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  • Name: Irina Alferova ( Irina Alferova )
  • Date of birth: 13 March 1951
  • Age: 65 years
  • Place of birth: Novosibirsk
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married Sergei Martynov

    Irina Alferova: biography

    The talented actress, loved by millions of Ukrainian viewers Constance bonacieux, the first wife of Alexander Abdulov and beautiful woman of the Soviet Union, that’s what was Irina Ivanovna Alfyorova for many of us.

    She was born in March 1951 in Novosibirsk. Her parents went through the Great Patriotic war.

    Irina Alferov with his parents and sister Tatiana
    Irina Alferov with his parents and sister, Tatiana | Stuki-druki

    Irina was able to realize her mother’s dream and become a star of the national cinema. Mom like gave her all his acting talents. It was already noticeable in childhood. The girl together with the neighborhood children made fun of fairy tales, playing all the leading parts.

    While in high school, Irina Alferova gladly ran after school in the drama Studio, which was established under the House of scientists of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok. She went on stage together with students and researchers. Here Alferova not only made the first steps in the profession, but also read many forbidden books, including works of Akhmatova and Gumilev. The Studio was the real centre of the intelligentsia of Novosibirsk.

    Irina Alferova
    Irina Alferova |

    On the advice of the chief Director of the Studio Irina Alferova went to do in Moscow, in GITIS. Her choice was approved by the mother. She accompanied the daughter to the capital.


    The creative biography of Irina Alferova started in 1972, when the young actress was presented with the diploma. If at the beginning of the study Irina was incredibly hard to show his creativity, in the last years of Alferov in good standing. She was offered work in several Metropolitan theaters.

    But came from Director Vasily Orda offer to play Dasha into the epic «ordeal» for 5 years long ceased to exit Alferova on the theater stage. The Director has put a condition: either the cinema or the theatre. The image of Dasha, like the movie itself, so captured the young actress that she agreed with the assigned condition.

    After painting Alferov in an instant turned into a famous actress. Many critics today argue that the role in this remarkable picture is one of the best in the filmography of Irina Ivanovna.

    Irina Alferova in the film
    Irina Alferova movie «the ordeal» |

    After work in film production Irina Alferova went to the theatre. She was invited in the famous «Lenkom». But this stage, unfortunately, did not bring the artist the expected success. Mark Zakharov with some unknown reason for many years gave Alferova only, as she says, «the last line of the chorus».

    Much better things were in the cinema. At the request of the management «of the state» George jungvald-Khilkevich Alferov took on the role of Constance in the film «d’artagnan and three Musketeers», although I was planning to shoot Evgeny Smirnov.

    To disobey high authorities, the Director did not dare, but «spoil the blood» junk artist has managed. Irina Alferova left bad memories and a bitter aftertaste from the work in this well-loved film. However, the role of the beloved d’artagnan turned Irina Alferov to the real star of the Soviet cinema.

    Irina Alferov and Mikhail Boyarsky in the movie
    Irina Alferov and Mikhail Boyarsky in the movie «d’artagnan and three Musketeers» |

    To gain a foothold in this status, the artist was able after pictures has rightfully taken its place in the Golden Fund of national cinema, «With favourite do not leave» and «Premonition of love», where he appeared with Alexander Abdulov.

    Then there was the wonderful film «Vasily Buslaev», «TASS is authorized to declare…» and «Night of fun». Heroine Irina infinitely feminine and delicate, but solid, sincere and strong. Viewers today enjoy watching the drama «snow white called?» and a wonderful historical film «Ermak», where the key characters played by Alferov.

    After a considerable break, the actress again appeared on the screens in the Ukrainian series «Paradise Lost» and the Russian-French project «Fox Alice», where she took the role of a French diplomat.

    Beloved by millions of blue-eyed actress and today continues his career. More time it gives theatre. Sometimes appears on the stage of «Lenkom», but more often plays in «School of modern play» – the repertory theater, which feels like home.

    Personal life

    The actress is not very profitable for journalists, because in their essays about it, they stubbornly adhere to the common stamp, depicting the actress «some unfortunate». But the personal life of Irina Alferova, however, as a professional, he had a happy. Although, like most people, the notorious dark bands regularly alternating with light.

    The first husband of Irina Alferova was a diplomat from Sunny Bulgaria Boyko Gyurov. After marriage, the actress moved with her husband to Bulgaria, where she was born her only daughter Ksenia Alferova. Irina was all about what Soviet women could only dream of: luxury apartment, a caring husband, all the blessings of civilized European life. But she escaped to Moscow, where she had nothing. She wanted to play. And Bulgaria to settle down failed.

    Irina Alferova and Alexander Abdulov
    Irina Alferova and Alexander Abdulov | Thok.Gee

    Second marriage with Alexander Abdulov everything is considered a «star», a couple of them called the most beautiful in the Soviet Union. But after 17 years of marriage, in 1993, Alferova and Abdulov broke up. For many, this gap was unexpected. But apparently, the two stars were too close together.

    2 years after breaking up with Abdulov, Irina Alfyorova remarried. Her third husband was the actor Sergei Martynov. The affair broke out in the movie «Sheriff’s Star». When I first met Martynov was married, but the marriage was unraveling. His wife, a lawyer, was offered a lucrative contract in London. She agreed and went to England with two children. Sergey did not want to go – he was in demand in a profession that I loved.

    Later, when tragically his wife died, the children Martynova, Anastasia and Sergey came to Moscow. They and the nephew of Irina Alferova, Alexander, son of late sister, Tatiana, found this wonderful woman is my second mom. Thus, Irina Ivanovna brought in a total of four children.

    Irina Alferova and Sergei Martynov
    Irina Alferova and Sergey Martynov |

    The actress calls herself a happy woman, next to which her beloved man, her husband, who was able to give her warmth, care and love.


    • «The ordeal»
    • «D’artagnan and three Musketeers»
    • «With favourite do not leave»
    • «Premonition of love»
    • Vasiliy Buslaev»
    • «TASS is authorized to declare…»
    • «Night of fun»
    • «Snow white called?»
    • «Ermak»
    • «Paradise lost»


    Irina Alferova

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