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(biography, photo, video) Irina Filippova

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  • Name: Irena Ponaroshku ( Irina Filippova )
  • Date of birth: 14 October 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: TV presenter
  • Marital status: married to Alexander Glukhov

    Irena Ponaroshku biography

    Irina Filippova, better known as Irena Ponaroshku was born 14 October 1982 in one of capital maternity homes in Russia. The girl grew up in a very intelligent and closely related to education family: father Vladimir Filippov — doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, and mother Tatiana graduated from the Polytechnic Institute and worked as a teacher of mathematics in high school. For a long time, Irena Ponaroshku have mystified his origins and younger years. In an interview with future TV star claimed that she is the daughter of Polish musician of the group «Chervona guitar» Janek «Fun», who moved to the territory of Russia in 1989. Only in 2009, in journalists Irena admitted his hoax revealed the names of the parents and the real facts about his life.

    From childhood, Irena were particularly active, with strength of character and determination. She was fond of rhythmic music, especially the style of electric Boogie and in everything sought to be like their idols. Leading the future, like many children, loved animals and dreamed of a career on the vet. The girl from an early age was interested in the behind the scenes of creating TV programs. Together with her friends, the young Irena came to the Studio «Mosfilm», to watch the process of filming.

    However, after high school, for Fun I entered to economic faculty of the Russian University of friendship of peoples, where at that time her father Vladimir was the rector. Higher education she received in order to please my parents, because to work is not going to. Future lead also studied English and French and, together with the graduation received the diploma of the translator.

    Being known host of many popular TV shows, biography Irena Ponaroshku is not confined to television. She is also a leading columnist for the popular magazine about the stars «OK» and category «F-files» in the men’s magazine «Maxim».

    Irena Ponaroshku TV

    Telecharger Irena Ponaroshku started in 2005, when the future leading came to the casting of the program «Twelve angry viewers» from the music channel MTV. In the show 12 selected viewers first watched and then discussed, criticized and put evaluation different video clips. On the set of the show Irene noticed one of the producers of the channel and offered her a position as a Junior assistant. This work did not provide a salary, but a future star of the broadcast agreed to the proposal.

    Plans Irene was ambitious enough, the girl dreamed of becoming the editor-in-chief, wanted to create a program and at first not even thought about to take over the show. On television Pretend it was by chance it was removed along with a couple of other leading show, to spice up the frame. Since then, the girl dreamed only of a career presenter.

    Thanks to his character and dedication of Irena Ponaroshku became the host of many musical projects on the TV channel «MTV Russia». She led a day program «Total show», along with leading Ivan Hillesum (it was later replaced by Yuri Pashkov), popular music hit parade «Russian dozen», along with Tanya Gevorgyan and the «Combined chart», «Night flirt».

    The star of «MTV» was not confined to one channel. Parallel to the famous presenter took part in the filming of the entertainment show «Morning on TNT and on-line» on TV channel «Star». In 2009 she was invited to the role of leading the program «Big city» on TV channel «STS», the project, which was to combine the humor of the series «Friends» and the format of the Soviet TV program «Vzglyad».

    Until 2013, leading actively participated in life of the beloved of the TV channel «MTV». Within three years, Irena has led a humorous program «Thirteen kinolar». The main goal of the program was finding mistakes and inconsistencies in the films, which reported a charming host. The show enjoyed great popularity among the audience. Irena Ponaroshku also was host of «Ponaroshku Crazy News», where in a humorous and slightly absurd form told about the news of show business.

    In the spring of 2013 leading left channel «MTV» and joined the team of «Europa Plus TV». Irena became one of the major shows «Music Lunch». And in 2015, Fake signed a contract with a channel for parents «Mother», where together with Pryanikova is the main unit of the TV program.

    Irena Ponaroshku: personal life

    About my personal life Irena Ponaroshku or prefers to remain silent, or to shock journalists and outspoken statements. So in an interview she gave to reporters in 2008, Irena said that he lives with two men at once. During her work on the TV channel «MTV» it is often attributed novels with her colleagues of the stronger sex.

    Irena has long argued that it is not ready to be a mother and not keen to start a family, her fear of childbirth and the burden of motherhood. However, an affair with a famous VJ Alexander Glukhov (better known as DJ List) completely changed my mind about the girl children.

    My husband and Vasilisa met in 2004, when Glukhov was 29 years old. For a long time the girl refused to courtship Glukhova, considering it is not ready for a serious relationship and marriage. However, in 2007, the couple filed an application to the Registrar and signed, without lush and big ceremony. In 2011 the couple had a son Serafim.

    Irena Ponaroshku: photo

    Irena Ponaroshku

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