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  • Name: Irina Efremova ( Efremova Irina )
  • Date of birth: 28 July 1963
  • Age: 53 years
  • Date of death: September 10, 2016
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: theater and film actress, Director, TV presenter
  • Marital status: was married

    Irina Efremova biography

    Irina Efremova (matveevskiy) – Russian theater and film actress. In his student years he had starred under her maiden name. Irina was born on 28 July 1963 in Moscow. After graduation she entered the College named after Shchukin on a course to albert G. Bugrov. The development of theatrical art Irina finished in 1984, after graduating from school and starring in one of the leading roles in the movie «Special unit».

    Irina Efremova in the film
    Irina Efremova in «Special unit» | Movie-theater

    In the movie, the young actress was still a student, but then got married, changed her name, turned away from the profession. In the nineties he worked on the popular Russian TV channel as a presenter. Her partners were Lev Novozhenov and Igor Voevodin.

    Movies and TV shows

    In the record of the actress more than two dozen works. It could take off and more as an actress, she had all the necessary data, but was very kind and could give a good role to a colleague for the sake of friendly relations. The debut of Irina in the movie took place in 1982. Nineteen-year-old student at the drama school named Shchukin he played a small role of a member of the ensemble in the Comedy of Yefim Galperin «miracles». In the credits of the movies of the eighties, the actress is listed under her maiden name, so many sources of official filmography of the actress begins only in 2002.

    Irina Efremova in the film
    Irina Efremova in «miracles» | Movie-theater

    His first major role, Irina received during the Soviet era. In 1984, she played a front-line member of the acting fraternity in the military film «Special unit». The plot revolves around young artists, still children, who in 1941 were in the war. On the court the young actress starred with popular Soviet artists: Yuri Sarantsev, Tamara Semina, Vyacheslav Shalevich, Ragnarok Muratov. In the nineties she was on the channel «Ostankino» in her acting career occurred a pause. In 2002 he made a successful debut as a Director. Ephraim shot a documentary film «Father» was well received by critics. Irina has received an award of the XII international documentary film festival «Message to man» for best directorial debut.

    Irina Efremova in the film
    Irina Efremova in the film «Two destinies» | Cinemania

    To return to the screens as an actress in 2002, the artist helped the series «Two fates». This project was resonant, Ephraim noticed, although the role she was small. In 2003, she starred in the adventure mini-series with Alex Buldakov «Striped summer» and the crime series based on the works of Chingiz Abdullayev «Detective without a license.» In 2004 Irina were already five projects. The highlight of this period was the role of breeder of dachshunds in the Comedy «Four taxi drivers and a dog». Even more fruitful was for Ephraim 2006. She starred in the biographical drama «Andersen. A life without love», in the mini-series «Short breath,» in a Comedy with Aleksei Makarov «it would Not be happy…», war drama, «Breakthrough», the word «Theft» in the sequel of the Comedy «Four taxi drivers and a dog».

    Irina Efremova in the film
    Irina Efremova in «Take me with you» | Cinemania

    In the period from 2007 to 2009, creative growth actress continued. Irina starred in several serial films: «Russian chocolate» Kirill Kazakov, «the Adventure of the notary Aglintsev» with Igor Bochkina and Evgenia Dobrovolskaya, «Housing problem» with Ivan by Stepanovym. Employment actress in the TV series she didn’t bother to take part in the entreprise on the scene of Russian psychological theatre in Moscow. In 2010, the career of Ephraim lull. One of her last works was the role of Irina Poplavskaya in the movie «Doctor death». Due to the sudden death of the actress in the press, the film was called «prophetic,» though after the release of series passed more than six years.

    Personal life

    Irina did not like to talk about his personal life. It is known that in 1993 when the woman came to work on the channel «Ostankino» the program «Vremechko», she was in the process of divorce with her first husband, from whom she got the resounding in the acting circles in the name. The family did not exist, but Irina didn’t go into details even in the company of close friends. Her personal life has always been a taboo subject.

    Irina Efremova
    Irina Efremova | Kinopoisk

    Second husband Ephraim became businessman Boris Frankel. Introduced him to the actress colleague Lev Novozhenov. Boris was older than Irene, they lived together for many years, but they never showed up.

    The death of the actress

    Actress of theatre and cinema, died in the fall of 2016. Photo Ephraim instantly appeared in Newspapers and online publications. Irina Lvovna September 9, found her husband, Boris Frankel, with whom in the last months of life she had a complicated relationship. The businessman stopped in their in common with Ephraim as his wife did not respond to calls. After unsuccessful attempts to open the door, Boris Frankel called the police.

    Irina Efremova
    Irina Efremova | Kazanfirst

    Entering the apartment, law enforcement officials found the lifeless body of the actress. The criminal element the police in the death of the wife of Boris Frenkel was not found. After the funeral, Irina admirers of her talent have organized a memorial evening which took place on 18 October 2016 in the Central House of Cinema. The burial place of Ephraim, the relatives decided to leave in secret.

    Cause of death

    Among friends and fans of Irina Lvovna there are several opinions on the causes of death of the artist. According to the official version of Ephraim died of heart failure. Beautiful, bright, attractive woman was only 52 years old. The early death of the actress encourages her fans to look for specific causes of death. In the last few years Irina Lvovna has done some plastic surgery. She increased the lips, adjusted the weight, rejuvenated face.

    Irina Efremova
    Irina Efremova | Kinopoisk

    Such procedures, according to experts, can seriously affect the heart. Personal life Irina too not all was smooth. The relationship with her second husband become complex. Because of quarrels and of mutual incomprehension Irina was constantly in a state of stress. Another scandal with her husband, could cause a deterioration in her health.

    Memories of colleagues

    It was called Russian Marilyn Monroe, but not just for looks. Colleagues describe Irina as fragile, delicate, charming, attractive and very attractive woman. Lev Novozhenov said that in the nineties all the men of TV channel «Ostankino» was a little in love with Ephraim. Age is a terrible enemy of all beautiful ladies, Irina knew this, and tried to prolong youth. She resorted to plastic surgeries and diets.

    The Bonney and Marilyn Monroe
    The Bonney and Marilyn Monroe

    But the audience and colleagues remembered the traits of his character and not the person. Actress Eugene Bordzilovsky was a close friend of Irene, in an interview, she recalled that Ephraim was very cheerful, loved to be photographed and didn’t chase roles. Partner on the film «Short Breath» Ilya Noskov after the joint surveys described a colleague as a charming woman, with soft power and inner strength.


    • 1982 — these are the wonders
    • 1984 — Special unit
    • 2002 — Father (documentary)
    • 2002 — Two fates
    • 2003 — Striped summer
    • 2003 Detective without a license
    • 2004 — Boys of steel
    • 2004 — a place in the sun
    • 2004 — Four cabbies and a dog
    • 2005 — Short breath
    • 2006 — Andersen. A life without love
    • 2006 — Breakthrough
    • 2006 — Hijacking
    • 2007 — the Housing problem
    • 2008 — God’s Gift
    • 2008 — Take me with you
    • 2009 — Take me with you 2
    • 2009 — Adventures of a notary Aglintsev
    • 2010 — Russian chocolate
    • 2010 — Dr. death


    Irina Efremova

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