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  • Name: Irina Kononova ( Kononova Irina )
  • Date of birth: 8 April 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Stavropol
  • Activity: dancer, choreographer, stage Director, participant of the show «Dancing on TNT»
  • Marital status: not married

    Irina Kononova: biography

    Irina Kononova – Russian dancer, teacher and theatre choreographer. It has to its credit many victories at festivals of modern dance and two dance performance on the stage. But most of all brought the popularity of Irina Kononova show «Dancing on TNT». She was born and raised in Stavropol. Still in preschool she became involved in the dance group «Fantasy», where under the guidance of a teacher Helen Alekseevny Zinchenko for many years and studied dance and became a true patriot of this kind of creativity.

    Irina Kononova
    Photo Irina Kononova | VK

    Later Irina Kononova dances made their profession, but it developed in other directions. In 2009 she graduated from the Stavropol state University, where he studied at the faculty of romance and Germanic languages and received the diploma of the philologist. In addition, great importance in the life of Irina Kononova is the theater. In 2013 it delivered its first performance of «Roof» and a little later there was a second production of «the Fly in marmalade», which was even more interesting than the first. This performance Irina along with her troupe demonstrated not only in his native Stavropol, but also drove to St. Petersburg to the festival «Open Look».


    In professional dance Irina Kononova plunged at the age of 19 years. Raised with her band «Fantasy» girl moved to the youth school «10th Avenue», where not only developed herself as a dancer, but became to teach children such styles as modern and hip-hop. This shift in the new Studio Irina believes that the main impetus for their own development as a professional.

    She began to ride at many festivals, which often have won. Also, she took lessons from famous choreographers in their workshops. At one of these classes introduced Irina with a French specialist Thierry Verger, who invited her to study with him in Paris. After several months of hard training Kononov took part in the ambitious project of Verger, but later returned home due to the ending of a Schengen visa. In 2014, the dance Irina Kononova was directly associated with the name Renata À ce, with whom she organized the choreographic Duo and made a lot of noise at various festivals and competitions in Russia and Europe.

    And in 2016 she decided it was time to conquer any project. Her choice fell on the show «Dancing on TNT», in which it was included in their team mentor Yegor Druzhinin. Irina attracted to this program because it gives you the opportunity to open up not only in their native styles, but in absolutely unusual genres. Kononov’m sure she has something to say to his audience the choreographic art.

    Personal life

    First love in my personal life Irina Kononova happened 18 years. She began Dating dancer Vitaly Makarenko, who taught at the choreographic centre «10th Avenue». The younger man managed to convince Irina to move into a new Studio with his group of children, although he did it in about a year, and during this time very rapidly Kononov Vitaly assured that he will not turn it to poach.

    Vitaliy Makarenko
    Vitaly Makarenko — first love Irina | School dance «10th Avenue»

    Met Irina Kononova and her boyfriend for many years, but after the return of the girls from France their relationship from romantic to become warm, but friendly. Now Irina and Vitaly colleagues, and dancers have another lover whose name she from the public while hiding.


    Irina Kononova

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