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  • Name: Innokenty Smoktunovsky ( Innokenty Smoktunovich )
  • Date of birth: March 28, 1925.
  • Age: 69 years
  • Date of death: 3 Aug 1994
  • Place of birth: village of tat’yanovka
  • Height: 184
  • Activities: actor, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: was married to Shulamith Kushnir

    Innokenty Smoktunovsky biography

    Mysterious and aloof, a little «not of this world» innocent Mikhailovich Smoktunovskij created and implemented on-screen image of the naive, a true genius, misunderstood and touching intellectual. According to the memoirs filmmakers and colleagues, with Smoktunovsky was impossible to work the same as with other actors: he was a master, a man of creativity, and so could fully develop only in conditions of maximum comfort for yourself. And Innokenty Mikhailovich these conditions was created. Just for him.

    Innocent was born in the village of tat’yanovka, in the Tomsk province (now — Tomsk oblast), the son of Mikhail Petrovich and Anna Akimovna he was the second child. When the boy was four years old, the family fled from famine in Tomsk and later in Krasnoyarsk, where in Smoktunovich were relatives. The situation is not much improved. The head of the family worked as a loader at the port, the innocent mother got a job at a Shoe factory, but live still had enough to eat. In order to feed themselves, to Anna Akimovna had to steal from their place of work a bone with some meat and use them for soups and broth.

    In 1932, when the famine reached Krasnoyarsk, and Anna was released, older kids Kesha and Volodya had to give the education to their aunt Nadezhda Petrovna and her husband. Couple who had their children truly loved the boys, and the lives of children has become relatively prosperous.

    Kesha Smoktunovich poorly studied. He was not interested in school subjects, showed a levity and temper, which is not like the teachers. In addition, the boy did not recognize the authority, and often got into fights. Being in the sixth grade, innocent, already in love with the theater, enrolled in the school drama club, but was soon expelled. Coming on the scene in the day of the premiere, the excitement, the teenager burst out laughing in front of the whole hall and eventually was not able to play. However, despite this episode, the theater continued to attract Smoktunovich. By hook or by crook Kesha tried to get on the performances of the city theater.

    The situation was complicated by the fact that the money at the teenager was not, for the sake of the cherished event it was to risky and often illegal measures — up to the counterfeiting of tickets. Later, the innocent got a part time job in theater as an extra, and then entered the school of the projectionist, and it seemed that life is getting better, not yet another trouble happened. The Great Patriotic War, his father was taken to the front. The young man was forced to combine all the usual activities a part-time job to help the family grew four children. In late 1942, from the front announced that Michael Smoktunovich died, and after a few months and the innocent took the fight.

    About that time, the life of a great actor later said in interviews and autobiographies. For two years the young man visited a prisoner, from which he escaped only thanks to unexpected help from one of the German soldiers. Innocent survived the famine, which nearly brought him to the grave, and was saved only because the family of peasants sheltered him, fattened and cared for, risking everything. Through life he has carried a deep sense of gratitude and after the war were not lost touch with their benefactors.

    Innokenty Smoktunovsky: theatre

    After the war, innocent returned to his family. After trying several activities, a young man took a job at drama school at the Krasnoyarsk theatre. Extras were sometimes invited to play in theatrical productions, so pretty soon Smoktunovich had the opportunity to go on stage. However, affected by the lack of theatre training: each time you play the young man hugged his speech became quiet and almost indiscernible. The Director made a claim in the unfortunate actor, he answered sharply and nervously. Because of the constant conflicts in less than a year, innocent was kicked out of the theater.

    In search of happiness Smoktunovich went to Norilsk, where he was lucky to get the Second polar theater of musical Comedy and drama. At the same time, innocent changed his name Smoktunovich the alias

  • Smoktunovsky. They say that the alias insisted the theatre’s artistic Director. Also claim that the name of the actor changed voluntarily, so it is not perceived as a Jew. In Norilsk, with the support of the colleagues he passed acting school, get rid of stiffness, and finally was able to open up as a fine artist. Almost immediately, innocent began to get lead roles in plays. Gradually the climate of the North began to undermine the health of the actor and he was forced to exchange Norilsk to Makhachkala. There the actor managed to get in Dagestan Russian drama theatre, but soon got bored with no interesting roles, and in the following year he moved again, this time in Stalingrad, where at the same time began an active restoration of cultural life. Playing in the play «the taming of the shrew» cameo, innocent has managed to achieve the attention from the press and established itself as an actor that can «pull» and make bright even a tiny role. He began to make larger images and soon became a star of the theatre. But gradually I began to increase the conflict between the actor and the chief Director of the Theater named after Gorky. Later innocent quarreled with his wife, who worked in the same theatre, and that was the last straw. In January 1955, the artist quit and went to Moscow.

    Unfortunately, I failed to establish itself in any of the major Metropolitan theaters. A few months, the actor sold off his things, occasionally spent the night and had dinner at close friends of the Markov, and then was able to get to the Theater of the Lenin Komsomol for a part time job for a little money. Innocent saved the acquaintance with Shulamith, his future wife. Permeated with sympathy for the young man, the girl at the time worked as an artist-make-up artist, was able to introduce him to Ivan Pyreva, who staged the Theater-Studio movie actor. In 1957, by a happy coincidence, he played the role of Prince Myshkin in the play «the Idiot» at the Bolshoi drama theater. Due to this role actor came to fame, and not only in Moscow but throughout the Soviet Union.

    The Union of two brilliant artists Tovstonogov and Smoktunovsky literally shook the theater world. Innocent began to work in the theatre, starring in several productions. Then the artist began to actively act in the film, where he was finally noticed by the filmmakers. Soon it so happened that because of filming he was late for the start of the season in the theatre. Inflammatory Tovstonogov fired the actor. It happened in 1960.

    In theater, the defense returned only in the seventies and 20 years later life has played in dozens of performances, strengthened and increasing in his glory. Especially prominent was the stage the Duo of he and Ephraim, established back in the sixties. Until the last years of the life of Innokenty Mikhailovich two friends often played together. In 1994 he died, and this death was a blow not only to family Smoktunovskij, but for the entire theatrical world the CIS.

    Innokenty Smoktunovsky movies

    Since the sixties, the actor appeared in the movie. The most memorable Soviet audiences with his film of steel works such as «Beware of the car», «Tchaikovsky» and «hamlet.» Just the famous artist played in more than hundred films, the last of which continued to appear after his death. In particular, the film «dandelion Wine», where the role of Smoktunovskij had to name Sergei Bezrukov, as the audio track with the participation of Innokenty Mikhailovich record did not.

    In addition to filming in the movie, the actor also occasionally voiced characters in cartoons.

    Innokenty Smoktunovsky: personal life

    The first marriage of the actor with his colleague on the stage Rimma Bykova did not last long — only two years. Beauty gradually lost interest in her husband and became interested in another man. He could not tolerate such a turn of events, divorced his wife and went to Moscow, where he met Shulamith Kushnir. This girl helped him and the unknown actor who eventually became his companion for life.

    To this marriage were born three children. Senior Nadia died almost immediately after birth. The second child was a son Philip, who was born in 1957. Daughter Mary was born the couple in 1965. The defense wanted the children to follow in his footsteps, but Junior Smoktunovskii not in love with the theater as their father.

    August 3, 1994 following a heart attack is a great actor Innokenty Smoktunovsky died.

    Innokenty Smoktunovsky: filmography

    • Beware of the car
    • First love
    • The little Prince
    • Unsent letter
    • Two under one umbrella
    • Dead souls
    • Strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
    • Primary Russia
    • Teens in the Universe
    • Trap for a lonely man

    Innokenty Smoktunovsky: photo

    Innokenty Smoktunovsky

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