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  • Name: Irina Dubtsova ( Irina Dubtsova )
  • Date of birth: 14 February 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Volgograd
  • Height: 172
  • Activity: singer, songwriter, actress, poet
  • Marital status: divorced

    Irina Dubtsova: biography

    The name of this wonderful singer and just beautiful girl the music of the post-Soviet space have learned after the release of season 4 of the show «Factory of stars». There ascended the star of Irina Dubtsova. But over time, it has not disappeared from the horizon of domestic show-business, but only burns brighter, delighting a huge army of fans of the singer.

    Irina Dubtsova was born in February 1982 in Volgograd. That the daughter will definitely become a singer, my parents realized back in the hospital, the baby was screaming so loud that the rest of the newborn no one’s heard of.

    Irina Dubtsova as a child and her parents
    Irina Dubtsova as a child and her parents

    Yes, and whom she still could be, if the Pope she is a known musician. Victor dubtsov – founder of the jazz band «Dubcoff Band», which in Volgograd is very popular.

    Parents tried to pay great attention not only to the education of her daughter, but also strongly encouraged and nurtured her musical talent. It was obvious, Irina Dubtsova barely learned to speak and to stand on his feet.

    Irina Dubtsova with parents
    With parents | woman’s day

    Already in primary school age Ira beautifully recited poems and even started to compose his own songs, which were successfully performed.

    In elementary school it became apparent that Irina Dubtsova not only sings well, but also perfectly draws. She was transferred to the architectural class. But Irina soon realized that painting gave her much less pleasure than singing.


    The creative biography of Irina Dubtsova started quite early. Once in her city came to tour the musical group «Class» under the leadership of Andrew Pryazhnikova. The youth group performed at a local variety Theatre, where my parents worked Ira. The performance of the team has made them such a strong impression that they decided to create a similar group in your city theatre. Did so.

    Soon in the temptation in the musical group «Jam» where the leading place was given to 11-year-old Irina Dubtsova. Leader of the team was Natalie Dubtsova, Mama Irina and her producer – father. A total «Jam» sang about 40 songs by the authors-most of them turned out to be Irina. First, the team was pleased with its concerts a small circle of people, but he soon became so popular that the trio, with its striking soloist is invited to all city events.

    After high school, Irina Dubtsova goes to local school of arts. P. A. Serebryakov in the vocal Department. Thanks to his talent and hard work, the girl finished it in 2001 externally.

    Irina Dubtsova and group
    Irina Dubtsova and a group of «Girls»

    When the daughter was 15 years old, Victor made a girl in a fashionable restaurant, where he worked as professional musicians. Irina Dubtsova instantly became a star establishments. Many visitors come here specifically to listen to a young singer. One of her songs in Spanish «Hijo De La Luna», performed in 1999, was a springboard that opened Iran’s path to the world of show business.

    Father Irina Dubtsova very quickly realized that his daughter can make a real star. He decided to take a CD with her recordings in Moscow and to show the famous producer Igor Matvienko. He just created a new music band and were looking for singers. So Irina came to the casting of the group «Girls», which was immediately adopted.

    Irina Dubtsova
    Irina Dubtsova | «Novaya Gazeta»

    Irina Dubtsova moved to the capital, and Matvienko put it in his own apartment in Vyhino, which becomes for the young singer a second home. The debut song of the creative team was the song «I want to be a bird.» In 2000 comes the track of the song «Mama Said», which became a real hit. Her clip named best movie MTV for the year.

    «Girls» began to gain popularity, but in two years after the formation of the team is falling apart. The participants begin a solo career. Irina continued his work in the music field and became the Executive Director of the Studio «SBS-Entertainment».

    «Star factory-4»

    The peak of popularity Dubtsova, you can call the time spent on the project «star Factory-4». To participate in the so-called «show behind the glass» Irina Dubtsova could much before, but she was in no hurry to pass the casting. The fact that the project she didn’t like it. But when she learned that the producer of the show will be Igor Krutoy, which she infinitely respected, she immediately decided to try their hand.

    In the end, she won the «Factory». Her solo song «About him» was the most popular song in the history of the project. The song broke all records and became a favorite hit millions of Russian listeners.

    After «factories of stars» Irina Dubtsova has successfully toured and continues to write songs for the popular Russian artists. One of her written songs called «Heart of 1000 candles» was in the repertoire of Philip Kirkorov. In its execution it instantly became a hit and won the award «Golden gramophone».

    After leaving «star house» Irina Dubtsova, together with the former «manufacturers» went to a big tour in the country. The concerts were sold out not only in Russia but also in CIS Countries.

    Solo career

    A new star had the honor to represent Russia at the contest «New wave», where she got second place. In 2005, Irina Dubtsova has pleased fans with his new solo CD, which was given the name of his first hit «On him.» This included 12 songs.

    In 2007, the singer presented second album called «Medals». It also consists of 12 tracks, including the song «the Wind», which was shot clip.

    In 2009 he released a new absolute hit Irina Dubtsova and Polina Gagarina «Who? Why?». The song literally blew up the Russian charts, and was also awarded numerous prizes.

    Every year Russian pop star pleases her fans with new music masterpieces. Her performance of the song turns into a quivering story, which the students experience as their own. The talent of the performer, the strength of her artistry.

    Irina Dubtsova on the example of the duet of Polina Gagarina has demonstrated that it is able to perfectly mate your singing singing another artist. After the resounding success of the hit «Who? Why?» the star sang in tandem with Love assumption. The song «I love him too» there was a good clip.


    In 2014, Irina Dubtsova has pleased his fans with his participation in two ranked television: the First channel she appeared in the show «exactly in exactly» and won outright. One of the most exciting musical reincarnation was the song «real» by Irina Allegrova.

    Another project of the First channel show «Three chords». And it won over a talented singer.

    In 2015, the star once again has pleased fans with new wonderful songs in his unique performance. This song «Love me long» and «honey-love». For the latest hit, the singer was awarded the prize of the festival «Golden gramophone».

    Personal life

    Unfortunately, the personal life of Irina Dubtsova has developed less successful than her career. With her future husband Roman Chernitsyn, the soloist of group «Plazma», the Ira met in 1998 in Volgograd. Their wedding took place in 2004 right on the project «Factory of stars». This gift gave one of the most prominent member of the show producers.

    Two years later Chernitsyna the couple had a son Artem. But the family life of the couple did not work, and the child could not save the marriage from falling apart.

    Irina Dubtsova and Roman Chernitsyn
    Roman Chernitsyn |

    Such a bright and talented woman like Irina Dubtsova can’t stay long in splendid isolation. The media often write about the Affairs of Ira, about the beautiful men that appear next to her from time to time.

    Soon after the divorce, it became known that she had a new boyfriend named Tigran, the famous Moscow entrepreneur and a dentist by training. But the affair ended after two years.

    In 2014, the fate gave the singer a new love. Next to the beauty was an attractive man, musician and DJ Leonid Rudenko.

    Leonid Rudenko Leonid Rudenko | Ru-TV

    Irina Dubtsova belongs to that category of women who are called donuts. She never struck cattle. Sometimes her weight fluctuated: the Ira then suddenly lost weight again added pounds. Once she explained the pesky paparazzi, it’s not a diet, and seasonal allergies, which affects each year. In the period of exacerbation it is necessary to accept hormonal preparations. But when the allergens disappear, disappear weight.

    In 2016, the Instagram star her fans again saw postroynevshaya favorite vacationing on the Maldives.


    • 2004 – «About it»
    • 2007 – «Wind»
    • 2008 – «About love…»


    Irina Dubtsova

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