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  • Name: Inna Kolyada ( Kolyada Inna )
  • Date of birth: 28 April 1989.
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Minsk
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Inna Kolyada: biography

    Inna Kolyada young Belarusian actress, acted in many Russian serials. It is the most well-known film lovers in such films as «shaman», «Steal me», «Thaw», and many others. Just on account of the actress at the moment about 40 roles in movies.

    Inna was born in Belarus on 28 April 1989. Her parents also raised her son, the younger brother of the girl, whose name is Dmitri. Inna grew up very active and even a little adventurous child. For the sake of adventure, she could easily violate the prohibitions, and to go in search of something interesting.

    Carol also secondary school, he studied in a music Studio, Bayan, and was engaged in the dance circle. But the main dream Inna, starting with high school, was an actress. It it was long and hard. This is not a joke: she acted in College theater five times! After the first failure she had become a student at the Belarusian pedagogical University named after Maxim Tank, where he studied at the faculty of choreography.

    But every year it continued to storm most prestigious University in the country acting profile. Moreover, realizing that is cheating yourself, wasting time on the dance, Kolyada left the University after the third year. And on the fifth attempt still included in the number of students of the theatre faculty of the Belarusian Academy of arts, where he was one of the oldest on the thread.

    After the release of Inna Kolyada got in the troupe of the Minsk’s modern art theatre, where he played several main roles, including in the Patriotic performance «Minsk, I love you,» which appeared on stage under the guise of two key characters. In addition, the aspiring actress was invited to a Christian theatre under the direction of Natalia Bashevoy and was involved in the international Ukrainian-Polish project «Amazonia».


    Debuted on the big screen Inna Kolyada in well established youth musical «Stilyagi» movie. Then there were a number of student paintings, such as «Real life», «normal», «Another reality». One of the more serious projects at the initial stage can be called melodrama «Mother and stepmother», the Thriller «White wolves», a romantic story «Love is like an accident» and women’s drama «the Doll».

    A breakthrough for Carol was 2013. During this time she managed to play in 16 films, of which there are biographical series «Vangelia», a drama about the 60 years of the «Thaw» love story «Simple girl» and melodrama «the Power of Faith» and «I can’t forget.» In the same year, Inna performed, for the first time on the screen of the main character, obnoxious and Moody girl agniyu in the crime drama «Steal me.»

    Soon followed by another starring role Opera homicide, Marina Belozerova detective «shaman». In addition, Inna Kolyada starred in the melodrama «Love Plus», a psychological drama «Who am I», detective, «police» and tragicomedy «Funny life». Now the actress is working on two new projects – production drama «Hold on to the clouds» and the Comedy «the Trial».

    Personal life

    When Inna Kolyada was only 20 years old, she got married. Her partner Oleksandr Gladkyy — artist of the Kiev youth Theater. During the wedding the girl took a double surname Kolyada Smooth that among her friends, caused a stream of jokes due to the ambiguity of the received name.

    Both very cheerful and positive people and their family relationships Inna considers the happiest period of his life. But after a while the guys still broke up, but remained very friendly and always happy to see each other during the meeting.

    Not all fans of the actress know that she is multilingual. She is fluent in Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Polish and English. It is worth noting that Carol saved their children’s admiration for the world around them and active in all endeavors.

    She loves to play sports, especially swimming, Cycling, acrobatics, and for the profession supports the skills of fencing and stage combat. By the way, it is because one of the roles she learned to drive a car. The best way to calm down after nervous working day the girl said handiwork, for example, embroidery or knitting, and if you want active games, then she goes with her friends to the disco.


    • 2012 — I blinded him
    • 2013 — Power Of Belief
    • 2013 — Vangelia
    • 2013 — Simple girl
    • 2013 — With a clean slate
    • 2013 — I can’t forget
    • 2013 — Steal me
    • 2014 — Plus Love
    • 2014 — the shaman
    • 2015 — Funny life


    Inna Kolyada

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