on stage. Moscow theatre-goers could watch him play on the stage of various theatres. She appeared in the Center-Museum of Vladimir Vysotsky, in the theatres «Histrion», «New Opera».


    A cinematic biography of Irina Lindt is not as rich as theatrical. The actress is not very many roles in movies, but they are all quite bright, like the actress. The most well-known rating the films in which appeared Irina, you can call the pictures «Game of love» and Eugenia Ginzburg’s «Women’s logic-3» by Sergei Ashkenazi.

    The audience appreciated the game the talented actress and remembered a few more ratings to projects that were broadcast on the screen in the 2000s. This movies of «Institute of noble maidens», «the Equation with all known» and «Varvara’s wedding».

    In recent years, Irina Lindt, often appears in popular series. Her game is very dynamic. The actress can be seen in the projects «the Secrets of Institute for noble maidens» and «Resort police».

    Personal life

    About the personal life of Irina Lindt talking, and very loud, after rumors emerged about her affair with the star of the national theater and cinema Valery Zolotukhin. Irina met with the actor at the Taganka Theater. The first impression of autumn was no better. A small, elderly man with, to put it mildly, not the most beautiful appearance. About any novel after the first meetings with the artist, Lindt was not even thinking. A huge difference in the age of Valery Zolotukhin, who was several years older than the father of the actress and seemed to put the barrier before the possibility of a romantic relationship.

    But, as later admitted Irina Lindt, this love was not because of, but in spite of all circumstances. When Valeriy came on stage, all that was shared was small. The strength of the talent and charm of this man were such that, the feeling arose and grew rapidly to enormous size. Is to resist that Lindt could not.

    A close relationship between the artists emerged in 1998. At that time the actor was married. He left a family, and lived for two families. Irina and did not require from him a sacrifice. She just loved and gave love. In 2004, Lindt gave birth to a son Vanya – a complete copy of his father. The boy was a great joy for Valeriy Zolotukhin. He loved it and has repeatedly called on stage after the performance.

    When Valery died, Irina Lindt was the man who last held the hand of a great artist. He bequeathed his civil wife not to justify to anyone but God.

    Personal life of Irina Lindt is not associated with any man except the son of Vanya. Talking about supposedly broke the romance between her and actor Andrei Stoyanov, with whom she worked on the set of the TV series «Resort police». But the actress claims that the novel is an invention of journalists. Her heart still lives Valery Zolotukhin, which is impossible to find a worthy replacement.


    • «Game of love»
    • «Women’s logic-3»
    • «Love is one»
    • «Varvara’s wedding»
    • «The equation with all known»
    • «Cruel love»
    • «Boiling point»
    • «Institute of noble maidens»
    • «Resort police»


    Irina Lindt

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