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  • Name: Ilya Zakharov ( Ilya Zakharov )
  • Date of birth: 2 may 1991
  • Age: 25 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activity: diver, Olympic champion
  • Marital status: married Hope Grechushkina

    Ilya Zakharov biography

    Ilya Zakharov was born on 2 may 1991 in St. Petersburg, but his family soon moved to Saratov. The boy’s father was engaged in the officer’s all-around and skiing, and the mother in the past was a candidate for the master of sports on volleyball and taught physics in school. In childhood Ilya was characterised by a high degree of activity and an incredible amount of energy that is constantly pushed to search of adventures. In six years, the future athlete was diagnosed with flat feet and the doctor recommended to take the boy son in the pool. A family friend who worked at the sports school where he led Zakharov, suggested that the discipline of «diving», which helped to channel the energy of a boy in a less destructive direction. Despite the fact that a group has already ended, the guy still accepted. Elijah is not very attracted to the idea of exercise, and for the first time in the classroom, where his coach was Tatiana Korobko, the boy in every possible way shirked jumping and just swimming in the pool. Coach had to literally push Zakharov minimum height cabinets. After a year of lessons, the future athlete was no longer able to imagine a life without diving. The first time he took part in children’s competitions within six months after the start of classes. At nine years old the first time he traveled outside his native city to participate in the Junior national Championships. And although Ilya had failed to take prizes in competition, he had a dream — to win gold at the legendary Olympic games.

    In childhood Zakharov loved to play football. However, thanks to this game the boy had a large part of the fractures, injuries and traumas, from-for what the coach banned from playing the guy.

    At the age of thirteen, he received the title of master of sports and finally decided to tie his career by jumping into the water. In 2007 he enrolled at the Russian state University of physical culture, sport and tourism in Moscow. He originally planned to education of the sports Manager, but his rapidly developing career has not allowed him to find enough time for training. Therefore, the sports star chose the specialisation of the coach, but not once in his interview said that he sees himself in the future in this role.

    In late 2011, Ilya made the decision to serve in the army and ten days later he went to the Federal Security Service. However, a small life did not prevent the athlete to eat all the charms of army life, and even to quarrel with the «grandfathers». Returning from the army, He began training for the Olympics.

    Ilya Zakharov: sports

    His first and most important reward for him, Ilya Zakharov received in 2006 while participating in youth national competitions among students. The victory inspired him to a new victory and gave confidence in the correctness of the choice of their profession.

    In 2007, Ilya went on his first international tournament where he had to perform a solo jump from the tower and synchronized ski jumping in tandem with his friend and fellow athlete

  • Evgeny Kuznetsov. The competition was held in the German city of Aachen, which gave the young athlete his first international gold. In addition, for the coupled jump Zakharov won the silver medal and individual ski jumping brought him bronze. 2008 again brought the athlete a gold medal, but in the championship of the Cup of Russia. Synchro this year a couple of Elijah was another young jumper
  • Igor Koryakin, with whom they won silver at the Russian Championships, European Championships and bronze at the Junior world championship. Individual tests for Zakharova was more successful: the championship earned him two gold medals, a world championship silver one. 2009 brought Ilya Zakharov a lot of other victories. Particularly noteworthy and memorable was his performance at the European championship held in Budapest, where the young athlete won three gold medals, winning all the tests. This series of victories brought Zakharov incredible popularity in his native Russia and far beyond its borders. The year 2010 was for Elijah to not be so fruitful for the gold medal: only one gold in the men’s synchronised paired with
  • Victor by Minibeam on the Cup of Russia. In that year Ilya has earned several silver and bronze medals and began preparing for the dream of my childhood — part in the Olympic games in 2012. Zakharov successfully passed the selection to participate in the Olympic team of Russia. The athlete began to actively prepare for the competition, however many jumps he failed. Due to nervous tension Ilya would often quarrel with his coach, going to the games in London, not even thinking about the gold medal. The main rivals in the tournament for the Russian athlete became the Chinese
  • Jeon Hye and
  • Kai Qin who year after year brought home gold medals from all the tests diving. However this time luck and the talent was on the side of Zakharov and the hard struggle he won a gold medal for individual jumping from a three-meter springboard. This victory instantly made him a star and darling of the public.

    Success at the Olympic games forced the athlete to think about their future career. To win the male was planning to leave the sport, but now he’s going to perform again at the next Olympic games scheduled for 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.

    2013 was not too good for the athlete. The competition in Beijing, he received a hand injury, which was forced to withdraw from further participation in the World series, which took place in Edinburgh. Recovery took about forty days, after which He went to the Universiade, held in Kazan. However, there it has failed, it took only the sixth place in the framework of the program of ski jumping.

    Next year for Ilya started with illness and injury. At the beginning of the World series athlete got chicken pox, which was forced to miss the second race. After his recovery, he began to suffer from pain in the back, and Zakharov refused to participate in the tournament, performing only in a synchronous program paired with Evgeny Kuznetsov.

    Until 2015 Ilya fully regained his form and took part in the European Championship, which was held in the German city of Rostock. Zakharov, together with his colleague’s synchronised Kuznetsov won gold for their joint statement and in the individual competition, he received only a bronze medal.

    Ilya Zakharov: personal life

    Since 2009 Ilya Zakharov Dating a girl

  • Hope Grechushkina with whom he studied together in school. The girl has nothing to do with the sport, however, actively takes part in all sporting Hobbies of choice — just two months learned to ski, to be able to relax together with your loved ones in the mountains. Hope all supported Ilya and often accompanies him to tournaments. During the Olympic games in 2012, Elijah proposed to her and in December the couple were married in a small circle of friends and family.

    Ilya Zakharov: photo

    Ilya Zakharov

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