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  • Name: Ilze Liepa ( Ilze Liepa )
  • Date of birth: 22 November 1963
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 173
  • Activity: Russian ballet dancer, actress and theater actor, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: divorced

    Ilze Liepa : biography

    Marisova Ilze Liepa was born in a family where everyone lived and breathed work. Her father is the famous dancer Maris Liepa. The mother, Margarita Zhigunova – the actress of theatre of a name of A. S. Pushkin. Ballet her acting career have chosen for themselves and children Ilse and her older brother Maris.

    The children grew up behind theatrical curtains. Not surprisingly, Ilze Liepa, all the childhood was engaged in ballet school, became a student of the Moscow academic choreography school. In 1981 she received a diploma. But this did not put an end to your education. After 10 years she received a second degree at GITIS, where she studied at the choreography Department.


    Biography Ilze Liepa began at a very young age. In 5 years she made her debut at the Bolshoi theatre. The father brought the daughter to the stage, utilizing in a small episode productions.

    Since 1981, immediately after graduating the ballet school, Ilze Liepa performing at the Bolshoi theatre as a soloist. She was entrusted with the most responsible role that required a fair amount of skill. Ballerina saw in the typical roles of the operas «Carmen», «Khovanshchina», «La Traviata», «Ivan Susanin» and «Prince Igor.»

    The first recital of the dancer took place in 1989 at the Concert hall named after P. I. Tchaikovsky. Ilze Liepa played 7 choreographic compositions. Since then, Ilse annually pleases its fans with such speeches. Every time they end with benefit.

    But Ilse is not only a talented dancer – she’s a wonderful stage actress. In this capacity, she debuted in the late 1990s at the St. Petersburg entreprise. Later appeared on other stages.

    A cinematic biography of Ilze Liepa began in the mid-1980s. It was a difficult time for the actress. The family crisis – parents split. The daughter was very upset by this sad event, and employment in movie, according to Ilse, helped her cope with despair and depression.

    The actress was seen in the films «the Shining world», «Bambi’s Childhood», «Lermontov», «Mikhaylo Lomonosov», «Empire under attack» and «Impostors». But the stage Liepa during this period did not. She has a great job in the play «Your sister and captive», where Ilse came on the scene, along with actress Svetlana Kryuchkova.

    The singer tours a lot. With his concert programs she performed not only in all the major cities of Russia and almost all European capitals.

    Ilze Marisova often appears in various TV shows. In 2011 she was invited as a member of the jury at the Eurovision song contest for young dancers. In the same year, Liepa led together with Vladimir Pozner, the TV show «Bolero» and radio «Orpheus» out of its author’s program «Ballet FM».

    Ilze Liepa is known of its author’s exercise program, it is designed for people who want a long time to keep yourself in good shape. This set of exercises created as a fusion of Pilates and dance, known as «Ilze Liepa method». At present there are 5 schools studios where visitors could appreciate the invention of Ilze.

    In the beginning of 2016, fans of the show saw Ilze Liepa as a leader of the project «the Bolshoi ballet. Season 2». This is a ballet competition for young performers, the well-known singer and actress leads together with theater Director andrason the Jaguars.

    Personal life

    First husband-a musician-was a famous virtuoso violinist Sergey Stadler. But together, the couple lived a short time.

    With her second husband – entrepreneur Vladislav Paulus – Ilze met on the set of advertising mineral water. Broke novel, the consequence of which was a formal marriage for each of them – the second. The couple were married in Saint-Petersburg in Nikolo-Bogoyavlensky Cathedral and lived together for 14 years. For a long time they did not have children. The long-awaited daughter Hope appeared in the spring of 2010, when the ballerina turned 46 years old. It would seem, from this moment the personal life of Ilse Liepa have to begin to sparkle with new colors, but all of a sudden, the couple broke up. At the moment of parting Nadi was 3 years old.

    The divorce process was not quiet. The pair exchanged loud statements and accusations. Ilse admitted that at the beginning of the marriage doubted its correctness. In the end, the dancer called it «a fatal mistake».


    • «Brilliant world»
    • «Bambi’s Childhood»
    • «Lermontov»
    • «Mikhail Lomonosov»
    • «The Empire is under attack»
    • «Impostors»
    • «The Empire is under attack»
    • «Love me»
    • «First love»


    Ilze Liepa with his father and brother

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