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  • Name: Inna Malikova ( Inna malikova )
  • Date of birth: 1 January 1977
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 163
  • Activity: singer, actress, TV presenter, producer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Inna Malikova: biography

    Inna Malikova, representative of the well-known musical family Malkovich. Her father, Yuriy Malikov – founder and leader of the super popular in the 1970s vocal-instrumental ensemble «Gems». Brother Dmitry Malikov is a famous pop singer, composer and pianist. Mother Lyudmila Vonkova in the past the soloist of the Metropolitan music hall and dancer, then became concert Director son Dmitry.

    Inna Malikov with his brother and father Dmitry
    With his brother and father |

    Probably nothing other than musical creativity girl to do could not, since their home was always an atmosphere of art, sounded good music. So she went to the famous Merzlyakovsky music school, educated at the Conservatory. Chose the piano.

    When the daughter was in the 5th grade of the ordinary secondary school, my parents saw her musical success, Inna was transferred to the musical-choreographic school №1113, which is located on Tverskaya street. She is known for many of its graduates, among them-Nikolai Baskov, Nikolai Slichenko, and vocalist of the group «Lyceum».

    Inna Malikova
    In music school |

    Future singer graduated from Merzlyakovsky school not only in piano – she mastered the violin. After that, went to music school, selecting the conductor-choral Department. At the same time working on his vocals, doing the famous mentor of Vladimir Khachaturov in pop-jazz school.

    But after graduation, Malikova did not want to put an end to your education. Inna came to GITIS, choosing for themselves in the pop Department.


    Biography of Inna Malikova began in 1993. Brother gave little sister’s 16th birthday song «celebration of summer». The young singer made a successful debut with her popular TV shows «the Morning star» and «Under the sign of the zodiac».

    From that moment on she begins to collaborate with other authors and composers. The singer of new song «I don’t want to be serious» and «Who was right». They are recorded videos. The last song not only is the first album of Inna Malikova, but also gives it its name.

    In 2002 starts a new stage of creativity of the singer. She assembles a team of like-minded people and began to collaborate with composers Jevgenijs Caricinum, Paul Eseninym and Sergey Nizovtsev. Together with them, the singer began to record new songs for the second album.

    Bright events of the two subsequent years of life Inna Malikova is out of the clips of the songs «Everything» and «Coffee and chocolate». On the first clip was directed by Oleg Gusev, on the second – Georgy Toidze.

    2005 saw the release of the second music disc, called «Coffee and chocolate».

    The following year, the theater capital could see the birth of a new actress: Inna Malikova has played a major role in the play «Divorce in Moscow», which brought theatrical Agency Lekur. Looking ahead, say that again to go on stage as an actress Malikova are in 2008. She played Adele in a production of «die Fledermaus».

    But the main success was looking for a vocalist still not at the theatre, and on the pop stage. In 2006, celebrated 35 years of the legendary VIA «Gems». In honor of this event the father and daughter have created a new project called «New Gems».

    Inna Malikov and New Gems
    «New Gems» |

    In it included though young, but already well-known vocalists: participant in several popular musicals of Alexander Postolenko, the daughter of one of the soloists of the «Belarusian Pesnyary» Yana Daineko, winner of the 5th «factory of stars» Mikhail Veselov and soloist for the jazz band Music Band Parking Andrew Dievskaya. Leader of the new group became Inna Malikova.

    After 3 years the band released the first album called «Inna Malikova. NEW Samotsvety».

    In 2010, the actress and singer tries his hand as a TV presenter. Together with Dmitry Kharatyan she leads the program «Good evening, Moscow!».

    But the main thing in the creative life of ina remains music. In 2014 he released the fourth album of the singer and her band with a nostalgic name «whole life ahead of you». It consists of remixes of popular songs «Gems» 1970-80’s. But the team is developing. In the future, expect new songs that seamlessly «flow» from the old «samochodowych».

    Personal life

    The singer and actress had been married. Her husband was a successful businessman Vladimir Antonichuk. Personal life Inna Malikova at first was quite happy. The couple had a son Dima. But when the boy turned 12, they broke up. The cause was different views on life. Inna – creative person, sociable. She has many friends and girlfriends. And men were more domestic, if I may say so, the classical views of the family. He wanted the wife stayed home and dealt only with family.

    Inna Malikova son
    Son Dima | KP

    The parting was painful. During the year the question was, who will remain the son. But Dima is already quite a big boy. In this spiritually closer to him mom. Her son remained. He also has a famous surname Malikov.

    It is noteworthy that the son though has a great ear and plays beautifully on the piano, but chose for himself the profession of a cook. He’s already a great cook, was trained in Italy and enrolled in The famous Institute Paul Bocuse. It’s French culinary Institute. The desire to learn here Dmitri was such that in six months he learned the French language.

    Inna Malikova son
    Singer and adult son |

    Personal life Inna Malikova today it is arranged. According to the artist, she has a beloved man, with whom she has a full understanding. But his name, the singer calls.


    • 2000 — «Who was right»
    • 2005 — «Coffee and chocolate»
    • 2009 — «Inna Malikova & New Gems»
    • 2014 — «whole life ahead»


    Inna Malikova dad

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