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  • Name: Ingrid Olerinsky ( Ingrid Olerinskaya )
  • Date of birth: 14 March 1992
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Ryazan
  • Activities: Actress
  • Marital status: Not married

    Ingrid Olerinsky: biography

    Ingrid Olerinsky — young Russian kinoaktrisa, familiar to a wide audience for the films «Inadequate people», «Ticket to Vegas» and new series «Ship». Ingrid was born in Ryazan on March 14, 1992. When she was sensitive about his name, which was named after the famous Norwegian actress Ingrid Bergman, wife and Muse of Director Ingmar Bergman. To all my friends, the future actress was presented by Inga, and only after ten years realized the magic sounds unusual name, and as it says Olerinsky finally grown to it.

    Childhood future artist was held in Nizhny Novgorod, where she lived with her parents Andrew and Natalie Olesinski and sister Pauline. In 2007 the family moved to Moscow. In the capital, she graduated from the Lyceum, established at the Moscow international University, after which he entered the geographical faculty of Moscow state pedagogical University. But to finish my studies at the teacher of geography the girl and failed, as in the biography of Ingrid Olerinsky rushed movie.

    Ingrid Olerinsky: movies

    The future star came into the movie business quite by accident. Once in the capital festival tectonics direct and bright the girl was noticed by a casting-the Manager of the company «AMEDIA». Ingrid was invited to audition for prepares the debut picture of Director Roman Karimov, comedic melodrama

  • «Inadequate people». At first she decided that it was some kind of Scam, but once in the Studio, convinced that the agent told her the truth. Olerinsky successfully auditioned and was approved for the lead role in the movie, where her partner on the set was Ilya Lyubimov. The picture of «Inadequate people» in 2010, received the Grand Prix of the festival «Window to Europe». In addition, at the same festival the film was awarded four prizes including the award for best acting Duo received a pair of Lyubimov and Olerinsky. After this considerable success Ingrid decided to continue her career as an actress and took a sabbatical at your University.

    The cooperation of the actress with the Director of «Inadequate people» continued Comedy «Bits», filmed a year after the first film. Then there were a few episodic roles: in the detective series «surveillance» and «Moscow. Three station». After which the actress again invited to play a major role in the adventure Comedy film

  • «Ticket to Vegas». This time the shooting of the film by Gore Kirakosyan took place not only in Russia but also abroad: in the famous Las Vegas and the Utah desert. Among others, partners of the actress of the film famous Russian showman Mikhail Galustyan, as well as star of Hollywood films, the famous «Mexican villain» Danny Trejo. Recent notable work, I began shooting in the Russian adaptation of the famous Spanish post-apocalyptic series «the Ark», released under the name «
  • The ship». In «the Ship» Olerinsky performs the role of an independent provincial and saucy Irina Zyablikovoy. As says the artist, all the characters she had to play, in some degree similar to itself. Explosive temper and lively manner in the company, coupled with a cynical sense of humor and emotional directness to fully reveal the character of the actress.

    Ingrid Olerinsky: personal life

    About my personal life Ingrid Olerinsky can be judged by activity in social networks: the actress posted a photo to his Instagram and shared with fans the news Vkontakte. However, in relation to a love relationship, the actress prefers not to extend, discussing exclusively the creative work and the latest films with its participation.

    Ingrid Olerinsky: filmography

    • Inadequate people
    • Pieces
    • Surveillance
    • Mom
    • Moscow. Three station
    • Surveillance
    • Ticket to Vegas
    • Ship
    • Bobruisk—Dakar
    • In Moscow always Sunny
    • Embracing the sky

    Ingrid Olerinsky: photo

    Ingrid Olerinsky

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