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  • Name: Irina Apeksimova ( Irina Apeksimova )
  • Date of birth: 13 November 1966
  • Age: 50 years
  • Place of birth: Volgograd
  • Height: 171
  • Activities: actress, Director, singer, TV presenter
  • Marital status: divorced

    Irina Apeksimova: biography

    Irina Apeksimova – the honoured artist of Russia, actress, singer, TV presenter and theatrical figure. Fame brought her «birthday Burzhuya». 2015 is the head of the Moscow state theatre of drama and Comedy on Taganka.

    Irene was born in Volgograd in a family of musicians. Her father Viktor was teaching piano at the music school and Conservatory. Mother Svetlana Yakovlevna worked as chorus master at the musical Comedy theatre, and taught at the conductor-choral Department of the Conservatory. The older brother of Irina Valery Apeksimov under the name of Peace became known in the United States jazz composer and pianist. By the way, Irina Apeksimova has second cousin of the famous singer Larisa Dolina.

    When Ira was 8, her parents decided to divorce. The girl mother moved to Odessa, where they had relatives. There Apeksimova first attended secondary school, and at age 15 got into a specialized class with a theatrical slant, where her teacher was a distinguished teacher Olga Kalneva.

    After graduating high school in 1983, Irina went to Moscow to become a student of the School-Studio MXAT. But because of the pronounced Odessa accent wasn’t with her, so she returns home and joins the corps de ballet of the Odessa academic theatre of musical Comedy. The following year, Irina makes a second attempt to enter the Moscow theatre school, but history repeats itself, and for the same reason. Then Apeksimova goes to the father in Volgograd, work in the local Theater of musical Comedy, gets rid of the Odessa dialect and on the third attempt arrives in School-Studio of MKHAT. She was enrolled in the Studio of Oleg Tabakov.

    After graduation Irina Apeksimova did not think that her education is finished. She made several trips abroad for training in specialized courses, including in such renowned schools of acting, new York «but at School and in London in the Barbican Center.

    Theatre and television

    First job for the actress for 10 years was the Moscow art theatre named after Chekhov. Irina played on this stage a large number of prominent roles, but in 2000 she retires and creates his own theatrical company «Ball AST», which was later renamed, calling his own name. This company was engaged in undertakings in which Irina Apeksimova played leading roles. The main success the actress says the directed by Roman Viktyuk «Our Decameron XXI» on the play by Edward Radzinsky, where Irina plays the shrewd lady who uses men for their own purposes. The play, changing from tragedy to farce, have had great success with the audience.

    In the theater Apeksimova has achieved success not only as an actress but also as a theatrical figure. From 2012 to 2015, she was head of the Roman Viktyuk Theatre, and put a lot of effort to maintain his popularity. From March 2015, began to occupy the position of Director of the Taganka Theater.

    In addition, Irina Apeksimova dabbled in television. In 2003 on channel TVs she was intellectual game show «Temptation», and from 2006 to 2009 leading the daily morning transmission on the First channel «Good morning». In 2006, Irina took part in the singing show «Two stars» in a duet with Alexander Marshal, where he took 5th place. After 3 years she returned to the show, together with Larisa Dolina sing in the new year issue.

    In 2011, the actress came up with the idea to combine his singing and artistic talents. Together with his musical band, which is led by multiinstrumentalist Timur Vedernikov, she created a solo performance «And I Odessa — girl!» which was performed solely by the Odessa well-known songs.


    Irina started acting in movies when she was a sophomore theatre of the University. Debut of actress was in the role of a girl Susie, the daughter of the main characters psychological Thriller Victor Tregubovich «Tower». Then she waited a lot of interesting roles — from singer to Stepan, wife of the famous writer. She also participated in the filming of melodrama «stuff of life», which is considered the first Russian television series.

    Critics noted the high quality work of the actress in the dramatic film adaptation of the story of Turgenev «mu-Mu», where she played a French woman, Justine, as well as in the joint Russian-French short film «October» for shooting in which Apeksimova received a prize at the Paris film festival as the best performer of female roles.

    But wide fame and recognition came to Irina in 1999, when the TV screens went crime series «the birthday Bourgeois». She played a beloved of the protagonist Amina Renatovna, perfectly recreating the image of the cold, successful and strong business-woman, a woman-vamp. After a huge success with Apeksimova entrenched role of prudent ladies, with whom the actress later will endlessly fight to show the audience that she is capable of more. Iryna’s personality, according to her, this image is not like. Her most interesting acting in such films as the drama of a psychological nature «Cage» whom Irina believes one of his best works.

    Personal life

    Irina Apeksimova in 1988, married her classmate Valery Nikolaev. In 1994 they had a daughter, Daria.

    After graduation Irina and Valery together went to America, worked in new York theaters, but for financial reasons was forced to return to Moscow. Apeksimova was employed in Russia, and Nikolaev was strongly determined to conquer Hollywood, so he left again to USA. The couple saw each other less, the relationship went wrong, and even joint survey in the television series «the birthday Bourgeois» failed to restore family ties. In 2000, they officially divorced, and then their daughter took the maiden name of the grandmother – Artinskaya.

    Shortly after the divorce, Irina Apeksimova met with businessman Alexey Kim, who became her second husband. But their life together did not last long, as the actress could not withstand the endless scenes of jealousy, which suited her husband.


    • 2000 — the birth of Bourgeois
    • 2000 — the Empire under attack
    • 2001 — the Cage
    • 2008 — Contrary to common sense
    • 2008 — Bodyguard
    • 2008 — the General’s granddaughter
    • 2008 — the Domino Effect
    • 2009 — Victory wind, clear day
    • 2009 — the Book of masters
    • 2010 — Lucky Pasha
    • 2013 — Game of truth


    Irina Apeksimova

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