Irina Allegrova

photo of Irina Allegrova

  • Name: Allegrova Irina ( Irina Allegrova )
  • Date of birth: 20 January 1952
  • Age: 65 years
  • Place of birth: Rostov-on-don, Russia
  • Height: 172
  • Activity: singer, actress, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: divorced

    Irina Allegrova: biography

    Irina Allegrova was born in Rostov-on-don in January 1952 in an artistic family, where my mother Serafima Sosnovskaya sang and had the voice of an Opera singer, and dad Alexander Allegrov (on a nationality the Armenian, in his youth Sarkisov) was the Honored artist of Azerbaijan and the Russian Federation, a theater Director and actor. To 9 years Irina Allegrova lived in Rostov-on-don. There she went to school.

    In the early 1960s Allegrova family moved to Baku. Parents enlisted in the local musical Comedy theater, and the daughter was accepted into the third class of music school at the Conservatory of Baku. «Jump» two classes of Irina Allegrova allowed after she performed on the entrance exam composition by Johann Sebastian Bach.

    Irina Allegrova in childhood
    Irina Allegrova in childhood

    While studying in music school, piano class, Allegrova visited ballet school. And she had time to take part in various competitions and festivals. In the first half of the ‘ 60s Irina took 2nd place at the festival in Baku, performing jazz composition.

    House Allegrova frequented known in the music world people. Irina recalls that his parents were friends with Mstislav Rostropovich, Galina Vishnevskaya, Aram Khachaturian, Muslim Magomayev, and many others. It is noteworthy that his first vocal coach singer believes Magometovich of Muslim Magomayev, a frequent visitor at their hospitable home.

    After graduating in 1969 secondary school Irina Allegrova decided to go to the local Conservatory, but the plans violated the disease. The timing had to be postponed.

    Early career

    Biography Irina Allegrova was started in the same 1969. First, the young singer took to sound movies in the open Indian film festival. Then Irina went on tour.

    In his youth, prior to 1975, the singer changed several musical groups, which toured the country. She then decided to return to the question about further education and made an attempt to enter the Moscow GITIS, but failed. In the same year Allegrova took in the orchestra by Leonid Utesov, but the young singer is in constant search for themselves, so the first anywhere for a long time is not delayed.

    Irina Allegrova in his youth
    Irina Allegrova in his youth

    Since 1979 Irina Allegrova he joined VIA «the Torch», where he worked as a soloist for 3 years. There she met Igor Krutoy, who was the staff pianist.

    In 1982 in my career occurred on 9-month break. During this time she earned money by baking sweets at home, and even thought to quit music. But after staying Allegrova again drawn to the stage.

    Irina Allegrova in his youth
    Irina Allegrova in his youth

    Climbing the corporate ladder began for Irina Allegrova after meeting with producer and musician Vladimir Dubovitskiy, which led the young singer to audition for the famous composer Oscar Feltsman.

    The composer highly valued the creative potential of the performer, and wrote her a song called «the Voice of the child». With this composition, Irina Allegrova successfully debuted in 1985 at the festival «song of the year» and received the offer from the Feltsman become the soloist of ensemble «Fires of Moscow», the artistic Director of which Oscar Miller. Under his leadership, the singer has recorded his first disc.


    After Oscar Feltsman retired from active musical activities because of their age, the band «Lights of Moscow» under the direction of David Tukhmanov. The ensemble becomes more modern, changing his repertoire and name. Now it’s the rock group «electroclub». In addition Allegrova its soloists were Raisa Sayed-Shah and Igor talc. The most famous song of this part of «Electroclub» becomes the song «Chistye Prudy».

    Irina Allegrova and Igor Talkov
    Irina Allegrova and Igor Talkov

    In 1987, the group wins the «Golden tuning fork» with the song «Three letters», performed by Irina Allegrova and Igor Talkov. Soon came the first disc of «Electroclub», which included 8 of the most popular songs. In the same year talc left the band, starting a solo career. He was replaced by Viktor Saltykov and two musicians from the group «Forum».

    Irina Allegrova and Victor Saltykov
    Irina Allegrova and Victor Saltykov in the group «electroclub»

    The time has come «Electroclub-2», and along with it a period of huge success. In 1987 the band in the city of Zhdanov gathered about 17 thousand spectators. «Electroclub-2» became the leader among the existing musical projects at that time.

    It is noteworthy that the husky voice of the singer was precisely in the period of «Electroclub». At a concert Irina Allegrova tore ligaments. To correct this defect is not possible, so the star has turned his lack of «flavor».

    Solo career

    In 1990 Irina Allegrova left «electroclub-2» and launched a solo career. Her first song becomes a hit «the wanderer» Igor Nikolaev. Soon in her repertoire there are new popular songs «Photograph», «don’t leave, love!» «Believe in love, girls».

    Irina regularly tours. Her concerts are about sold out. Now she is a frequent guest on TV and without it there is no «star» concert. For singer write songs the best composers of the country. Together with Viktor Chaika Allegrova is releasing a new hits «Transit» and «Womanizer», which are written in clips.

    Irina Allegrova on the stage
    Irina Allegrova on the stage

    In 1994 he published the first CD-ROM Irina Allegrova called «my soul Mate» and in the following year another – «real». In the same triumph for singer 1995 in the Kremlin Palace with the huge success with the full house held several concerts Allegrova called «Empress». The first branch of each of the shows are old hits, including «happy birthday», «Wedding flowers» and others. The second – best new songs of the stars.

    In 1996, begins a new stage in creativity of the singer joint with Igor Krutoy. For three years the fruit of their collaboration become the album «Unfinished novel» and «Table for two».

    Irina Allegrova and Grigory Leps
    Irina Allegrova and Grigory Leps

    Every year Irina Allegrova pleases fans with new drives and hits. She appears in a duet with Michael Shufutinsky, Grigory Leps, Igor Nikolayev. In December 2007 Allegrova and Leps – the winners of the «Golden gramophone» award for the song «I don’t believe you».

    In the fall of 2011, the singer announced the end of the concert activities and the start of a farewell tour, which will cover not only Russia, but also CIS countries, Europe and America.

    «Farewell» continued until 2014, and in 2015, Irina Allegrova announced «reset» of his work. She has new sponsors, a new creative team. Got a second wind. The result of the singer demonstrated at the «Golden gramophone» in 2014. She, along with singer Glory sing a new song «First love, last love» which was warmly received by the audience.

    And in November 2015 in SC «Olympic» took place the premiere of the new program Allegrova called «Reboot».

    In 2016, the star continues to delight his fans with spectacular performances. In January Irina Allegrova took part in music festival «Christmas at the «rose farm»». And on the eve of Valentine’s Day, in mid-February, fans of this talented singer received a surprise: the singer presented the release of the first digital solo album, titled last solo program «Restart».

    Another «February surprise» – Irina Allegrova took part in the jubilee concert of Raymond Pauls. In March, a good old tradition, the singer gave a concert in St. Petersburg ice Palace. He sang old hits and new songs Allegrova.

    Irina Allegrova
    Irina Allegrova

    After the concerts in the Northern capital Irina goes on a long tour around the country. She performed in major cities of Russia, visited Siberia and the far East, and also gave several concerts in Belarus.

    In September 2016, the singer visited the Sochi festival «New wave», which gave the guests two new songs – «Mature love» and «love story Movie». And later in the fall, in October, Irina Allegrova took part in the concert, Nikolai Baskov in the Kremlin, where the premiere of the song «Flowers for no reason».

    From October through December, the star went back to the traditional tour through the major cities of Siberia, the Urals and centre of the country. In addition, preparations have begun for the anniversary concert. Its premiere is announced on March 2017. According to tradition, will take the first singer of the St. Petersburg Ice Palace, then Moscow SK «Olympic».

    Irina Allegrova now
    Irina Allegrova now

    Irina Allegrova is called a «pioneer» in making music videos, which were affected by some patterns valid «modesty» that existed until the 1990s. Clips of the songs «Transit passenger» and «Come with me», which appeared on the screens in the early ‘ 90s, it could be classified as «children under 16 not recommended».

    Interestingly, the favorite of millions was the first performer of the famous song «Vain words», which later became famous in the performance of another singer Alexander Malinin.

    Personal life

    First husband of Irina Allegrova was Georgy Tairov. With a handsome basketball player Allegrova lived only a year later called the marriage a mistake. But in this short-lived Union was the only daughter of Lala.

    This proved to be short-lived second marriage with the artistic Director of the ENSEMBLE «Jolly fellows» by Vladimir Blecher. He wrote for Allegrova song «the Flood», made 30 years later on «the Song of the year». Blecher received a conviction for currency manipulation.

    Irina Allegrova with her daughter Lala.
    Irina Allegrova with her daughter Lala.

    With producer and musician Vladimir Dubovitskiy Irina Allegrova met during his short work in the ensemble «Moscow Lights», where Vladimir was a bass player. Later she told me that she was in love with Dubovitsky «ears». He was like, what women love: not afraid to take risks, desperate and somewhat reminiscent of the white guard officer. But this love is melted. In 1990, the soloist Irina left the band and parted ways with Vladimir Dubovitskii.

    Irina Allegrova and Vladimir Dubovitskii

    The star did not stay alone. Desperate love again knocked at her door. New elect Irina proved to be an attractive dancer her team Igor Cabbage. On the way to their happiness did not interfere with the fact that my husband at that time was a girl. The singer has taken away the beloved, as in his smash hit about the car «nine».

    The couple lived for some time in a country house Irina Allegrova and even got married. The initiator of the consecration of marriage in the Church was Cabbage. But the stamps in the passports of the couples never showed up.

    Irina Allegrova and Igor Cabbage
    Irina Allegrova and Igor Cabbage

    In the period of marriage couples Irina Alexandrovna suffered grief: the death of her beloved father. The singer has interrupted his tour. Back on the scene with a touching song «I will win», which he dedicated to father.

    Allegrova lived with Igor Kapusta six years. But the happiness of the singer again proved to be illusory and short-lived. One day she returned unexpectedly to his country house and saw that the beloved is not alone. It was a painful breakup.

    Irina Allegrova with your daughter and grandson
    Irina Allegrova with your daughter and grandson

    In 2012 Igor Cabbage accused in trade of narcotic drugs and placed in jail. In the same year, in April, her mother singer Seraphim Mikhailovna.

    Now the most favorite people of Irina Allegrova – it’s her daughter Lala and grandson Sasha.


    • 1992 — my pilgrim
    • 1994 — «my soul Mate»
    • 1994 — «love-thief»
    • 1996 — «the clouds I’ll shrug»
    • 1996 — «the clouds I’ll shrug»
    • 1997 — «the Empress»
    • 1998 — «the Unfinished novel»
    • 1999 — «Theater of…»
    • 2001 — «All over again»
    • 2002 — «razor love»
    • 2004 — «Half»
    • 2005 — «happy birthday!»
    • 2007 — «Allegrova 2007»
    • 2010 — «Irina Allegrova. Exclusive edition»
    • 2013 — «First love — love last»
    • 2016 — «Reset»


    Irina Allegrova

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