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  • Name: Gomez Inna ( Inna Churkina )
  • Date of birth: 2 January 1970
  • Age: 47 years
  • Place of birth: Barakovo, Ryazan oblast, Russia
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actress, model, host
  • Marital status: married

    Inna Gomes biography

    Inna Gomes – Russian and Soviet actress, model, TV presenter, public figure, became famous thanks to the participation in the first project «the Last hero», which was led by Sergei Bodrov Jr.

    Inna was born 2 January 1970 in Moscow. The girl’s parents were from large families, my mother was born in the Ryazan region, and my father – in Tver. It was there, in remote rural areas, the girl spent her summer vacation, the guest take turns in parental and maternal relatives.

    Inna Gomes
    Inna Gomez | VK

    Inna’s mom is in the specialty — the teacher, she has devoted much time to raising her daughter. The girl grew up real a Tomboy, mischievous, funny, she was the clear leader and the ringleader, was friends with mostly guys and not only participated in the most incredible children’s pranks and adventures, but was the initiator.

    Given the daring nature of his daughter, strict mother kept her in the «iron fist», trying to channel boundless energy into the right direction. Daddy Inna Alexander Churkin was less severe in the treatment of the daughter, supports all the initiatives of his wife. As a result, the girl finished school with honors, and what parents ina should be grateful that they were able to develop her talent.

    Inna Gomes
    Inna Gomes | Kinofrash

    In a child, the future model is not only a good student, but attended sports clubs, was fond of tourism, but it did not stop her dream of becoming an actress. Like many girls, she loved to spin in front of the mirror and use my mother’s makeup. However, all that she has done in order to beautify themselves. The girl put on the face of the most incredible makeup like a professional makeup artist, and presenting yourself on stage, staged impromptu performances.

    Inna Gomes in childhood
    Inna Gomes in childhood | VK

    Movie Inna Churkina debuted at a very young age. In 1983, the girl starred in the film «Dangerous nonsense», and a year later she was invited for a cameo role in a movie that many times reviewed all Soviet children — in «Guest from the future». It seemed that from this point further biography girls will certainly be connected with the film industry, but in life things are not so simple.


    In 1988 in Moscow took place the first Soviet beauty contest under the title «Moscow beauty». Female participants were recruited on Craigslist, a line of people waiting to get to the contest stretched for several kilometers. Registration of participants was held in the administration building of the Park of culture named after Gorky. There were about 2500 applicants, both very young and adult women who had children and men.

    Inna Gomes on the catwalk
    Inna Gomes on the catwalk | VK

    As a result, the Commission selected 36 girls, who included eighteen Inna Churkina. She managed to charm the jury not only beauty, but intelligence, he coped well with the tricky and common questions. Two months the young beauty studied model, walking the runway, and the ability to keep yourself on the stage of polite communication. The finals were 6 participants and the winner and the first beauty became Masha Kalinina.

    This «adventure» Inna made a rather rich experience, skills modeling profession finally felt like a woman. She realized she beautiful, smart and not deprived other talents, felt like men who can charm and seduce. She realized that grew from the image of a teenage girl, the eternal, the rebellious girls, and it’s time to change sneakers elegant shoes with heels, jeans to dresses.

    Inna Gomes on the catwalk
    Inna Gomes on the catwalk

    Since 1996, she has been working as a model in the Agency «Red Stars», previously starred in commercials brands Tom Klaim, Danone, Dove. As an employee of the modeling Agency was involved in numerous photo shoots, also on account of his commercials for «Pepsi» and «Pantene Pro-V».

    In the early 2000s photo of Inna Gomes graced the pages of magazines, women’s and glamorous publications. It was made recognizable natural bright appearance: luxurious eyebrows, long hair, huge blue eyes and a dazzling smile. Even at the professional shots Inna rarely parted with bangs – it was a kind of highlight it that distinguished her from other models with the fashionable hairstyles and haircuts.

    Inna Gomes
    Branded bangs Inna Gomes | fashion World

    In 2007 Inna was in the rating of the magazine Maxim (Maxim), where he was on the 85th place in top 100 sexiest women in Russia.

    Now Inna Gomez rarely appears in the society pages, although recent photos show that the actress and model still looks great. In his 47 years, Inna beautiful and charming, and to say that it is older, it is absolutely illegitimate. She’s just worried about other issues.

    Film and television

    After participating in beauty contest many of the finalists were showered with offers of filming, photo shoots, participation in various projects. Inna has chosen a different path – finished courses secretaries and began to teach typing. Then there was the bad marriage, the legacy of which the girl only got an exotic last name.

    Real entrance into the world of show business for Inna Gomes began the project «Last hero», which was released on the First channel. Proposal to send on shooting some of the models entered in the Agency «Red Stars» in 2001. Unanimously single candidate was recognized by the ina, which has a reputation of strong-willed, determined and a little bit crazy person.

    Inna Gomez in a show
    Inna Gomez in the show «the Last hero»

    The girl herself admitted that her extreme living conditions on the island far from civilization was not unusual. According to ina, in her youth and had many adventures much more dangerous and as a survivor she felt quite comfortable.

    In terms of uninhabited Islands, Inna showed himself a wise and strong leader. Around it are concentrated all the men of her team, which, however, did not deliver to our heroine any inconvenience: from childhood, she used to be friends and lead the guys and did a great job with this task, as an adult and attractive woman.

    Inna Gomez in a show
    Inna Gomez in the show «the Last hero»

    The girl managed to find common language not only with their team members, including winner Sergei Odintsov. Was no exception and John, Atlas of the major species is a contender to win from the opposing team. Inna attributed novels and ordinary participants of the project and leading by Sergei Bodrov. However, these rumors had no basis: most likely it was a clever PR move to maintain interest in a reality show.

    Anyway, Inna «the Last hero» has brought the popularity, a lot of attractive offers from the model agencies, television channels, even the invitation for shooting abroad, but she chose a different path.

    Inna Gomes
    Inna Gomez | VK

    In 1998, she has led children’s programs «Call Kuze» on RTR, «All for you» on Ren-TV in 2002, participated in the filming of «not blue light — 2» (2005).

    True children’s dream girl: she started acting in movies. Her filmography includes about two dozen films, television series, voiced cartoons.

    Inna Gomes
    Inna Gomes | Celebs-place

    The last film, which starred Inna Gomez, came out in 2016 is a picture of «the Truth Samantha Smith», where ina has played a leading role.

    Not to say that with the arrival of Gomez in the movie, the world discovered a fine actress, but in General critics about his game speak very favorably, and the audience in the soul of the heroine in the performance of this powerful and multi-faceted women.

    Personal life

    Personal life Inna Gomes also filled with events, and her career as a model, actress and presenter. The first girl’s husband was a Spanish millionaire Agustino Gomes, who drew attention to the beauty Inna during her participation in a beauty contest.

    At 21, she got married and spent five years abroad, leaving with the same thing and came from her first husband went to Inna only sonorous name, and all the yachts, villas and cars left in Sunny Spain.

    Inna Gomez daughter
    Inna Gomes daughter | Kinofilms

    Second husband of Inna became Ahmet, Ingush by nationality. In this marriage in 2002 was born a long-awaited daughter Masha, but soon the couple parted. Fate beauty model has developed more successfully. She remarried, but the name of the chosen one keeps secret. It is only known that he became a big businessman. Now Inna Gomez’s two daughters, who, incidentally, actively help my mom in all his charitable endeavors.


    Inna from early childhood showed talent, and in adult life the girl also gained fame custom entity. She always strived for self-development, she was interested in different manifestations of social life, the arts industry.

    Working in a modeling Agency, she simultaneously studied hairdressing and cosmetology skills, then entered the Studio Yuri Grymov, where he mastered the art of cinematography and graduated from the photography course.

    Inna Gomes
    Inna Gomes | Kinopoisk

    When the girl fell the fame finalist «the Last hero», she plunged head first into the world of show business, and was engaged in education. Inna entered the Moscow Academy of arts and graduated at the specialty «psychology of advertising».

    After the birth of her first daughter Inna is interested in the development and education of children, she recorded and released two CDs of children’s lullabies participated in recording audio books with fairy tales and radio plays «the giving tree», «the Little Prince», «peace Tower,» «I am with you.» Also in its musical repertoire, a collection of songs «Island of joy».

    Inna Gomes
    Inna Gomes | Kinopoisk

    Latest news related to Inna Gomez relating to her activities in the charity and public organizations that help children with disabilities. The actress and model enjoys vegetarianism, and which now Inna Gomes, you can learn from Instagram: stars no pages in social networks, only their own website.


    In addition to children’s roles filmography of Inna Gomes includes participation in the tapes:

    • «Good and bad»;
    • «Love to the grave»;
    • «Maroseyka»;
    • «Bourgeois’s birthday»;
    • «The keys of death»;
    • «A major role»;
    • «Kamensky-2»;
    • «Traders»;
    • «Sunday in a female bath-house»;
    • The «diamond project»;
    • «Conspiracy»;
    • «Snow angel»;
    • «Cops and robbers»;
    • «Suddenly the magician arrives»;
    • «Big oil»;
    • «Faraway land»;
    • «V Centuria. In search of the enchanted treasure»;
    • «Puppeteers» and other projects.

    She has also voiced children’s cartoon characters «the adventures of Alyonushka and Yarema» and «the Capital souvenir».


    Inna Gomes

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