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  • Name: Irina Grineva ( Irina Grineva )
  • Date of birth: 6 February 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Kazan
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married to Maxim the other band members

    Irina Grineva biography

    Russian actress Irina Grineva was born 6 February 1973 in Kazan. Girl with childhood dreams of becoming an actress, her mother in his youth played in the theater, but because of the family threw a career. Heard plenty of stories about the theater world, Irina decided that the profession will always be her first. So after school the girl goes to the capital to enter the theater Institute.

    Unfortunately, the first attempt was unsuccessful, and the Moscow University to get failed. Not wanting to lose the year, Irina filed documents at the Yaroslavl state theatrical Institute and was successfully enrolled on the first course. After graduation the young actress refuses to distribution and again goes to conquer Moscow. This time she goes for a course of expressive plastics «School of dramatic art» where he teaches the famous mater dramatic art Anatoly Vasiliev.

    Irina Grineva: theatre

    On the capital theater stage actress made her debut in 1995, Irina has played, directed by Vladimir Ageev on the famous novel by Julio cortázar «hopscotch». For this role, Grineva was awarded «Best debut» at the festival dedicated to Vladimir Vysotsky.

    Since 1998 works as an actress in the troupe of the Moscow theatre of a name of Stanislavsky. In its track record such famous plays as «hamlet,» twelfth night», «the Millionairess», «Boris Godunov» and others. Today Irina continues to play at the theater of Stanislavsky, in addition, it often appears as a guest star. As admitted Grineva in an interview, the theater meant to her more than the movie, as it requires ezhednevnoj work and the full impact on the stage. Actress very carefully chooses the role, preferring to play in serious films.

    Irina Grineva: movies

    Movie Grineva started acting since 1998, Irina debuted in the film «Impostors». During this time, the actress played in many films: «the Passenger without Luggage», «Station», «My personal enemy», «Always say always». Huge popularity brought her the role of Liza Subbotina in the series Nana Jorjadze «Only you.»

    In the career of the actress had many important film roles that earned her the prestigious award. So, in 2002, Grinev awarded the prize for «Best series actress» for her role in «Impostors». As for theatrical recognition, a talented game artist in the theatrical production of «I is another» was awarded the nomination «Seductive woman», and in 2005 she receives the award for «the Way.»

    Grineva not only plays in the theater and in films, she also sings well. So, in 2009, Irina participated in the television entertainment show first channel «Two stars», where her partner was Grigory Leps.

    Now Irina works a lot on television. At the same time, the actress starred in three movies: «the Holiday of disobedience», «a Miracle in the Crimea,» and «Thirty dates».

    Irina Grineva: personal life

    The first husband of the actress were directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev. About the relationship of the former spouses is practically unknown. After several years of marriage the couple divorced, children in marriage was not.

    The second and current lover of the actress became known skater

  • Maxim Shabalin. Interestingly, Irina and Maxim were introduced three times, but they remember each other only in the latest times. No one even the name is not remembered. Their first conversation had been during the festival, where they were near the table. Literally from the first exchange of phrases Irina and max have found each other’s company very pleasant. So began their affair, the relationship developed rapidly, and in 2010 the couple were married in the Church of the Dormition of the Mother of God. On Grineva was a beautiful wedding dress in the style of the 19th century. Note that the actress is older than her husband of nine years. The couple is happily married and now they have a daughter Barbara who was born in 2013.

    Irina Grineva is a successful actress and mother. She believes that a real woman should be able to combine family and career without giving up anything. In addition to work and family Irina spend time with your hobby. She writes poems, stories, draws, and loves fencing.

    Irina Grineva: filmography

    • Impostors
    • Home to the rich
    • Passengers without Luggage
    • More important than love
    • Year Of The Goldfish
    • Touch the sky
    • The Trojan war will not
    • MOORE. The third front
    • Mom reluctant
    • After school
    • In the same breath

    Irina Grineva: photo

    Irina Grineva

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