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  • Name: Deriglazova Inna ( Inna Deriglazova )
  • Date of birth: 10 March 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Kurchatov, Kursk oblast
  • Height: 174
  • Activity: the rapier fencer, Olympic champion in 2016
  • Marital status: married

    Inna Deriglazova: biography

    Deriglazova Inna is a Russian fencer in foil, Olympic champion in 2016. She also won silver at the Olympic games in London and was world champion in the individual championship.

    Inna was born in a small town of Kurchatov, which is located in the Kursk region. Interestingly, this town has less than 50 thousand inhabitants, but it is regularly mentioned in the national team of Russia promising athletes, so there is a good fencing school.

    Family Inna no sports. Mother Nadezhda Sorokina trained as a seamstress, but all his life was engaged in planting native city, and father Basil Deriglazov worked as a chauffeur drove the city bus, and later taxi. And my older sister, Irene quite «normal» profession: accountant.

    Deriglazova went to the section in 8 years. And it was an independent decision: parents for a long time opposed the choice of his daughter, considering that fencing is a sport for boys. But Inna worked hard in the gym, practicing all the most difficult elements. In 12 years, it was small and thin, has won the competition of rivals at 3-4 years of age.

    As the coach says Inna, Ildar Mavlyutov, the girl prevailed not only hard work and persistence, although it is really very much a work in progress. The fact that Deriglazova there is an innate desire to win honestly and beautifully. Therefore athlete with a sword in a playful manner, and does not crush the opponent, as it now became fashionable in the later stages of the competition.

    Higher education she has received in the Kursk southwest state University, and she specifically chose a specialty not directly associated with sport: Deriglazova entered the law faculty.


    Brightly declaring itself on youth and Junior competitions, Inna Deriglazova at the age of 19 participated in the adult national championship. And immediately took second place! In a year she will be appearing at the adult European championship, where twice became the winner of the bronze medal and the Junior world championship. There the girl makes a splash, as has become the absolute winner in all competitions.

    Further career developed even more successfully: there hasn’t been a single year that Inna was not raised on a podium of an international tournament. At the Olympics in London 2012 Deriglazova needed only one step to victory, and she confined herself to a silver medal.

    Then the girl promised the fans that in four years in Rio de Janeiro will finally be the winner. And his word Inna kept.

    In August 2016, the Russian fencer really came out in the final and managed to beat someone, and two-time Olympic champion, Italian ELISA Di Francesca. Incidentally, this is gold in this discipline was the first for the domestic rapiristok after the Olympic games in Mexico city 1968.

    Personal life

    Inna Deriglazova was only 18 years old when she married her beloved Nikolai Raspopov, which met for a year and a half before that at a party at mutual friends. Husband older than wife for 5 years and engaged in business, fishing. How to say wife, it was love at first sight. But soon the family grew even more – she has a daughter Diana.

    And I must say that the young athlete managed to combine «interesting position» with the training, proving that big-time sports and family relationships may coexist. Deriglazova did not stop lessons even at the ninth month of pregnancy and paused just two weeks before the birth. A few months after the daughter of the light, Inna won the championship of Russia.


    Inna Deriglazova

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