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  • Name: Inga Leps ( Inga Lepsveridze )
  • Date of birth: 23 December 1984.
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 163
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Inga Leps: a biography

    Inga Lepsveridze, better known as Inga Leps, was born in December 1984. Stage name tells us, a relative of the famous Grigory Leps. More precisely – the daughter from his first marriage with Svetlana Dubinsky. As you know, this student marriage did not last long. It appeared to the daughter of Inga, a connection with her star father continually supports.

    Inga Leps, as many children of the stars, could easily reap the rewards of the glory of his successful father and, as teenagers say, «not to worry» about their daily bread. But the girl grew up with strong character, clever and beautiful. Besides, with the bright artistic data, she decided to develop.

    Education Inga Leps decided to get the best abroad. At first she studied in London, where he became a B. A. in communications at the University «Jeweler». The master’s degree she received at the Sotheby’s Institute of art. But she decided not to put an end to the issue of education. She went to America, where he chose the famous Academy of dramatic arts. Here in new York, in 2014, Inga Leps became a certified actress.


    A cinematic biography of Inga Leps began when she was just 15 years old. She starred in a small role in the documentary drama «Escape». The debut was successful and the young Russian artist began to invite in various independent projects. Most of these were short films. Often the girl was offered to play Russian heroines, but in her filmography, only one such work.

    Fame Inga Leps role in the next movie, and the clip of the famous musician Diplo. While here she also took acting, after all, had to play a street girl-punk with dark circles under his eyes, the robber and always beat her boyfriend was a drug addict. The movie saw a little less than 4 million people.

    Inge was lucky: she went on a course to the famous mentor Susan Batson, among the students that included such Hollywood stars as Nicole Kidman (Batson – her personal trainer).

    In 2015, Cannes showed a film of French Director Antoine Combelles called «Zf461», in which Inga Leps was entrusted the role of Android.

    The talented beauty has already tried his hand as a screenwriter. She wrote my script for the short film «High water», which was released in 2014. But this talented daughter of a talented father decided not to stay. Today she is working on a second screenplay for a feature-length Comedy romance.

    Personal life

    The actress is 30, but the personal life of Inga Leps is not yet arranged. According to some information, now next to it there is no man who would take care of her. It seems strange, because Inga is a real beauty.

    As it turned out, the problem is that Inga Leps for all potential male suitors – looking from a singular point of view. She involuntarily compares with his famous and beloved father. While all the contenders lose, appearing only pale copies of the original.

    When it learned Grigory Leps, began to worry about finding a romantic partner of the eldest daughter, he told Inge to throw a comparison, look for an exact copy of any person – a hopeless task. Each person is different. And yet millions of your favorite singer recommended Inge in search of their halves never to rely on cold reason, trusting only the heart.

    The girl listened to his wise father soon find out.


    • «David Gandy»s Goodnight»
    • «Death, Inc.»
    • «Angsty Dawn»
    • «Strapped»
    • «Numb»
    • «Breaking Waves»
    • «Zf461»
    • «The Green Card»
    • «Inside Job»
    • Dean


    Inga Leps with mom

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