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  • Name: Irada Zeynalova ( Irada Zeinalova )
  • Date of birth: 20 February 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: journalist, correspondent, TV presenter «the First channel»
  • Marital status: Divorced

    Irada Zeynalova: the biography

    Irada Zeynalova Avtandilovna was born in Moscow on 20 February 1972. As Azerbaijani paternal, she received a strict upbringing. Father Avtandil Vabalavich was a high-ranking official in the Ministry, so the Zeynalov family was quite wealthy.

    Irada is not the only child in the family: her younger sister Svetlana Zeynalov, today is a famous person. Despite the family ties, the girls grew up very different. Irada he was of the same strength of character, tenacity and determination. Svetlana is more soft and flexible. These will let elder sister to achieve what she has now.

    Irada and Svetlana Zeinalova | TV Program

    Active girl, Komsomol and simply beautiful» from an early age, was full of boundless energy, as he grew up, he led a violent social activities: took the pioneers to the Komsomol, I collected signatures for a petition in support of the Chilean disadvantaged children, advocated the views unfairly, in her opinion, a convicted fighter for the rights of Indians, Leonard Peltier.

    After graduating in 1990, school number 61 in Moscow, she successfully entered the Moscow aviation technical Institute. K. E. Tsiolkovsky in specialty engineer-technologist of powder materials. After graduating from high school graduate went to study in America. However, in those days, experts on nanotechnology, which was Zeynalov, was not so popular, therefore, the first and only to date, the work of Irada specialty was to work for the company «Samsung Aerospace».

    Irada Zeynalova
    Irada Zeynalova | Elle

    However, the desire to become a journalist that remained from the childhood in the shower yesterday of a student in 1997, still leads her on TV. Perhaps it spoke of the «journalistic gene», because Avtandil Isabayevich at the time I had mastered this profession. The only thing that kept Irada from television before is the fear that such a Titanic work will be beyond her shoulder. But these fears were unfounded.

    She started as the editor of the program «Vesti» on RTR, besides being a translator from English. Working with the Dutch team, participated in creating the newsroom for «News». And on the TV screens Irada Zeynalova first appeared only in 2000. Her first onscreen job was a job hosting a TV program «Time» on the channel «RTR». It should be noted that all this happened thanks to the assistance of a close friend Irada – Olga Kokorekina, which made the first contribution to a television career Zeynalova, recommending it three years ago as an editor.


    Despite the lack of special education, Irada Zeynalova has become one of the leading TV journalists of our time. Critical events, natural disasters, terrorist acts and military actions, media and sporting events – not a complete list of events covered, which is a record of Irada.

    Since 2003, working as correspondent of information programs of «news», «news» and «Time», the journalist led television in very difficult conditions: in 2004 and 2010 in the days of the bombings in the Moscow metro, in September 2004 during the Beslan terrorist attack. In 2006, she was entrusted to cover the final match of the world Cup in Germany to cover the Winter Olympics in Turin. In 2012, «sports» moneybox reports Irada has been enriched with stories from the summer Olympic games in London.

    Irada Zeynalova
    Irada Zeynalova | Barcult

    The track record of the journalist Zeynalova very interesting and varied. «Hot spots» and sports, politics and the arts added a variety of colors in her journalistic palette. For bright shades of their reports in 2006, she came under a meteoric shower of awards: a prestigious television award «TEFI» for the reporter’s series «the Golden moments of the Olympics» and the medal «For merits before Fatherland» II degree.

    This has contributed to further career advancement Irada Zeynalova. In 2007, she becomes the head office of JSC «First channel» in London, moving in 2011 to the same position in tel Aviv. In September 2012, the journalist joined the leading «media» Sunday magazine program «Time». From 2012 to 2014 as a guest journalist «First channel» was a member of the program «Conversation with Dmitry Medvedev».

    In 2014 Irade Zeynalova received the order «For merits before Fatherland» I degree. So the summer of 2016, the journalist led the Bank’s program «Sunday time».

    Personal life

    It would be strange if a «soulmate» is so strong and nutty personality not shared her interests. That’s why your love Irada Zeynalov met at work. Journalist Alexey Samoletov — the special correspondent of the program «Vesti» and «Vesti-Moscow». In addition to working as special correspondent Alex also conducts its own program «a world on the brink».

    Husband and son Irada Zeynalova
    Irada Zeynalova with her husband and son

    The couple lived together for ten years and has a son Timur. However, in October 2015 Zeynalov announced the divorce with her husband.

    At the moment, the media are actively discussing the personal life of Irada Zeynalova. According to unconfirmed information, the journalist is preparing for the wedding with a colleague, war correspondent of the First channel Alexander Evstigneev.

    Alexander Evstigneev and Irada Zeynalova
    Alexander Evstigneev | Social Network

    Free time she likes to spend reading, but also pays attention to his hobby: collecting figurines of clowns.

    Television projects

    • News
    • News
    • Other news
    • Time
    • Sunday times


    Irada Zeynalova

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