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  • Name: Irina Agibalova ( Agibalova Irina )
  • Date of birth: 1 November 1964.
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: borodūlīkha, Kazakhstan
  • Height: 167
  • Activity: model and contestant on «Dom-2»
  • Marital status: married

    Irina Agibalova: biography

    Irina Agibalova – one of the oldest participants in the entire history of the show «Dom-2». However, for the project she didn’t come to build your love, and to help her daughter raise the baby. However, Agibalov became a member of Russia’s first reality TV family, where viewers could watch several years.

    Irina revolves around a lot of rumors and uncertainties. Since she was born in Kazakhstan, many believe that her parents – the Kazakhs. Moreover, on the Internet often say that the Ira’s mother threw her and her younger brother and left the family. On your personal page on the social network Agibalova denies this information. She claims that, first, the mother lived with the father until the end of his days, and only after her husband’s death moved to Altai Krai. And second, Irina is no younger brother, but only older sister.

    Another gossip woman no comment, so the public continues to believe that Irina behind prison term. She was sentenced to four years imprisonment for breach of contract with a neighbor. Agibalova was to provide lifetime care for old woman in exchange for housing. But when the elderly woman became ill, she was not provided with the necessary assistance. However, whether it is true or just another fiction fans of the show – remains unknown.

    Subsequently, future participant of the reality show lived near Semipalatinsk, where he graduated from the faculty of natural Sciences at the local pedagogical Institute, specializing in biology. And after the collapse of the Soviet Union together with his family moved to Kaluga region town of Obninsk, located less than 10 kilometers from Moscow.

    TV show

    First, in the most scandalous Russian TV project «Dom-2» came the youngest daughter Irina Alexandrovna of Margarita. But Mama was flickering on the screen and commented on the Boyfriends of the girls. Irina loved the party named Andrei Cherkasov, but the daughter chose another. Rita not only began to meet with Evgeny Kuzin, but also got pregnant from him why the project was played wedding.

    When Margaret, Eugene and little Mitya returned to the «House-2», and together with them came to the project and Irina Agibalova as full participants in reality shows. Initially, it was understood that grandma would help care for her grandson, but at the same time to show the country that the «House-2» is really possible.

    However, Agibalov-senior was not limited to the role of nurses. She regularly commented on the actions of daughter, son-in-law criticized, formed a very complicated relationship with almost all other project participants, as was in endless confrontation with them. When the show appeared and the eldest daughter, Olga, Irina began to educate her, causing the girl even had a nervous breakdown.

    Ambiguously perceived unusual participant and the audience. She had a lot of supporters, but no fewer detractors. For example, twice, in 2011 and 2012, a woman by audience vote was called the «Mug of the year». All in all, the TV show «House-2» Irina spent more than three years and left the show in the summer of 2013. After this project Agibalova repeatedly and regularly appears on various talk shows and entertainment programs on channel TNT.

    Personal life

    In Semipalatinsk in 1985, Irina met her future husband Yuri Agibalov. Their affair proceeded so rapidly that within two weeks they had submitted an application to the Registrar. A year and a half the family had the eldest daughter Olga, and in late summer 1990 – youngest daughter Margaret. Already in Obninsk Irina and Yuri was born a long-awaited son Oleg, and immediately after this happy event the whole family moved into my own cottage in Pavlovsky Posad, Moscow region.

    But family life Irina Agibalova was not a smooth path. As she admits ex-member of the TV show, she’s too bossy, likes to control and children’s behavior, and the decision of her husband, and the finances of the family. On this ground she had repeated conflicts with her husband, and Yuri several times departed from his wife. The children usually took the side of the father, with the result that even the most acute conflicts in the result were resolved amicably and the family was again reunited.

    Now Irina Agibalova is a very popular Internet blog about beauty, fashion, weight loss and cosmetology. After going through several plastic surgeries, she learned to look after themselves, have significantly lost weight and completely changed the way of life. Plans women to write a book of memoirs about his life.


    Irina Agibalova

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