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(biography, photo, video) Irina Mazina

photo Irene Ferrari

  • Name: Irene Ferrari ( Irina Mazina )
  • Date of birth: 12 February 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Ilinogorsk, Russia
  • Height: 165
  • Activity: the owner of the biggest breast in Russia, the actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Irene Ferrari : biography

    To Irene Ferrari, she Irina Mazina, can be treated differently. The only thing that is possible, is indifference. Few people can remain indifferent upon closer acquaintance with this extraordinary woman.

    Irina Mazina was born in February 1981 in the small village of Ilinogorsk, which is located not far from Nizhny Novgorod. About the parents of Irene, almost nothing is known. She only talks about the native uncle, who is a thriving Metropolitan lawyer.

    As for the previous years of our heroine, as a child she was an ordinary girl, who differed little from their peers. Ira loved books and hated physics with mathematics. And she attended a musical school, where he graduated in piano.

    After school Irina Mazina entered into one of the St. Petersburg law schools. Practice the girl was in the police. Even then, she first thought about how to create a network of beauty salons. The idea of changing the appearance too came to St. Petersburg. According to some reports, Irina experienced a painful separation from a loved one. Perhaps it was then that she decided that one of the reasons of rupture of relations is a nonideal physical parameters.

    After moving from St. Petersburg to Moscow, Irina has got a new job. With the help of his uncle, the lawyer, she took a minor position in a law office. But very soon she realized that to achieve in the capital, significant progress in this field it will not succeed. Marino decided that the rate should be on the shocking.

    Plastic surgery

    In the mid-2000s, Irina decided and first went under the surgeon’s knife. It has increased breast size from 2nd to 4th. Soon, there were sponsors that helped adventurous girl open her own beauty salon in Nizhny Novgorod. However, she continued to improve my own settings.

    Business in Novgorod was fine and after a couple of years the Ira has opened another salon, but in the capital. And here business was on the rise. The girls got the funds for a planned plastic surgery. But this time she decided to do them not in Russia, and in France. According to some, the second surgical intervention, our heroine survived at the clinic not far from Monaco. There, according to Irina, she is «pumped half a liter of silicone in each breast, and then the dimensions of the main advantages of the girls received a more than impressive size.

    Soon followed by some more plastic surgery, particularly rhinoplasty – nose reshaping, braces and other manipulations, which can be attributed to aesthetic medicine.

    During this period and was born the flamboyant star under the stage name Irene Ferrari. The name of the character chosen, taking for an example the legendary French pornographic actress and dancer eve Valois, which became famous and entered the Guinness Book of world records under the name of Lolo Ferrari. It is also artificially increased their bust.

    After one (or more) operations, the bust of Irene Ferrari reached 10-gauge. Changed and other parameters of the flamboyant star. It reduced waist size, making her as Dita von Teese, and has enhanced buttocks that they resembled the same body part, Jennifer Lopez. Changed Irina and the data of the passport, officially taking the name of IREN Ferrari.

    Radically adjusted appearance allowed IREN Ferrari to open a door, which she could only dream, working as a humble lawyer in the office of his uncle. The flamboyant star has starred in numerous photo shoots, including the Nude. Her image appeared in men’s glossy tabloids. The yellow journalists of publications lined up for the interview.

    Irene Ferrari began to appear regularly on the screen. She was invited on talk shows. For example, she accepted the invitation of Andrei Malakhov, describing himself on his popular talk show «Let them talk». Indeed, after Irene Ferrari started talking more and louder. Someone denounced it, blaming the lack of taste and vulgarity, and someone called the standard of female beauty. But the main thing that is said about her.

    In an interview with Malakhov Irene Ferrari said that the change in her appearance was worth more than a million dollars.

    Irene was famous for its private parties where invited VIP audience. Them Ferrari appeared naked.

    In our time, «creative» biography of IREN Ferrari continues to be supplemented with new pages. The actress appeared in several films. Their number will soon reach 10. The most famous of them, «Rublevka live», «All men are bast…» and «Happy together». She also appears regularly on a variety of popular TV projects, such as «the dinner Party», «Comedy club», «Intuition», «12 angry viewers».

    Personal life

    Says artist and owner of the largest Breasts in the country, she has no constant companion. She was used to a free lifestyle. And to tie the knot, the star has no plans, because it could damage her career.

    So personal life Irene Ferrari is many novels, of which she tells, though rarely calls the names of their elected representatives. Where told the truth and where the fiction anyone except Irene Ferrari, is unknown. For example, she claims that she often uses the services of «men on call». She says that among her men was very famous, including actors, Directors, and even one member who bought her a Bentley.

    But if IREN Ferrari does not want to tie the knot, from the birth of the child, she refuses. Says that the time will come and she will become a mother.


    IREN Ferrari

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