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  • Name: German Ioannina ( Yanina Zheimo )
  • Date of birth: 29 may 1909
  • Age: 78 years
  • Date of death: 29 Dec 1987
  • Born in Volkovysk, Grodno region
  • Height: 148
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: was married

    Ioannina German: biography

    Ioannina German — Soviet film actress whose finest hour came in the 30-40-ies of the 20th century. The most significant films in her career are «Friends», «Wake Lena» and «Cinderella» in which the German played the main character.

    Janina was born in the town of Vaukavysk, Hrodna region. Since the advent of girls into the light, this area belonged to Poland. Yana grew up in a family of circus performers. Her father, Josef Boleslav the German created the family troupe, which included himself, his wife Anna, son of Vaclav and four daughters, of whom the future screen star was the youngest.

    At the circus Yanina played since three years. She had to visit and a rider, a gymnast, and equilibristi, dancer and musical eccentric. In adolescence the German gave private dance lessons, and her charges were often much older than her.

    When in 1923 died the head of the family, the troupe ceased to exist, and the mother and children moved into Petersburg. There they created the «German Trio» and began to conquer the Russian show business. Janina spoke with a very heavy xylophones, which may have caused the inhibition of growth, as 14-year-old girl developed normally.

    In Leningrad the German Yanina graduated from the special courses «factory of the eccentric actor», and began to build a career as a movie actress. Saint Petersburg girl with Polish blood loved sincerely and even during the Second world war have not left him, lived in the besieged Leningrad during the hardest years.


    Ioannina German was small in stature, only about 148 cm, and with an innocent baby face. It is therefore not surprising that its role has evolved once and for all – she was playing only teenagers young girls. And in the first movie «Mishki against Yudenich» and she did got the role of a boy.

    Then there was the tragicomedy «the Overcoat,» drama «S. V. D.» the Comedy «Bros» historic picture of the «New Babylon», a Patriotic drama «One». In 30-e years the actress began to shoot even more, and the role was offered more responsible. The most famous with the period Comedy «Wake up Lena!», and a children’s painting «Lenochka and the grapes». In both films, the 26-year-old German plays 13-year-old girl.

    Ioannina popularity soared after the release of optimistic film story «Girlfriends». Fans of the heels went to the actress, sent her bags of letters and gifts. In the same period, the German took part in the creation of the military drama «a soldier was Going from the front,» a domestic film «My homeland» and the Comedy «Hot denechki».

    During the war, the actress starred in the Patriotic film «We from the Urals», «Two fighter», «Young Fritz», as well as in the musical Comedy «the adventures of Korzinkina». But the main picture of Janina German was her penultimate work – a fun adaptation of the fairy tale «Cinderella», which also involved other stars of those years: Faina Ranevskaya, Erast Garin, Aleksei Konsovsky. I wonder what the arts Council wanted this role to take professional ballerina Mary Mason, but after the first trial, it became clear that Yanina, despite his 37 years, looks in this image is much more harmonious.

    The last film was the German children’s tape «Two friends,» in which she played a woman. Further, the actress refused to appear and focused on voicing cartoons, by the way, her voice tells of Gerda in the famous hand-drawn tale «the snow Queen». She also dubbed foreign films, helping to speak in Russian Sophia Loren, Nicole courcel, Juliet mazini and other Western stars. Due to the small growth of Ioannina the German did not reach the standard microphone and a specially made for her shop, which was called «jambock».

    Personal life

    With her first husband, actor Andrey Kostrichkin Yanina met during the filming of the picture «Mishki against Yudenich». Young people got married and soon had a daughter, which was named in honor of his mother. Yanina Kostrichkin didn’t become an actress, but has a direct relationship to the cinema: she dubs foreign films, and one of the few in Soviet times, was capable of simultaneous translation. But with the father of her first child, the actress was short-lived – because of my husband’s addictions to gambling and card games Ioannina-the elder walked away from him.

    Second husband was a German film Director Iosif Kheifits. They had a son, Julius, who became famous in Poland with a cameraman. The second man was very fond of Ioannina, the worse for her was the news that during the evacuation he found himself another woman. Forgive Heifits she couldn’t, though he wanted to return to the family home and broke up with him.

    However, it is a divorce the woman endured is incredibly difficult. She had such a strong depression that Janina didn’t know friends could not make out the letters, faced with the sudden disorientation in space. Cured her doctor due to the unconventional method. He gave the actress a bottle of «medicine» and ordered the daily drink a SIP. The disease was supposed to retreat when the medication will run out. When his prediction is wrong, the doctor admitted that Janina drank plain water.

    With her third husband Director Leonid Jeanne she lived the rest of his life. After the German stopped using it in the movie, she, along with her husband and son immigrated to Poland. A daughter that Moscow already had a family, remained in the Soviet Union.


    Over the last couple of years of life Ioannina German suffered two heart attacks. A weak heart was the cause of her death. December 29, 1987 she died. When the actress was found, it was clear that she was reaching for the drugs, but couldn’t get.

    By the will of the deceased, her body was transported to Russia and buried at Vostryakovskoye cemetery. In memory of the actress was shot a number of documentaries — «How went idols» «My silver ball», «More than love» and others.


    • 1926 — Brother
    • 1927 — Alien jacket
    • 1929 — The New Babylon
    • 1934 — Wake Lena
    • 1935 — Girlfriend
    • 1935 — Hot days
    • 1936 — Helen and grapes
    • 1941 — Adventures Of Korzinkina
    • 1943 We Urala
    • 1947 — Cinderella


    Ioannina German

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