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  • Name: Irina Leonova ( Leonova Irina )
  • Date of birth: 22 August 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Tallinn
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Irina Leonova: biography

    Irina Leonova is a Russian theater and film actress, drew the attention of the audience thanks to the military drama «children of the Arbat» and the melodrama «Kuprin. The pit». The future star of film and stage was born in the capital of Estonia-Tallinn. From childhood, she dreamed of becoming an actress, to do this, develop their creative potential through a variety of extra-curricular clubs.

    After graduating from high school Leonova is sent to Moscow and the first attempt becomes a student of the acting course, which in the theatre school named after Mikhail Schepkin was led by people’s artist of the Soviet Union Viktor Korshunov.

    In high school Irina Leonova studied until 2000, and then joined the troupe of the Maly theater. In this famous scene the young actress played various roles in classic plays by Alexander Ostrovsky, William Shakespeare, Alexander Griboedov and many others.

    For the role of Sophia in the play «Woe from wit» Irina won the main prize at the festival «Moscow debuts» and the performance «Truth is good but happiness is better» was awarded the State prize of Russia.


    Irina Leonova made her debut in cinema in 1999. Her first picture was the historical drama «Again, we must live» in which she starred together with Galina Polish and a Lion by Prygunova. Two years later, she participated in four films – the Comedy «poisons or the world history of poisonings», the Thriller «the Lady in the glasses, with the gun in the car,» criminal melodrama «People and shadows: the Secrets of the puppet theatre» comic tape «new adventures».

    The popularity of the actress brought the role of Christine in the biographical drama «Hello, capital!», after which Irina Leonova got the main role in the blockbuster «Stargazer», a military drama about the Stalinist regime «children of the Arbat» and easy youth Comedy «Dream on». Unfortunately, due to personal life of Irina after the last work for a long time left as a cinema and theater environment.

    In 2014 alone, she quickly returned to the set to participate in the project dedicated to the writer Alexander Kuprin. The TV series «Kuprin» consists of several parts, each of which is an adaptation of another work of the famous author. But the idea is that the characters in one story to quietly move to another story. So, Irina Leonova in the episode «the Pit» plays Vera Nikolaevna Shein, which Kuprin was quoted in a literary work «the Garnet bracelet».

    Personal life

    In the native theatre school Irina Leonova met the young actor Igor Petrenko. In 2000, she married him and lived with him for four years. One version of their breakup is the lack of the couple of children. Anyway, on the set of the drama «children of the Arbat» Irina met with the famous actor Yevgeny Tsyganov, divorcing her husband and moving to a new one.

    With only a few pieces Leonova official Union has not concluded, and lived in a de facto marriage. They had seven children – daughter Pauline, Sophia and Faith, and sons Nikita, Andrew, Alexander and George. Due to the large amount of hassle associated with kids, Irina 2005 practically did not show up in the theater and on the set, making an exception only for romance «Kuprin. The pit».

    When the actress in 2015 was on the last months of pregnancy youngest daughter Faith, she learned that husband Evgeniy Tsyganov has built a new relationship with actress Yulia Snigir. The parents of seven children decided to leave, and now Leonov is raising them herself, even though ex-husband and his parents help the actress.


    • 1999 — Again, we must live
    • 2001 — new adventures
    • 2001 — Lady in glasses with a gun in the car
    • 2001 — People and shadows. The secrets of puppetry
    • 2002 — Three against all
    • 2003 — Hello Moscow!
    • 2004 — Children Of The Arbat
    • 2004 — Stargazer
    • 2005 — Dreaming is not bad
    • 2014 — Kuprin. Pit


    Irina Leonova

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