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  • Name: Irina Antonenko’s ( Irina Antonenko )
  • Date of birth: 1 September 1991
  • Age: 25 years
  • Place of birth: Yekaterinburg
  • Height: 178
  • Activity: the Russian singer, the winner of the contest «Miss Russia 2010»
  • Marital status: not married

    Irina Antonenko : biography

    Irina Antonenko was born in the early autumn of 1991, in Sverdlovsk, a few days after her birth, regained the title in Ekaterinburg. Parents Ira no relation to art did not have – the father and mother are with the police. For children, and the family was grown daughter and son, parents were the most influential people. Maybe that’s why the children in the school years studied in the specialized cadet classes.

    Ira grew up not just artistic, but also extremely beautiful girl. With the years became more noticeable. So the young girl listening to the advice of friends and relatives, decided to try his hand as a model.

    But the first pancake was lumpy. In the first beauty contest the girl couldn’t even get to the finals. Perhaps that is why Irina Antonenko, not accustomed to easy to give up and deviate from the intended target, I decided to take this top. However, it is not believed that modeling career is a crown to her desires. After receiving a high school diploma, Ira entered the Ural financial and law school, selecting a specialty financier. Already in the status of the student Antonenko and started to climb on the model Olympus.


    Two years of work at the Ekaterinburg Agency of Ilya Vinogradov gave Irina Antonenko those opportunities, which she managed to win the competition «Miss Car-2008». The girl quickly became the most popular model of Yekaterinburg, taking the top titles in almost all competitions.

    New subdued top – the title of «Miss Kiev-2009» – was interpreted by the model as a prelude to the next success. Antonenko began to prepare for the contest «Miss Russia». She went to the capital in March of 2010, received the title of most beautiful girl of the country. In addition to a crystal crown and she got great prizes: 100 thousand dollars, the watch is in pink gold with black diamonds and a grant to study in any institution in the world.

    But most importantly, the model from Yekaterinburg got the opportunity to represent the country at competition «Miss universe». It was held in Las Vegas in the summer of 2010. Antonenko although not the main title, but managed to be among the 15 finalists.

    In the same 2010, the famous model opened the 8-th Vienna ball in the capital. And next year, Irina became a member of the project «Dancing with the Stars.» Her partner was actor Mikhail Mamaev.


    Success in the modeling career is not so infatuated with the beauty that she decided to dedicate the podium his entire life. She had long wanted to try myself as an actress. So Irina Antonenko arrived in the Russian University of theatre arts.

    The actress debuted in two music videos. But the first film role went Antonenko in the anthology «the Audition». This tape consisted of 12 short films. One of them starred a girl.

    In 2011, the cinematic biography of Irina Antonenko has been developed. A cameo role in the blockbuster cult film Director Timur Bekmambetov Phantom raised artist on the new career step. After this little work was entrusted to her to play the girlfriend of the protagonist of the project «Ship». It is an adaptation of the Spanish film «the Ark.» Antonenko had a unique opportunity to play on one platform with such well-known actors Dmitry Pevtsov, Julia Agafonova, Vladimir Vinogradov.

    After leaving the series, which received high ratings, Irina woke up famous. Soon it was decided to do a 2nd season of «the Ship», which again invited the artist and the model.

    Irina Antonenko tried his hand as a stage actress. Viewers saw her on the stage of the Theater of Meyerhold in the play «the Mystery of the magical rings». Recent work in the movie, it should be noted melodrama, «a Golden cage», «the Wedding is off» and «a Surprise for a loved one».

    Personal life

    In the summer of 2011 the fans of the beauty admiring her wedding photos. Irina married a successful businessman Vyacheslav Fedotov, who met for nearly two years. All agreed on the opinion that a pair of incredibly beautiful and harmonious. But in 2014 the information appeared that the marriage Fedotov and Antonenko set point. Rumor has it, the cause of the rupture was gaining momentum movie career of Irene. The actress has gone on long business trips. Vyacheslav began to suspect her infidelity. To abandon a career in favor of a quiet family hearth Ira could not.

    And in 2015, in a film party talking about the fact that Antonenko Dating a divorced colleague Stanislav Bondarenko. As you know, his first marriage to actress Julia Cycleway also collapsed, despite having a young son.

    It is unknown going to legalize their relationship Irina and Stanislav. But that it will not rush with the birth of children, the actress said. Now the priority for her career.


    • «Kinoproba»
    • «Phantom»
    • «Ship»
    • «Golden cage»
    • «The wedding is off»
    • «A surprise for a loved one»
    • «Ship-2»
    • «Sun gift»


    Irina Antonenko

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