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  • Name: Irina Bezrukova ( Irina Bezrukova )
  • Date of birth: 11 April 1965
  • Age: 51 years
  • Place of birth: Rostov-na-Donu
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian actress
  • Marital status: Divorced

    Irina Bezrukova: biography

    Actress Irina Bezrukova (nee Bahtera) was born 11 APR 1965 in Rostov-on-don. The family lived in a theatrical hostel Rostov, which was inhabited by artists, musicians and actors. Musician-oboist in a family of Bagtor was dad, he often toured with concerts. My mother worked as a doctor.

    The family was not rich, and my father had to work. In the afternoon he played in the orchestra of the Theatre of musical Comedy, and in the evening – «shells» in the Park. At the insistence of Pope Ira four years mastered musical notation and learned to play the violin. Her sister Olga is also from early childhood was to join the world of music and played various musical instruments. Daughters growing up in a creative atmosphere, a lot of reading.

    The family moved many times. The girls life changed dramatically when his parents divorced. Her mother became very ill and died. Irina and Olga were growing up under the care of his grandmother.

    Dreams Irina Buhturi changed. At first, the girl wanted to become a doctor like mom. Then she changed her mind and decided to become an actress, even tried out for the local drama club. But, alas, to no avail. Ira was very shy. To overcome the shortcoming and try to achieve dream of acting Irina literally had her mate. At his insistence, the girl learned the poetry, the fable and fiction and successfully passed examinations at Rostov College of art, received the highest score. I finished school in 1988 with specialty «actress of theater and cinema».

    From the second year she already performed on the stage of Kiev academic drama theater. Gorky. As she recalls, almost in Amateur theatricals, playing the role of bad Komsomol, major-conformist or Bohemian youth. When the artistic Director of the course Irina Rostov school was transferred to Tula, he called disciples after themselves. In the production of «Star in the early sky,» she played a major role, which was given to her hard. The young actress and very shy she had to play a woman of easy virtue, and even to go on stage Topless.

    In the late 1990’s Irina with her first husband moved to Moscow. The first time the actress was not working. On the advice of friends she went to audition at the Moscow theatre of Oleg Tabakov. The famous Director immediately took the girl to work. History the theatre was short-lived. After Irina got married, she left the theatre.

    Irina Bezrukova recently returned to the profession after a break. Last year she again came on the scene, but now the Moscow Provincial theater. Irina Bezrukov has played a Central role in the play by Yaroslava Pulinovich’s «Endless April».


    A cinematic biography of Irina Bezrukovoj began in the mid-1990s. The debut was the role in the thesis work of the young operator, «the Girl and the wind.» But recognizable actress was after the release on big screens at the domestic Comedy of Vitaly Makarova, «When late in the registry office». Starring Irina Bezrukova Irina Feofanova. The picture is imbued with the spirit of perestroika and was released in 1991.

    On account of the actress many roles, but one of the best Queen Louise in the historical series of Vladimir Popkov «the Countess de Monsoro».

    Today Irina Bezrukov can be seen in the projects «Unfamiliar weapon or Crusader-2», «China», «Office», «Love.Ru», «Plot», «Yesenin», «the Real tale». In addition, Irina has voiced several animated films: «Prince Vladimir», «the Capital souvenir» and «About Fedot-Archer, swashbuckling young man.»

    Irina is not just a movie, it is familiar to us as the presenter. Two years (1999-2001) she led the transfer of «shopping» on RTR, a show «most-most» on channel STS. The artist could see in the program «Keys to Fort Boyyard».

    Latest pictures of actress steel tape «Full contract» and «Gift».

    Personal life

    Irina met her first husband, Igor Livanov, when he entered into the troupe of the Kiev drama theater. Igor was a teacher at Irene. Lovers do not hide their romance. When the actor was widowed, she was married to him, took his name and bore a son Andrew.

    In 1988, the filming of «Crusader-2» Irina got acquainted with Sergey Bezrukov. It was a whirlwind romance. Personal life of Irina and Sergei Bezrukov became the main theme of the tabloids. The relationship developed rapidly, hide them was impossible.

    Younger 8 years doctor did not confuse the status of a married woman: he left her a note with his phone number. In 2000 Irina divorced Livanov and married Sergei Bezrukov, taking his name. The couple lived three, together with the son of Irene Andrew. Unfortunately, March 14, 2015 Andrei Livanov was found dead. The last three years, the only son of Irene suffered from severe diabetes.

    In 2012 Sergei Bezrukov appeared twins Ivan and Alexander. According to rumors, their mother is actress Kristina Smirnova. They say that this fact was the beginning of the end of history of love Bezrukov.

    In 2015, the press actively discussed the novel by Sergei with Director Anna matison. Irina and Sergei did not comment on this information, but in March 2016 in the media appeared information that Bezrukov and Mathison were married.

    At the moment, Irina plunged into creativity.


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    Irina Bezrukova

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