Inna Zhirkova

(biography, photo, video) Inna Gracheva

photo Inna Zhirkova

  • Name: Inna Zhirkova ( Inna Gracheva )
  • Date of birth: 15 may 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Kazan
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: model, owner of Atelier
  • Marital status: married Yuri Zhirkov

    Inna Zhirkova : biography

    Inna Zhirkova, before her marriage bore the name of Grachev, was born in may 1989, not far from Kazan. Unfortunately, to find the name of the city where Inna came to light, difficult. In the family except for the daughter grew up the eldest son Dmitry.

    The head of the family Grachev worked in the construction business and ran a small firm. Mama took care of the children and the home.

    Inna differed little from their peers. She was fond of dancing and attended dance circle. She loved to sing and learned to sew. The school girl was able to make myself a new dress.

    When Inna Zhirkov grew up, all noted a bright appearance of the girl. Noticed her modeling Agency. At that time, the family changed its residence and moved to Kaliningrad. Here Zhirkov made his first steps in modeling career.

    When the girl was a senior, she participated in the modeling competition and received the title of «Miss Kaliningrad». Soon the young girl supported by her mother, went to Moscow, where he planned to participate in the contest «Miss Russia». But on the road the girl became sick and was unable to take part in the casting.

    There is evidence that Inna Zhirkova received the highest education in International humanitarian Institute. She has a specialty «socio-cultural service and tourism».

    Personal life

    In 2007, the biography of Inna Zhirkov changed dramatically. Model moved to the capital, where he intended to pursue a career. A chance meeting in a cafe turned the life beauty. Friend ina introduced her to football player Yuri Zhirkov. The young people immediately liked each other. It was a whirlwind romance.

    In February 2008, Inna and Yuri got married. But because of the urgent duties of the football team Zhirkov celebration was crumpled. But after returning from Turkey, young married and loudly celebrated a wedding in one of capital restaurants.

    For the sake of peaceful family life Zhirkov refused to continue a modeling career. In September 2008 the couple first child – son Dmitry. And after 2 year daughter, Milan. At the time of her birth, Irina Zhirkov with her husband, Chelsea defender, was in London. There’s a little girl took her first steps.

    In 2012, Inna Zhirkova briefly returned to modeling career. She took part in the competition for a successful and beautiful mom «Mrs. Russia-2012». He was held in Malta. 23 young mothers represented their city. Zhirkov played from Kaliningrad and won. She was awarded a crown made in the USA and covered with Swarovski stones.

    In 2013, Inna Zhirkova, decided to bring into your life a bit of variety and took part in a television show on the channel «NTV» under the name «Island». A few weeks she, along with domestic stars of show business conducted on the ocean in extreme conditions.

    In 2015, it became known that the family Gerkovich a third child and second son. The wife of footballer of the Moscow «Dynamo» gave birth to a boy in one of the capital’s hospitals.

    Shortly after the birth of her third child Inna Zhirkov presented the connoisseurs of fashion her debut collection, family-run clothing made in her personal Atelier «by MiloMilo Inna Zhirkova». On the catwalk the clothes Zhirkov was represented by Nastya Zadorozhnaya, Yulia Baranovskaya, Nadia Handle with children.


    In the spring of 2013 in my life Inna Zhirkov has been a scandal, after which the winner of the title «Mrs. Russia-2012» has decided to give up the crown.

    RTR correspondent Boris Sobolev took the model and a young mother to interview its author’s transfer «Crowned face». The meaning of the story of transmission – the venality and corruption of beauty contests, where titles are sold for money. Thus in the Declaration that the winners of the contest are not only beautiful but also the most advanced and socially active women turn out to be empty words.

    In that context, Inna Zhirkov was interviewed. The woman was unable to answer basic questions, such as: the Earth revolves around the Sun or Vice versa (woman leaning to the second option), who wrote the Polonaise Oginsky and who are the Agniya Barto and Samuel Marshak.

    The video interview was posted on Youtube and attracted huge interest. It was viewed more than a million users. Many have left unfavorable reviews that spouses Zhirkov was difficult.

    To put an end to the scandal and to stop arguing about the fact that she’s not worthy of the title, Inna refused the crown.


    Inna Zhirkova

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