Irina Krug

photo Irina Krug

  • Name: Irina Krug ( Irina Vorobyova )
  • Date of birth: 29 March 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Chelyabinsk
  • Height: 167
  • Activities: Russian singer, performer of Russian chanson
  • Marital status: Married

    Irina Krug biography

    Irina V. Glazko was born in March 1976 in Chelyabinsk, in a military family. From a young age Irina dreamed of becoming an artist. To this end, visits the Chelyabinsk house of culture, which operated the theatre. But life turned out differently.

    After school Irina Glazko got married and gave birth to a daughter Marina. The marriage quickly collapsed, and Irene had to get a job to support his family. It took a waitress in one of city bars. At that time, Glazko turned 21.

    Two years Irina worked as a waitress. Once in Chelyabinsk came on tour famous singer-songwriter and chanson singer Mikhail Krug (Vorobyov real name). When «the king of chanson» looked at the school, where she worked as Irina, the owner of the restaurant sent her to serve the customer. Mikhail immediately noticed the girl and then offered her work as a costume designer. And wages, the promised Round, was very significant. But Irina has refused, citing the inability to throw a small child.

    When the young woman had forgotten about tempting offer from a celebrity, she was called the concert the Director of the Circle and repeated the offer. This time she agreed and went to Tver. It happened in 1999. Some time Michael Circle didn’t reveal he was in love with his new costume. Communication was emphasized intelligent, the couple addressed each other as «you». It seemed that the Circle eyeing the girl before deciding to take the plunge. By the time Mikhail was 7 years in divorce.

    There was a proposal of marriage was unexpected. Just at one point the singer took the costume designer Irina home and said that now they would live together. Michael Krug and Irina officially married in 2001. The ceremony was not pretentious: the future spouses came to the registry office that is called «sequestered» – in tracksuits. Soon the Circle was adopted the Marina and surrounded the girl with concern. She loved her stepfather and began to call him dad. But wife jokingly used to call each other by first name and continued to refer to «you».

    In 2002, Michael and Irina Krug was born the son of Alexander. But remember daddy Sasha did not have time in the same year «the king of chanson» was killed.


    A friend of Michael’s Circle and the author of many of his songs Vladimir Bocharov after the death of the bard told Irina to sing a few songs her famous husband. Irina agreed, although this only a few times sang wife. And he hasn’t seen her singer, although such a desire Ira was even during his lifetime.

    The debut of Irina Circle (this is now called a singer) was very successful. Soon the young singer chanson sang several songs the men who were intended for the future drive. In 2004, the singer presented his debut album called «the First fall of separation». All the songs included in the disc was a duet with Leonid Teleshova, a close friend of the slain artist. So began the creative biography of Irina Circle.

    In 2005, Irina became a laureate of the award «Chanson of the year» and nominated for «discovery of the year». Next year appeared the second album Irina Circle, called «You’re my last love». Now Irina was released 8 albums. She is a popular performer and is recognized as a chanson singer. Her concerts fans of creativity of Mikhail Vladimirovich.

    But not only artists were Irina Krug after her husband’s death. She took up her education and graduated from the University in Tver, received a red diploma and the specialty Manager.

    Personal life

    Personal life Irina Circle was adjusted in 2006. The singer got married for the second time. Her husband, entrepreneur Serguei Beloussov. Children of Irene took his stepfather and loved it.

    The couple bought an apartment in the capital, so as to stay in the house where he was killed the Circle, they could not. September 25, 2013 in Moscow Irina and Sergey Belousov had son Andrew.


    • The first fall of separation
    • You’re my last love
    • Handsome
    • The island of love
    • I read in your eyes
    • Love is not scary
    • Chanel
    • Desperate love


    Irina Krug with her husband and children

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