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  • Name: Irina Gorbacheva ( Irina Gorbacheva )
  • Date of birth: 10 April 1988.
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress, video blogger
  • Marital status: married Gregory Kalinin

    Irina Gorbachev : a biography

    Irina Gorbacheva was born in April 1988. That their daughter is growing up a creative person, my parents realized very early. The girl was very plastic, had excellent hearing and early childhood demonstrated extraordinary artistry.

    In grade school she started to attend music lessons and choreography. She developed a vocal, learn to play different instruments and danced well. Irina dreamed of becoming an artist and made great efforts to prepare himself for this profession.

    The efforts of the girls was a success. In 2006, Gorbachev becomes a student of the famous Theatre Institute named after Shchukin. His student years were very busy. Irina, studying acting in the course of well-known artist and a wonderful theatre teacher Rodion Ovchinnikov managed to play many roles in the performances of the Vakhtangov Theatre. She was entrusted to the Central images are complex and multifaceted, in «Fear and poverty», «Employees» and «Joan of arc».

    In 2010, immediately after the final exam and graduation show, she as a trainee was accepted into the troupe of the Workshop of Peter Fomenko.


    Gorbachev all time. She absorbed invaluable lessons of theatrical skill from the senior colleagues of the theater of Fomenko. Here the audience saw the young actress in the images of the conductors in the play «Red» and Baba-Gypsy in the play «bride». Already for these two roles theater were able to understand that they face a very promising artist.

    A few months after the appearance in the theater of Fomenko Irina Gorbachev has played in the Studio of Oleg Tabakov, which worked as a guest actress. Here Irina has managed to showcase their talents in the play «Fantasy Faryateva».Very soon Gorbachev began to offer leading roles in theatrical productions in different theatres of the capital.

    A cinematic biography of Irina Gorbacheva started in 2008, when she was a Junior «Pike». As with many young colleagues for Irina movie world began with a cameo role in the series. After appearing in a TV melodrama «Actor» Gorbachev has offered two more roles. And again in the series. But this time Ira was entrusted with more vivid and three-dimensional images, which are well remembered by the audience. The actress has appeared in the 3rd season, detective, «Law & order», playing the heroine of one of the series. And in the same, rich in deals 2008 she got the role in the film «Indigo.»

    After a break, when the actress was fully occupied in the theatre, he was offered a starring role in a picture «Compensation». This is the band Director of the Faith watch helped the young artist to make a breakthrough in the world of cinema. The appearance on the screen with such stars of Russian cinema as Gosha Kutsenko, Vladimir yepifantsev and Love Tolkalina could not remain unnoticed by the audience.

    It was after the filming of this project the career of Irina Gorbacheva went up rapidly. For his work in this film, she received her first film award: in 2011 she became a laureate of the TRANS-Baikal film festival, where actress noted for best actress in «Compensation». Now Irina no longer offer episodes. It appears famous Directors, whose paintings immediately after fall into the center of attention. So in 2012, Gorbachev starred in a war drama with the fantasy elements of «Fog-2» Ivan Shurovenkov, after which all the actors who starred in it, became instantly recognizable.

    Particularly successful in cinematic biography of Irina Gorbacheva can be called the year of 2015, when the domestic screens out the acclaimed painting of Leonid Plyaskin «Young guard». This is a fresh adaptation of the novel by Fadeyev, where Gorbachev played Ulyana Gromov.

    In recent years she has gained popularity in social networks. As you know, the talented person is talented in everything. Ira was famous for his brilliant sketches that come up with on the fly and publishes on his page in Instagram. A short video of the actress shoots directly into the camera of your smartphone. The characters of her little masterpieces can be a simple counter people whose behavior or unusual appearance interested in Irina. Scantily clad in the dead of winter fashionista, interesting grandmother with grandson, Horny milf – all these images Gorbachev saw on the street and was translated to the screen.

    Often an artist comes up with their own skits – in the subway, at home near the refrigerator in the pharmacy – and then invented embodies the role of a lifetime. Her humorous videos lately probably the most popular in the network.

    Personal life

    Actress and star of Instagram is married to a colleague in the profession Gregory Kalinin, known for the TV series «the Island». Irina and Gregory is very creative and open minded people. Therefore, even their wedding in March 2015 was unusual. For example, the bride wore not white but black dress. Relatives and invited to the celebration the friends that came to the registry office on Kutuzov Avenue, to congratulate the young with the triumph, I was not surprised: Gorbachev and Kalinin are not of those who follow the generally accepted rules and tastes.

    Personal life Irina Gorbacheva is the beloved husband Grisha, who understands and accepts all the movements of his soul, and creative halves.


    • «Actor»
    • Indigo
    • «Law and order»
    • «Compensation»
    • «The poor relatives»
    • «Two winters and three summers»
    • «The shores of my dreams»
    • «Fog-2»
    • «Transformation»
    • «Young guard»


    Irina Gorbacheva

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