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  • Name: Irina Lachin ( Irina Lachina )
  • Date of birth: 29 August 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Balti, Moldova
  • Height: 169
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Irina Lachin: biography

    Actress Irina Lachin was born 29 August 1972 in the Moldovan city of Balti. There she spent her childhood. Irina grew up in an acting family, her mother is the actress that audiences remember for a Happy Gypsy in the film «the camp leaves in the sky». Her father did not achieve fame – he died tragically in the Prime of life, when her daughter was eight months. Ira was raised by her grandmother and grandfather because my mother was often on the set, but every free moment the actress held her daughter.

    Lachin was a good student, finished school with a gold medal. When school ended, she ran across rooftops, climbing over fences, presenting himself as the small she-robber from «the Snow Queen».

    Irina knew the acting world inside and knew that a career in film talent alone is not enough – you also need luck. She doubted whether she should enter the acting Department. After graduation she decided to sort herself out and did not go to College. Once on a visit to Laciny looked Vsevolod Shilovsky and offered jireh role in his movie «Wandering stars». It was a scene without words in which she had to play whacky girl. When the problem came to audition, Shilovsky suggested that she audition for the lead role, and then called and said that it was.

    So the problem was finally determined in the choice of the future profession and entered the Shchukin school for a course of Alexander Shirvindt. In 1993, Irina Lachin graduated from College, worked for some time at the Taganka Theater, then moved to the «Contemporary».


    Film career was not as smooth as I would like. The main roles of the Directors didn’t propose to her, and the role in the first years was not so much.

    In 1995, Irina has played a major role in the film «the French waltz». Her character – the commander of the partisan detachment, the former prisoner of fascist concentration camps. Psychologically, the role was hard, but the problem managed. Three years later she was invited to a major role in the Polish film «in Christ’s bosom». Unfortunately, the Russian audience saw this movie.

    Fame came to Irina Olegovna in 2001, when the screens out the series «Homeless Lady» and then – «Boss Lady». She played a major role. Lisa’s story Basargino, her miraculous transformation into a business lady and touched the hearts of viewers. The series hit record hits. After Lachin starred in the television series «the best city in the world», «Gentle beast,» «And happiness is somewhere near».

    The actress is afraid to be held hostage to one image and hopes that her career will be bright, diverse role. She said that the favorite role it does not have, each of them Irina Lachin values. After the shooting, realizes that somewhere could do better.

    Her memorable TV series «Bear’s corner», where she played a headstrong and pushy shopkeeper. The heroine Irina was suffering from unrequited love and decided to drown herself. The actress said that the role was unusual for her and uncharacteristic, that is why it is remembered.

    In 2008, Irina Lachin entered the state Institute of «Ostankino», and in 2014 received the diploma of the Director.

    Personal life

    Irina was married before she was 18 years old, she studied at the Shchukin school. Her husband was actor Oleg Budrin. The actress admits that the wedding was played spontaneously. The girl thought they with Oleg will meet, marriage and children are not planned. But the more they got to know each other, the stronger Irina Lachin was that Oleg can not live.

    Their marriage was a difficult period — they took a break in the relationship. Newspapers wrote about the fact that Irina and Oleg broke up. The actress has denied these rumors, they’re still together and happy. Their family grew, daughter Mary, she studied at the Institute «Ostankino» with my mother.

    In the house of Irina Olegovna there is always a place for dogs, cats, hamsters. She says that all the animals picked up on the street, snatched from the hands of the owners-flayers, nursed after accidents. She even managed to tame the tigress, when she participated in the show «Circus with stars».

    The actress follows a healthy diet, playing sports. Says the sport not only helps to keep fit, but also relieves stress. Another her hobby is car racing and extreme driving. She has participated in races on ice in Krylatskoye shortly after received a driver’s license. Then I realized that to do extreme things she likes.


    • «Secrets of Palace revolutions»
    • «Lady Boss»
    • «Its another sister»
    • «The weakness of strong women»
    • «Wandering stars»
    • «Best city in the world»
    • Medvezhiy Ugol
    • «Sea patrol»
    • «And happiness is somewhere near»
    • «Dog work»


    Irina Lachin

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