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  • Name: Irina Kupchenko ( Irina Kupchenko )
  • Date of birth: 1 March 1948
  • Age: 68 years
  • Place of birth: Vienna
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married Vasily Lanovoi

    Irina Kupchenko biography

    Irina Kupchenko was born in 1948 in Austria, where after the war he served the father. Mom recorded the birthday of his daughter on 1 March, although Irene was born the night of 29 Feb.

    The family repeatedly moved from city to city, but in the end, stayed in Kiev. It Irina Kupchenko and calls his hometown. Here she went to school, attended dance and drama groups in the local Palace of pioneers and dreamed of becoming a ballerina or an actress. But the parents insisted on a «serious» profession, so after finishing school in 1965 Irina Kupchenko entered the Kiev University, where he chose the Romano-Germanic branch of the linguistic faculty.

    After a year living Kupchenko made a sharp turn. After the death of his father, the aspiring actress with her mother moved to Moscow, where they had relatives. In the capital Irina realized his dream – he applied to drama school named Shchukin, where did the first time.


    In 1970, immediately after the end of the Shchukin» school, Irina Kupchenko received an invitation to work at the Academic Vakhtangov theatre. At that time, she has played several minor roles. One of them in a production of «Antony and Cleopatra» is especially remembered by the audience. Here, aspiring actress played the scene together with already well-known Mikhail Ulyanov and Yulia Borisova. It was the debut Kupchenko on stage.

    Later in the creative piggy Bank actress there are many roles in which she can be proud of. One of them is Alexandra, wife of Tsar Nicholas II in a production of «Last night last Tsar» Valery Fokin theatergoers saw in the 1996-97 season years. Critics have recognized the work of Irina Kupchenko best role of the season. The following year, the actress played in «hamlet», staged by Peter Stein.

    In 2001, Irina appeared in the form of Roxana in the Comedy play «Cyrano de Bergerac» Mirzoyev. It was a bold experiment Director, which Kupchenko agreed. Theatre critics and the audience highly appreciated the performance and talented actress.


    A cinematic biography of Irina Kupchenko began during his studies in the «Pike». The debut of a young actress on the big screen took place in the film «the noble nest». Its Director Andron Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky – said Kupchenko by accident. She came to the Studio «Mosfilm», where he was to participate in the crowd of other paintings. But she was wrong door and ended up on samples of Konchalovsky. So Irina Kupchenko appeared in the tape as Lisa Kalitina. The master himself highly appreciated the talent of the young artist and next year again invited her to your project. It was a screen adaptation of Chekhov’s «Uncle Vanya». Kupchenko played Sonya. In tapes formed the image of a strong and solid women, fragile at first glance, and with a steel rod inside. Later in that role Irina Petrovna Kupchenko appeared on the screens many times.

    The artist herself says that this Director has become her fate. It was he who discovered her as an actress, taught me everything she knows and gave a great start into the profession. The above films Konchalovsky was followed by his next work, which appeared again Kupchenko. This painting «romance of the lovers» and «the inner circle», removed one after another.

    The further fate of the actress has developed well. Paintings with her participation «the Lonely woman wishes to get acquainted», «Prank», «emails» was seen by millions of Ukrainian viewers. In the latest film Irina Kupchenko appeared in the title role of the teacher Vera Ivanovna.

    Lot of praise and audience attention was given to film «the captivating Star of happiness», where Kupchenko played Princess Trubetskaya, went with her husband to Siberia, to hard labor. In 1977, the screens out the melodrama «the Strange woman» where the heroine Irina Petrovna – a strong woman who is not afraid to change their destiny and to ignore public opinion.

    In a romantic Comedy film by Mark Zakharov «an Ordinary miracle» admirers Kupchenko saw the favorite actress in a new capacity and could appreciate the many facets of her talent.

    The film «Holiday in September» on the product Vampilov «Duck hunt» was released in 1979. Here Irina Kupchenko played the wife of the main character, a man of uncertain and complex nature.

    A small but memorable role played by Kupchenko in the series «the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson». The actress appeared in the image of the wife of Stapleton, the owner of the dog of the Baskervilles. More striking was the work of Irina Petrovna in the psychological drama «No witnesses», the Director was Nikita Mikhalkov.

    Then followed two wonderful Comedy of Eldar Ryazanov’s «Old jades» and «Forgotten melody for flute». These movies today look happy different age groups of audience in Russia and CIS countries.

    In 2000, the year he released a wonderful Christmas tape «Come look at me». The Director was Oleg Yankovsky. He, along with Irina Kupchenko and Yekaterina Vasilyeva starred in the lead roles.

    Irina Petrovna Kupchenko continues to act in films. Her latest tape, in which she appeared, «Night light» and «Moscow Elegy». And the TV series «Love Emperor», «Moscow Saga» and «Bless the woman».

    Personal life

    The first husband of actress was Nicholas Dvigubskaya, a cousin of Marina Vlady, worked as an artist of film and theatre. A pair of legalized relations in 1969, but lived together quite a bit.

    In 1972, Kupchenko was married to a fellow actor Vasily Lanovoy. Together, the couple today. To this marriage were born two sons, named in honor of Pushkin and Esenina. Aleksandr Lanovoi was born in 1973 and 3 years later was born, Sergei. Sons followed in the footsteps of parents, to which the latter was very happy. The senior entered the historical faculty of Moscow state University, Junior graduated from the economic faculty of the same University.

    In 2013, family Kupchenko and Lanovoy happened mountain: the death of the younger son Sergey.


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    Irina Kupchenko

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