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  • Name: Inga Obadina ( Inga Oboldina )
  • Date of birth: 23 December 1968
  • Age: 48 years
  • Place of birth: Kyshtym, Russia
  • Height: 164
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress, Honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Inga obadina: biography

    Inga obadina was born in the Urals. Her childhood and youth were spent in the town of Kyshtym. Parents Inga Petrovna direct relationship to art had: dad was a famous clerk, and my mother worked as Deputy Director of radio engineering College. However, a creative streak of the parents attended. In one of her interviews the actress said that all the family holidays in their house was like a theatrical production, a scenario for which he wrote the mother.

    And the love for cinema’s Inga Oboldina appeared, probably due to the native aunt who ran only in Kyshtym city cinema.

    Inga Obadina
    Inga Obadina | RSPCA.Gee

    After receiving a high school diploma obadina went to enter in the Chelyabinsk Institute of culture, which chose the faculty of directing. Here was taught by a pupil of the legendary George Tovstonogov, Victor Del.

    In College years Inga obadina suddenly became fascinated with acting. So after graduation she went to Moscow and entered the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, which soon came to GITIS to Peter Fomenko, to learn who had long dreamed of.

    After graduating high school theater artist came on the scene. Premiere of the first show called «the Sakhalin wife» took place in November 1996 on the stage of the newly created «strelkoVteatra» which was directed by the husband of Inga Petrovna – Harold Strelkov.


    A cinematic biography of Inga Oboldina began in 2001 in one of the first Russian TV series called «Impostors». The debut was very bright, and an actress poured new strength. She appeared in the acclaimed drama «the Sky. The plane. Girl,» in which Vera Storozheva gave Oboldennoe though not great, but striking role.

    Soon followed by paintings that took pride of place in the filmography of the Ural artist. First of all, she got a serious role in the drama «children of the Arbat», a poignant film «I’m not hurt» and the movie «Doctor Zhivago».

    Inga obadina in the film
    Inga obadina in the movie «the Dove» | Ruskino

    It is noteworthy that Inga obadina looks great in different roles. If in these paintings she got dramatic images in the Comedy «the Golden calf» in the role of barbarians lankenau the actress also looked beautiful.

    After the release of the mentioned projects, the actress offered a job only quality series and films. The audience really liked the movie «the Case of kukotskiy», «Lenin’s Testament», «Gromovy 2. The house of hope» and «All will die, and I will remain.»

    Nowadays Inga obadina is a well – recognized star of Russian cinema. She was awarded the title of Honored artist of the Russian Federation. But this award is handed over not only for their excellent work in film, but also for the brilliant theatrical activity. Today Inga Petrovna – the leading actress of the capital’s drama theatre «ApARTe».

    Inga obadina and Fedor Dobronravov in the play
    Inga obadina and Fedor Dobronravov in the play «the Fence» | u24

    Of the last films Oboldennoe can be called the movie «Business about «Dead souls»» and «Conductor». Both films directed by Pavel Lungin. The last picture brought the artist a nomination for the award «Nika».

    Sometimes Inga obadina appears in small roles because of her talent transformed into small masterpieces. This work she did for the film «Irony of fate. A sequel to» where the audience saw their favorite actress in taxi driver.

    Personal life

    First husband of the famous actress was Harold Fusiliers, with whom Inga obadina, met in the Chelyabinsk Institute of culture. Together the couple moved to the capital, where both career quickly went into growth.

    Why stopped this marriage is unknown. Obadina and arrows, as intelligent people, have never opened the subject to other people. They went quietly and almost imperceptibly.

    Inga Obadina
    Inga Obadina | Wokrout

    Private life of Inga Oboldina hit the top of the news in December 2012 when 43-year-old actress gave birth to a daughter. The father of the child was an actor from St.-Petersburg Vitaly Saltykov. The happy parents named the girl Clara.


    • «Impostors»
    • «The sky. The plane. Girl»
    • «Children Of The Arbat»
    • «The Golden calf»
    • «I’m not hurt»
    • «Doctor Zhivago»
    • «All will die, and I’ll stay»
    • Laskovyy may
    • «School for fatties»
    • «Conductor»


    Inga Obadina

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