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  • Name: Ilya Sokolovsky ( Ilya Sokolovskiy )
  • Date of birth: 1 December 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Pskov
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: married

    Ilya Sokolovsky: biography

    Ilya Sokolovsky M. was born in Pskov in December 1977, the family of the teacher of history. His parents and close relatives were not connected with the theatre and cinema. First, Elijah did not dream to be an actor. His Hobbies were very different. He attended lessons of drawing and music school, where he learned to play two instruments – clarinet and piano. Involved in sports, and several sports: skating and playing hockey. Much success Ilya Sokolovsky has achieved in Boxing, after receiving the discharge. But soon the box had to quit because of an injury.

    In high school the guy started to show interest in the acting profession. But deciding on the choice of the profession he helped mom. She insisted that Ilya tried to go to drama school. Sokolowski decided and entered the College of culture and arts. After graduation, Ilya again at the insistence of his mother went to Moscow and entered the GITIS. There he was on the course to the mentor Goncharova.

    Ilya Sokolovsky
    Ilya Sokolovsky | BASKINO

    First guy from Pskov was not easy to get used to the pace of city life, and the training was not easy, but soon Ilya settled and gladly began to comprehend the basics of acting, demonstrating good progress. When he graduated from high school, GITIS was renamed the Academy of theatre arts (RATI). Sokolowski took the troupe on the South-West.


    The creative biography of Ilya Sokolovsky began on the stage. Soon the theater in the southwest has changed theatre, Art-house, with touring tours which the artist has traveled all over the country. But He soon realized that most of his work draws on the set, and finally switched to the movie.

    Ilya Sokolovsky in the play
    Ilya Sokolovsky in the play «What do men want?» | GASTROLI.UA

    Ilya Sokolovsky debuted in cinema with an inconspicuous role in the sensational blockbuster «Boomer». He played a bully with no name, steals in company with other robbers car of the main character. Then Elijah appeared again in the hit «Team», but this role was episodic.

    In 2005, Sokolowski received his first starring role. It was action-Packed youth tape «Last weekend». Elijah appeared in the form of a charming but treacherous Gleb, behind which was the war, made his views on life are pragmatic.

    A greater number of proposals received from Directors of Elijah, was work-related in the series. Sokolowski appears in a popular serial «Poor Nastya», where he played Nikita Khvostov, «Bitch», «Fire of love», «beyond the wolves» and others. But in the same period, the actor starred in feature films. In «Wolfhounds», he played Pergolina. For this work of Elijah had to learn riding, fencing.

    Ilya Sokolovsky in the film
    Ilya Sokolovsky film «Notes forwarder Secret office» | Russia 1

    Sokolowski later appeared in the film «notes of the Secret Chancellery forwarder», also demonstrated the ability to handle weapons. In this historical detective Elijah played a major role. He appeared in the form of Ivan Samoilov, of the Dragoons, who arrived in the capital after his father’s death.

    Ilya Sokolovsky under the power of diverse roles. The actor has played both good and negative characters. It is natural as in action movies and melodramas. While critics have noted his ability to organically grow into the characters. Great sports training Ilya is very useful on set.

    Personal life

    Personal life Ilya Sokolovsky has developed happily. He is married and has a son. But to tell the details of family life considers unnecessary.

    Although Ilya is now active in films and reappears on the stage, he finds time to workout and keep in shape. He loves to drive your sports car and has an open and cheerful character. The artist continues to find new Hobbies. He admits that not so long ago he met with hunting. But to shoot at living targets, it is a pity, therefore, realizes the desire to hit the target, doing paintball.

    Ilya Sokolovsky
    Ilya Sokolovsky | VK

    In his free time, which the actor smaller, he likes to visit the theatre and go to the cinema.


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    Ilya Sokolovsky

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