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  • Name: Inna Churikova ( Inna Churikova )
  • Date of birth: 5 October 1943
  • Age: 73 years
  • Place of birth: Belebey
  • Activities: actress, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: married to Gleb Panfilov

    Inna Churikova biography

    Inna Churikova was born on 5 October 1943, in Belebey in the territory of Bashkiria. Her family was far from art and have dedicated my life to working with the earth: a father, Mikhail Kuzmich by profession he was an agronomist and her mother Elizabeth Zakharovna — agricultural chemist and soil scientist. When she was still an infant, her parents divorced and she and her mother left Belebey.

    They moved frequently until he settled in Moscow. Lived very modestly, like many families of that time. Elizabeth Zakharovna found work in the Moscow Botanical garden. The mother of all devoted themselves to the work, leaving the child alone at home. Ina grew up a dreamy child, she often imagined herself a Princess or heroine of the stories that I read aloud to mom or the girl herself.

    First on the scene Churikova was published in a children’s summer camp, where she played a minor role in the play. Since then, the dream of becoming an actress completely engulfed the girl. In ninth grade she was enrolled in drama school at theatre of a name of Stanislavsky. Her teacher was the great Soviet actor, Lev Elagin, who helped to display their acting talent. Inna was a diligent student, she was ready to play even a small role and did everything to not be part of the crowd.

    After school, Churikova was applied to several theatrical institutions. In the School-Studio of MKHAT, the examiners asked the girl to read serious poetry, and the young artist began to recite Pushkin, closing the eyes, as recommended by her mother. The selection Committee raised the girl to laugh, and Inna did not. Then she went into the Schepkin drama school, where she was not taken due to unusual appearance, which was not liked by the teachers. In the end, Churikova successfully passed the examinations in Shchukinsky school and was in the course of the actors Leonid Volkov and Pavel Tsygankov. In 1965, Inna graduated from College with honors.

    Inna Churikova: theatre

    In 1965 she was assigned to the theater on a distant Kamchatka, however, here interposed the mother. She made every effort to get her only daughter left to live in Moscow. Churikova was to go on trial in the Moscow theatres. More than anything, the artist wanted to get into the famous Theater of satire, where he played his idol Tatiana Peltzer and Vitaliy Doronin. But Inna did not take place, the same fate befell the Yermolova Theatre. Together with the guys from school she went to youth Theatre, having a full place in the company.

    For a long time, the actress played minor characters, among which were animals and comic characters like Baba Yaga. Through participation in the psychological performance of «Over the prison wall» the theatre critics saw the actress. In theatre of the young spectator Churikova worked for three years, after which only occasionally took part in the performances of actively acting in a movie.

    Churikova in the theater back in 1973, when he was already quite a famous actress. The head of the famous Moscow theatre «Lenkom» mark Zakharov invited talented actress role in the play «til», which she debuted at the theater in 1974. Over time, Inna became one of the leading Actresses of the theatre, she played the Thekla Ivanovna in the play «Marriage», Ophelia and Gertrude in «hamlet», Arkadina in «the Seagull».

    Inna and to this day continues to play in the theatre «Lenkom». One of her last major and well-known roles — Alienor of Aquitaine in the production of «Aquitaine lioness» which she took to the stage in 2011. The show enjoys great popularity among spectators.

    Inna Churikova movies

    Movie Inna Churikova first appeared, while still a student at the Shchukin school. In 1960 she was offered a small role of the Raika in the anti-religious movie Basil Orda «Clouds over Borsky». After three years the actress has appeared on screen in an unnamed cameo role in the film «I step through Moscow».

    In 1964, Inna Churikova has played the role that brought her fame and popularity not only in the USSR but also abroad. She was invited to play Marfusha from the film-tale «

  • Morozko». First in this role, auditioned more experienced actress Tamara Nosova, however, the Director expressed a preference for the young actress, Inna Churikova. In the film the actress had to ride a real pig, and in the episode where her character eats the apples and drinks milk, in the absence of needed products had a few takes eat onions and drink diluted dairy product. Churikova when I first saw the image Marfusha on TV, she was horrified by their appearance and even thought to leave movie. But precisely because of this character, the young actress was noticed by Directors and was invited to other Comedy roles. In 1966, the actress was invited for the lead role in the debut film by a young Director Gleb Panfilov’s «no path through fire». The shooting began in the same year. Panfilov easily allowed for improvisation on the set, some scenes of the film was varied in the process. However, when the film was ready, he did not pass strict censorship. Members of the Politburo did not like everything: starting from the irregular appearance of the main character, ending with the very realistic scenes of the hunger during the war. The premiere was postponed for a year, and the General public saw the tape only in 1968.

    The picture was the beginning of a long and fruitful creative Union Churikova and Gleb Panfilov. In 1970, the screens out another film of the Director «

  • The beginning.» The actress played two roles: the main character Pasha Stroganova, a humble weaver and aspiring actress, and the role of the legendary Joan of arc. The game actress has been praised by critics: in the same year the magazine «Soviet Screen» recognized her as best actress next year she received the prize «Golden lion of St. Mark» at the annual Venice film festival, and was recognized as the best foreign artist in Bulgaria. Churikova went on to star in the picture Panfilov. With her came the movies, «I Ask», «Theme», «Valentine» and many others. In 1979, the artist played Jacobino Munchausen in the legendary film «
  • That Munchhausen» the performances of Mark Zakharov. Inna Churikova in films to this day. For fifty-five years of film career, the actress played in more than forty paintings.

    Inna Churikova: personal life

    The movie is «no path through fire» became Inna Churikova fatal, not only professionally, but personally as well. The actress fell in love with a film-novice

  • Gleb Panfilov. Their feelings were mutual, but the real love affair began on the set of the movie «inception». The lovers began to live together in a small Dorm room, and soon got married. In 1978 they had a son Ivan. The boy also dreamed of becoming an actor, but parents objected and sent him to study diplomacy. However, in 2008, Ivan starred in father’s «guilty Without guilt» with his mother Inna Churikova and decided to continue the family business.

    Inna Churikova: filmography

    • Clouds over Bor
    • Morozko
    • The elusive Avengers
    • In no path through fire
    • Beginning
    • I ask
    • That Munchhausen
    • Vassa
    • Adam’s Rib
    • Kurochka Ryaba
    • Moscow Saga
    • Without guilt
    • Love with an accent

    Inna Churikova: photo

    Inna Churikova and Gleb Panfilov

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