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  • Name: Ira Losco ( Ira Losco )
  • Date of birth: 31 July 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Sliema, Malta
  • Activity: singer, participant of «Eurovision 2016»
  • Marital status: not married

    Ira Losco biography

    Ira Losco — Maltese singer, very popular in his country. She represented Malta at the Eurovision song contest in 2002, and in 2016 she was again entrusted with this right. Ira was born in a large family in one of the most populated cities of the island in Sliema. Her parents instilled in his children a love of art, so Losko a little girl interested in music.

    But the piano, which she mastered at a good level, not so much attracted Ira as vocals. Still in school the girl went on stage in various music contests and children’s activities.

    And in 16 years, Ira Losco is becoming a semi-professional singer of alternative band «Tiara», which even recorded a full-length album «Hi-Infidelity». The team officially lasted 5 years, but lately there’s only the Ira had embarked on a solo career. She recorded a private informal collection of «Butterfly» and received the first recognition. Moreover, one of the music magazines called Lascaux promising young artist of Malta. As time has shown, the author of these words is not wrong.


    In 2000, the singer first auditioned for the Eurovision song contest with the song «Shine» and «Falling in Love», which in local charts reach sixth and seventh places respectively. But then was chosen by another participant. Also she was unable to pass the following selection, although one of the four songs performed by the Ira in the casting, namely «Spellbound», eventually became the second in the Maltese charts.

    But 2002 was very successful in the career of the young singer. The song «Seventh Wonder» won the selection, and Ira Losco went to Tallinn, where he held the Eurovision song contest-2002. Managed to make a splash in Estonia. She took second place for Malta was a record high in the history of this music festival. And the victory Ira did not have just 12 points.

    Following this success, the singer begins to prepare for his first solo album «Someone Else», which, incidentally, has been recognized far outside the country, and in parallel recorded the song «Reaching Higher», which became the anthem of all the small countries of Europe. Then the new album began to emerge almost every year, just before the most commercially successful album «The Fire» was a bit of a break. But «The Fire» was named the # 1 album for the year.

    In January 2016 Ira Losco decided to once again take part in the preselection. It suggested to the jury two songs «that’s Why I Love You» and «Chameleon». And that last song was the best on the voting results. So fans will again be able to witness this extraordinary singer final part of the festival «Eurovision 2016», which will be held in may in Stockholm. However, Ira Losco has already announced that she will be there to speak with another hit – «Walk on water».

    Personal life

    Ira Losco not married, and their romantic relationship is trying to spread. Although it shares a lot with fans of other facets of private life. So she’s on the social media pages and posts many photos of his sisters, nieces and parents, which are incredibly tied.

    Ira Losco officially advocates for the rights of homosexual people, supporting the LGBT League in Malta. She also is a member of aid to homeless individuals and organizations that seeks to ban the use of animals in circus performances. In addition, the Ira in Malta is quite well known as a volunteer. She visited a large number of schools to instill in students the concept of self-esteem and self-assertion. Its main objective is that children are not embarrassed to be themselves.


    • 2001 — Hi-Infidelity
    • 2001 — Butterfly
    • 2004 — Someone Else
    • 2005 — Accident Prone
    • 2006 — Unmasked
    • 2008 — Fortune Teller
    • 2014 — The Fire


    Ira Losco

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