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  • Name: Irene ( Irina Tyurina )
  • Date of birth: 19 April 1972.
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Barabinsk, Novosibirsk oblast
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: Russian singer, songwriter and producer
  • Marital status: married

    Irene Nelson: biography

    One of the founders of the group «Reflex», the singer and producer Irene Nelson was born in Nepal, in the town of Barabinsk in the spring of 1972. Her maiden name Tereshina. According to Irina, her creative biography began in 3 years. The first «stage» Babes lap steel beloved grandmother. Sitting on them, granddaughter entertained a loved one of their first songs. Grandma and mom singing along. Probably they were immigrants from the Ukraine, so the first song Ira Tereshinoy was a Ukrainian national.

    Irene Nelson
    Irina Tereshina |

    Irene remembers that in childhood and adolescence, she was awkward and unattractive. The teacher always paid attention on the go Irina: the girl stooped down and went, uncontrollably waving his arms. To dress it also does not know how. All this came later, when Tereshina began a musical career.

    But with an ear for music and vocals from the girls everything was great from a young age. The local music school, class piano she graduated as an external student. Life without music is not represented. Therefore, received a certificate, went to Novosibirsk and was admitted to the school of music by choosing the piano Department.


    In College, Irene Nelson discovered jazz. She was so fascinated by it that he became a soloist of the jazz orchestra, which was formed at the school. But soon the young singer has outgrown that band and decided to move on.

    Irene Nelson
    At the piano |

    Ira started his own group, whose repertoire included many songs of her own production. Jazz big band began touring the country. But after the music competition » Yalta-91, Novosibirsk, where the singer took the 1st place, she left the band. Tereshina are unable to refuse the offer, which came from the composer Vyacheslav Tyurin. He saw a talented girl in Yalta and offered her work in the group «Elektroversiya». Of course, she agreed. This was a significant career leap which promised to transform the little-known singer into a star.

    It just happened. Irina Tereshina became a famous singer Diana. In the first year of cooperation with the Turin she recorded her first CD called «an Evening with Diana».

    Irene Nelson
    Another award |

    Albums Diana went one after the other and enjoyed considerable success. Between 1991 and 1999, has released 7 albums of the singer. The best of them «I wanna love», «I’ll be back» and «don’t tell.» At this time Diana has toured extensively, often abroad. In 1993, she attended the music festival in Cannes. He took part in a special «Song of the year» in the United States.

    The first prestigious award Diana got in 1996. Studio «Soyuz» was awarded with «Golden disk».

    Irene Nelson
    Diana |

    In the late 1990s in the life of the singer there was a radical turn. She got married and went to Germany. In fact, it then came to light Irina Nelson. The singer’s husband became citizen of Sweden, Andreas Nelson. The Russian took his name as a stage name.

    In Germany, the Russian singer has got acquainted with Dieter Bohlen and DJ Bobo. Of course, they influenced her future work. However, as the man – a musician, a traveler, a Buddhist and a big fan of Eastern culture.

    After a brief marriage, the singer returned home. Here she continued her collaboration with Vyacheslav Tyurin.

    Song Irina Nelson

    The composer welcomed a new trend, which the singer has decided to make in their creativity. She wanted to create a new project that would be oriented not only to dance floors and listeners with an open mind.» Probably, there has been a Buddhist practice, I met Irene in the foreign period of his life.

    Irene Nelson
    Group «Reflex» |

    So in 1999 a group of «Reflex». The name was first heard from a close friend of the singer – stylist Alisher. In Latin «reflection» means «reflection». This is exactly what I wanted Irina Nelson – show your inner world.

    The song «the Reflex», named «distant light», which became a hit. She took the first line of the hit parade on the radio «Europe Plus». And the second hit song «Go crazy» broke all records. In 2001, she was just a week rose in the 1st place of the hit parade of «Russian radio».

    In the late summer of 2003, the group «Reflex» comes to the international level. Along with Tatu, she represented the country in Cologne, Germany at the international festival Pop of the Somme.

    And in December 2005 «Reflex» was in the top five favorite pop groups of Russians following the results of voting, ordered by the company International Talent Agency. In the same year, the hit «Dancing» hit the top three winners of the «Golden gramophone».

    It can be argued that the Ira intended to create a workforce that can produce hits for dance floor has been a success. In 2006, «the Reflex» by results of voting «Moskovsky Komsomolets» named the best dance project of the year. The singer and composer Vyacheslav Tyurin received state awards.

    Irene Nelson
    Irina Nelson. «Reflex» |

    And again a popular performer at the peak of popularity makes a sharp turn in his career. The creative biography of Irina Nelson at the beginning of 2007 gets a new Chapter. The singer began a solo career. In January, she, along with husband and composer Vyacheslav Tyurin went to Dubai. Tyurin led the multidisciplinary music Studio that recorded middle Eastern and European rock and pop music. One direction – recording and creation of soundtracks for cinema.

    Irene Nelson and Vyacheslav Tyurin
    With her husband and composer |

    Early in the fall of 2008, fans of the singer was delighted with her return after the timeout. During a break she made new material for his solo career. Now it was a completely different level. The first 2 singles were recorded at Air studios, London Studio, which is owned by former Beatles producer George Martin. New song pop star was produced by two people – the same Vyacheslav Tyurin and Steve orchard, who worked with such stars as Paul McCartney, Peter Gabriel and sting.

    In 2016 Irene Nelson gave his fans a new song «Speak to me», which almost immediately appeared in the clip.

    Personal life

    Short first marriage to a Swedish citizen Andreas Nelson, though ended in divorce, but is strongly influenced by the work and life of the singer. She had discovered the East, Buddhist practice, meditation and yoga. And yoga she does on a professional level, having passed a special training course in Los Angeles University Kundalini. The Nelson has a diploma that gives her right to teach Kundalini yoga.

    Irene Nelson
    The singer has long been engaged in yoga |

    The first marriage of the singer’s son was born. According to information from the social.networks know that his name is Anton. He is already married and gave my mom a grandson of Christophe.

    Personal life of Irina Nelson became a full and happy only with Vyacheslav Tyurin. This is not only a creative Union, but also a full understanding of the spouses.

    Irene Nelson and Vyacheslav Tyurin
    With her beloved husband |

    The singer is a supporter of vegetarianism. Moreover, she chose the most coherent form of vegetarianism: Ira – vegan. In the food consumed only fruits, vegetables, legumes and milk.

    Discography («Reflex»)

    • 2001 — Meet the new day
    • 2002 — crazy
    • 2002 — I’ll always wait
    • 2002 — This Is Love
    • 2003 — Non stop
    • 2005 — the Lyrics. Love


    Irene Nelson

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