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  • Name: Irina Klimova ( Irina Klimova )
  • Date of birth: 12 April 1967
  • Age: 49 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: film and television actress, singer, actress, Honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: divorced

    Irina Klimova: biography

    Irina Klimova – Muscovite. She was born in April 1967. Actors in the family the Ira was not, but it did not stop her to dream about this profession. Moreover, all the necessary quality was available. Irina Klimova were growing artistic girl. She sang beautifully, danced, and loved to be the center of attention and with pleasure participated in school performances.

    Irina Klimova
    Irina Klimova | Movie-Theater.Ru

    After receiving a high school diploma, Irina Klimova without hesitation went to the theatre school named after B. Shchukin. Received on the first attempt. The girl is enrolled in a course for talented mentor alia Kazan.

    After «Pike» in 1988 Klimov, made a good showing in last years the theatre has received proposals from 12 of the capital’s theatres. She chose the closest in spirit to the Theater Mossovet.


    A cinematic biography of Irina Klimova began in the period of study at the Shchukin school. In 1985, the actress starred in an episode of «Insurance agent». But if after the release of this film, Irina is not even found his name in the credits, then in the subsequent movies «the Grass is green», «Fun young», «Defeat» and «Young man from a good family» she got a bright the role of the second plan.

    Strength began to come regularly. In 1989, the Director Valentin Mistaken offered the young artist a major role in the melodrama «Lucky.»

    Employment in movie forced Irina to leave the theater. In 1993, she left the troupe. Klimova focused on the set, at the same time appeared on the stage. In 1998 released a solo album called «I’m so tired to wait».

    Irina Klimova in movie
    Irina Klimova in the movie «St. Petersburg mysteries» | full Movie.Ru

    After 6 years, the actress realized that she really missed theatre and live those emotions that gives a «communication» with the audience. Therefore, in 1999, Irina Klimova is back on stage. Now she carefully combines theatre and cinema, trying to distribute the force evenly.

    Today the filmography of Irina Klimova has more than 30 paintings and series. The most vivid role went to the actress in the popular TV series «Winter cherry 2», «Petersburg secrets», «Moore is MOORE», «Seven wives of one bachelor», «Fellow police» and «Nurse».

    Tried Irina Klimova their hand as a presenter. She was one of the co-host of the project «Club of the former wives». And in 2009, the actress, singer and TV presenter quite successfully debuted as a producer of the film «a House without exit».

    Show «The Voice-5»

    The first musical show which was attended by Irina Klimova, was the project «Live sound». The singer then appeared in 2013.

    Again to try your hand Irina decided in the popular TV show «the Voice» in 2016. Viewers saw Klimov in the 5th season of the project. She presented to the mentors and the audience the song «There’s me» on the poetry of Paul Jaguna. This song in the 1st season of «the Voice» was performed by Sevara.

    Judges are not turned to Irina Klimova. Dima Bilan explained its decision by saying that the singer is a specific and rather unusual voice, and he doesn’t know how to work further with the owner. Leonid Agutin their reluctance to return was explained by the fact that singer was wrong for her voice composition.

    Irina Klimova has stood the blow, saying he did not regret the decision to take part in the show, and repeating the words of Jack Nicholson in the film «one Flew over the cuckoo’s nest»: «at least I tried».

    Personal life

    In the personal «baggage» actress two failed marriages. Her first husband was a colleague Valery borovinsky. Together the couple lived for 10 years, but is happy to call them difficult. Irina argues that the relationship in this marriage was similar to «pioneer camp»: who hurt.

    Irina Klimova son
    Irina Klimova son |

    Personal life Irina Klimova were in the top news in connection with the affair that broke out between her and the star of «Streets of broken lamps» Alexei Nilavum. The couple met on the set of this popular series. The novel culminated in a brief marriage. In 2003, a son, Nikita. But for unknown reasons, the relationship of the spouses has deteriorated so much that led to the divorce. With his son, according to Irina Klimova, Nilov does not communicate.


    • Lucky
    • «Winter cherry 2»
    • «Petersburg secrets»
    • «MOORE is MOORE»
    • «Seven wives of one bachelor»
    • «Comrades officers»
    • «Nurse»
    • «Petersburg secrets»
    • «For beginners to love»
    • «Partner»


    Irina Klimova

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