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  • Name: Joseph Kobzon ( Iosif Kobzon )
  • Date of birth: 11 September 1937
  • Age: 79 years
  • Place of birth: chasov Yar (Donetsk region)
  • Height: 176
  • Activity: Singer, people’s artist of Russia, Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: Married

    Joseph Kobzon: biography

    Iosif Davydovich Kobzon is a Soviet and Russian singer, Deputy of the state Duma of Russia II VI convocations. The recipient of numerous professional awards and prizes. His energy can be the envy of many young colleagues, he manages to keep active tours, political and social activities. Today, the name of the executor at the hearing not only because his work is a national treasure, but also thanks to the active political position of the artist.

    Biography of Joseph Kobzon is no less interesting than his political statements, after all, people’s artist of the USSR and the Russian Federation just «source comments» for journalists and commentators.

    Joseph Kobzon was born in September 1937 in the city chasov Yar (Donetsk region). His mother was forced quite early to «grow up» as his father left the family when she was barely 13 years old. At such a young age IDA began to earn a living by growing and selling tobacco.

    Joseph Kobzon in childhood and now
    Joseph Kobzon in childhood and now |

    Shortly before the birth of the son of IDA Isaevna, shoykhet-Kobzon became a people’s judge. Joseph Kobzon was repeatedly told that the mother in many aspects still is his moral compass.

    The childhood of Joseph Kobzon was quite eventful. Future have had to change their place of residence. Before the great Patriotic war, the family moved to Lviv. From there, the father of little Joseph went to the front as a political Commissar, and his mother moved again, this time «destination» was the Yangiyul in Uzbekistan. Father Joseph Kobzon is no longer returned to the family: after the injury the man has long passed rehabilitation. In the hospital he met a woman, whom he married and continued to live in the Russian capital.

    In addition to Joseph’s family grew up three children. In 1944, the year the mother and the children returned to Donetsk oblast, Kramatorsk. It was there that Joseph Kobzon went to the first class. In 1946, the year his mother remarried. This marriage brought the future people’s artist of the USSR, two half-brothers. However, in the Kramatorsk family Kobzon spent a short time in the late 40-ies they moved again. This time to Dnepropetrovsk. In this Ukrainian city Joseph graduated from eighth grade and entered at the Dnepropetrovsk mountain technical school.

    Joseph Kobzon with his mother IDA Isaevoj, stepfather, Mikhail Mikhailovich and brothers Isaac, Emmanuel and Leo
    Joseph Kobzon with his mother IDA Isaevoj, stepfather, Mikhail Mikhailovich and brothers Isaac, Emmanuel and Leo | Dubikvit — LiveJournal

    In this school Iosif Kobzon was fond of Boxing, but after the first serious injury the artist decided to leave the dangerous activities engaged in creativity. Scene mountain College became the place where I first heard the beautiful baritone of the young singer.


    In 1956, the future Patriarch of Soviet music, and then a budding 22-year-old singer Joseph Kobzon was called up for military service. By the end of the 50s he sang in the song and dance ensemble of the Transcaucasian military district.

    Joseph Kobzon in the army
    Joseph Kobzon in the army |

    After the liberation Kobzon came back to Dnepropetrovsk. Here in the local Palace of students, the singer and met my first mentor choir Director Leonid Tereshchenko. He took to prepare him to enter the Conservatory. Tereshchenko worked with the student on an individual program, realizing that before him unique talent.

    Care teacher that his pupil is not hungry. He made Kobzon in chemical-technological Institute, where the guy a few months for a fairly modest fee rubbing alcohol gas masks to the shelter. The teacher guessed that his talented pupil will have a brilliant career, but he did not even know that this unassuming young man would soon become a star.

    Josip Kobzon
    Joseph Kobzon | Library youth centre

    In 1959, the Dave Matthews band – soloist of all-Union radio. Here he worked for 4 years. At this time he formed his individual performance style with which the singer began to learn. It is a harmonious combination of Bel Canto and ease. In 1964 Kobzon – a double winner. He won the all-Russian competition of performers at the festival in Sopot, Poland. In the same year, Joseph Kobzon becomes an Honoured artist of the Chechen-Ingush ASSR.

    Song contests, music festivals, awarding prizes, awards and ranks since the mid-1960s firmly part of the life of Joseph Kobzon. Young artist delegate to the international competition «Druzhba», which was held in the socialist countries. In Warsaw, Budapest and Berlin Russian singer managed to win first place. In 1986, Joseph Kobzon became a people’s artist of the USSR. Not in a huge country person who did not know his name and didn’t hear that lyric baritone.

    Josip Kobzon
    Joseph Kobzon | Ivona

    Since the mid-1980s Joseph Davidovich Kobzon teaches pop singing at the famous Gnesin music school. He has a lot of talented students, among which the most striking Valentina Legkostupova, Irina Otieva, Valeri.

    Joseph Kobzon visited with concerts all Soviet construction projects. He spoke to the military contingent in Afghanistan and liquidators of the Chernobyl accident. His repertoire includes more than 3 million songs! Among them many hits of the 30s, which were previously performed by Klavdiya Shulzhenko, Isabella Yurieva, Vadim Kozin and Konstantin Sokolsky. There are operatic arias, classical songs, Russian, Ukrainian and Jewish folk songs.

    Despite his advanced age meter in 2017 is 80 years old – he’s a regular guest at the festival «Song of the year» new year «Blue lights» and all the holiday concerts. Sometimes Iosif Kobzon appears on the screen in the most unexpected duets with popular youth groups and singers. In 2016, the «Blue light» he was surprised and pleased with his joint performance with Yegor Creed. Interesting and unusual became his joint compositions with the band «Republic». Some of their songs («Dress», «White light», «Blackbird») became hits.

    Josip Kobzon
    Joseph Kobzon | Radio Chanson

    Many fans of the talent of Joseph Kobzon love his song «Daughter» on poems by Irina Gribulina. Another song – «Evening drinking song» performed by the meters with Grigory Leps and Alexander Rosenbaum Alexander – for many, one of my favorites. And the main artist the song is called «Moments» from the cult film «Seventeen moments of spring». More soulful than Joseph Kobzon, this song failed to anyone.

    Policies and sanctions

    Joseph Kobzon has always been and remains a man with an active lifestyle. He is a famous politician. His political career began in 1990 as Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

    In 2002, Joseph Kobzon is not afraid to enter into negotiations with the invaders of the Theatrical center on Dubrovka.

    The artist was repeatedly elected to the State Duma of the Russian Federation of Agin-Buryat Autonomous Okrug.

    Joseph Kobzon in the state Duma
    Joseph Kobzon in the state Duma | vesti.Ru

    Like many other Russian artists Joseph Kobzon actively responded to the February coup in Ukraine – he was among those who signed an appeal of culture addressed to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. In this appeal it was noted that Kobzon supported the President’s policies in Crimea and Ukraine. Scandals of Joseph Kobzon has led to the fact that the European Union has included the artist in its «black list» of Russian citizens banned from entering the EU territory.

    Through scandalously condemned statements by the artist included in its «black list» of Ukraine and Latvia. In many Ukrainian cities the singer was deprived of the status of «honorary citizen». In January 2015, the year Kobzon have selected the «honorary citizenship», which became his native Kramatorsk. This happened under pressure from Pro-Ukrainian activists and widely reported in the press.

    Because of the sanctions of the European Union all of the assets of the artist in Europe frozen, and other assets included in the sanctions list of colleagues. But Iosif Kobzon says that the sanctions imposed on it it a little concerned – he continues to ride with concerts in DND and LNB, as well as publicly supported militias. At the end of November 2014, the first year the DNR Iosif Kobzon was awarded the status of honorary Consul of Donetsk national Republic in the Russian Federation.

    Joseph Kobzon with a passport people’s Republic of Donetsk | KP Ufa

    Another scandal Joseph Kobzon has created his own, refusing in 2014, from the status of Folk artist of Ukraine. It’s a decision he made under the influence of their political beliefs.

    In early 2017, a famous actor said that he considers right for the country to refuse to participate in «Eurovision», which in 2017 should take place in Ukraine. For Russia, it is best to ignore this event and do not send it to their party, Alexander Panayotov, to avoid provocations and not to expose the singer of danger.

    Personal life

    Unfortunately, the personal life of Joseph Kobzon was not as smooth as a career on the stage. But three women with whom he had linked his fate was bright, talented and incredibly charismatic.

    These were the first two «halves» of Joseph Kobzon – the singer Veronika Kruglova and actress Lyudmila Gurchenko.

    On Kruglova Kobzon married in 1965. Veronica at the time was an incredibly popular singer. It hits «top-Top, stomping kid» and «I see Nothing, I hear nothing,» hummed the whole country. Bohemian beauty, as a man, was often gone on tour and rehearsals. Time life, the arrangement of the family nest she had. The husband and wife barely saw. Their life together actually wasn’t.

    Iosif Kobzon and Veronica Kruglov
    Iosif Kobzon and Veronica Kruglov |

    Think it’s assumed mother Joseph Davidovich, IDA Isaevna. She opposed the marriage of his son to the artist, realizing that nothing good comes out of this Union will not work.

    Two years later the couple broke up. Veronica Kruglov was married to another famous artist – Vadim Mulerman. In a few years she moved to live in America. In an interview, she frankly admitted that marriage with a Soviet pop star almost broke her. About her life and first marriage she was unable to remember anything good. The couple divorced in 1967.

    In the same year, Joseph Kobzon married for the second time. And again – against the will of his mother – the actress and singer Lyudmila Gurchenko. They lived together for three years. Later, Jack admitted that this Union was the biggest mistake of her life. At first it seemed to her that she can change a man, «rebuild» it for themselves. But there it was. They fought a lot and didn’t want to concede each other.

    Josip I. Kobzon, Lyudmila Gurchenko
    Iosif Kobzon, Lyudmila Gurchenko |

    Lyudmila Markovna in his memoirs wrote that she couldn’t bear to hear jokes from a loved one who is in a difficult period of her creative career, smiling, asked: «What is all removed, and nobody is calling you?». She cried in desperation and in a moment realized that he no longer wishes to live together with Kobzon.

    The artist also could not remember about the second marriage of some nice things. The couple, as it should be two stars, toured. In tours with a popular and handsome young men happened different romantic adventures, about which «well-wishers» immediately reported, embellishing by deceiving different juicy details. Mother of Joseph Kobzon did not like the daughter-in-law, and answered her in the same coin. In the end, Lyudmila Gurchenko completely ceased to communicate with her in-laws.

    After the divorce, the two stars not talked for a long forty years, trying not to meet at various events and dance parties.

    Time passed, and Iosif Kobzon, had long dreamed of a strong family and loyal, household wife who would bear him several children, and began to glance around in search of the sole which connects the fate of. But even then, he was determined that this woman is not connected with Bohemia and the world of show business. He wanted a home of comfort, a quiet Marina and delicious soup.

    Joseph and Nelly Kobzon | woman’s Day

    A woman Iosif Kobzon met in the early 1970s. The beauty’s name was Nina Mikhailovna Drizin. She was younger than him by 13 years. It was a modest girl from a good Jewish family, smart and economic. And most importantly – she did not dream of show business, although friends say that all the necessary qualities she was. Today this woman know how Nelly Kobzon. The third choice immediately liked the mother of the artist, which instantly appreciated her wise eyes of a seasoned woman.

    The couple lives together since 1971. Nelly Kobzon bore her husband two wonderful children. First was born the first – born- son Andrew. Two years later a daughter, Natalia.

    Joseph and Nelly Kobzon children
    Joseph and Nelly Kobzon with StarHit

    Andrew first went to his father’s footsteps, and some time was devoted to music. He was a drummer and played with musicians of the group «Resurrection» Alexey Romanov and Andrei Sapunov. But later he quit music and went into business. Was Director of a famous Metropolitan night club «Dzhusto». Then engaged in transactions in real estate.

    Daughter Natalia was press Secretary for the known fashion designer Valentine Yudashkin. She married an Australian citizen, lawyer Yury Rappoport.

    The kids gave the parents seven grandchildren – two boys and five girls, in which grandparents doted and closely monitoring their progress.


    In 2005 it became known that the actor survived a complicated surgery to remove a malignant tumor. The news that Joseph Davydovich cancer, has spread rapidly and alarmed his fans and admirers. The operation was carried out in Germany. Surgery weakened immunity year of the artist. Joined inflammation of the lungs and kidneys. But the incredible lust for life and will power, backed by the love of family, lifted the artist out of bed and even returned to the stage.

    Josip Kobzon
    Joseph Kobzon | Arguments and Facts

    In 2009, the actor was operated on a second time and again in Germany. Five days after a serious operation Iosif Kobzon went to a music festival in Jurmala and even sang «live», surprising and washitaw their fans.

    In 2010, fans of the talent of the master was concerned about the news that the concert in Astana Joseph Davidovich twice lost consciousness on the scene and lost consciousness. As it turned out, the cancer was the cause of the anemia. But according to the artist, he can’t stay in bed long. And to live without a scene can not. At home, he quickly becomes bored and finds no place. It seems that the stage and the audience for the artist is the best medicine it is sorrow and disease.

    As for the wig, Iosif Kobzon wore it in 35 years. Once IDA Isaevna admitted that the cause of early baldness son’s categorical refusal to wear the cap in adolescence. Even 40-degree frost could not bring Joseph to dress warmly, and that was the reason for early loss thick hair.


    Joseph Kobzon in childhood and now

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