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  • Name: Ingrid Bolsa, One ( Ingrid Berdal Bolso )
  • Date of birth: 2 March 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Duck, Sea, Norway
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status:

    Ingrid, One of Balsai: biography

    Ingrid Bolsa, One of American theater and film actress, fame which brought such famous films as «Staying alive» and «Forbidden zone» and the British television series «going postal».

    She was born in the tiny town of Duck, and an early childhood spent in the working Indera commune, located in the Northern Trøndelag. Then the family, One moved to the third largest city in Norway — Trondheim. By the way, the second the name of the actress Balsai on the right should read in Russian as «Bolsa», but because the initial error has already adopted this form of writing.

    In school, he was interested in music and even worked with a professional educator, although the family find it difficult to afford tutoring. Other Hobbies girls were martial practices, in which interest arose from the close contact with his older brother Trygve and multiple movies with Jean-Claude van Damme, Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. The little One has reached a pretty good success for the girls to learn Taekwondo and kickboxing. By the way, with his family, the actress are still good friends, and they often see each other and spend time together.

    After school, he was admitted to the University of Trondheim, where she studied jazz singing and improvisation, and then went to the capital of Norway and entered the National Academy of dramatic arts. Her teacher was the famous Irina Malczewska, which taught students from the legendary system of Konstantin Stanislavsky.

    In parallel with the training in Oslo, One settled in the Norwegian national academic theatre and in his first season won the honorary award of «newcomer of the year» at the prestigious Scandinavian theatre award «Hedda». In addition, the actress has not forgotten her first passion — music. It has evolved as a singer not only as a solo artist, but was a member of trenchanskie hard rock band «Crescent Moon».


    The first time Ingrid Bolsa, One was shot only in the short tapes such as «limbo» and «Terje Vigen». In 2006 she got the role in the Norwegian drama «Sons» in the teenage horror movie «Stay alive». The last film was so popular that stepped far beyond the Scandinavian countries, and the main character that you played, One, attracted the attention of teenagers all over the world. A few years later the world saw the continuation of the picture – «Stay alive 2: Resurrection». By the way, for this work, I got the main Norwegian film award «Amanda» in the category «actress of the year».

    In addition, she appeared in the psychological drama «Crazy house», the British fantasy series «going postal,» the family drama «I travel alone», the Thriller «the Captive. Escape» and the detective Comedy «a Hell of a fjord». First experience in Hollywood Ingrid Bolsa, One received for starring in the science fiction Thriller «Forbidden zone». Later in America she was involved in creating suspenseful action-adventure «Hercules» film about futuristic Western «the Western world».

    The actress did not forget about the studios from his native Norway. It can be seen in a family picture for the holiday «Grandmother and 8 children», the second part of the joint Norwegian-Thai Comedy film «Kill Bully» and the youth Comedy «Women in men’s shirts». Now for his country, he is one of the main stars who have achieved success in the international market.

    Personal life

    Private side of life Ingrid Bolsa, One is under the strict secret, and no one but her closest associates, does not know whether the actress is married, who she was meeting and whether she is now a beloved man who won the heart of talented women.

    Since 2008 Trondheim newspaper «Adresseavisen» repeatedly called Ingrid the most attractive and sexy girl in history. It is also worth noting that many fans think that Bolsa, One of the subtle sense of taste. Her dresses at various ceremonies and festivals has been repeatedly recognized by the public the most beautiful, elegant and spectacular, and the manner of the actress to keep professional and elegant.


    • 2006 — Stay alive
    • 2008 — Crazy house
    • 2010 — going postal
    • 2011 — I’m leaving alone
    • 2012 — restricted area
    • 2012 — Prisoner. Escape
    • 2013 — Grandmother and 8 children
    • 2013 — To Kill Bully 2
    • 2014 — Hercules
    • 2015 — women in men’s shirts
    • 2016 — Western world


    Ingrid Bolsa, One Of The

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