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  • Name: Ilya Sobolev ( Ilya Sobolev )
  • Date of birth: 25 February 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Krasnoyarsk
  • Height: 186
  • Activity: the player of KVN, resident of Comedy Club, musician
  • Marital status: married to Natalia Soboleva

    Ilya Sobolev: biography

    Ilya Sobolev was born 25 February 1983 in Krasnoyarsk. From childhood he loved to joke and jest. Around the boy was always laughing. In school Ilya, of course, was a leader and an ornament to any company. But the best guy felt on stage. At that time it was a school, sometimes in the House of culture. On stage Ilya Sobolev brilliantly joked, improvised and entertained teachers, peers and everyone present, because the WHC with his participation and production has always been a joyful event that nobody missed.

    After graduation, Ilya Sobolev has received two educations: higher technical and acting.

    The creative biography of Ilya Sobolev began in the team of KVN called «Left coast». In 2003, a team of Sobolev – champion of the Premier League of Club cheerful and resourceful. A year later, «LB» – the participant of the Higher League.

    Ilya Sobolev: TV

    Ilya Sobolev, as one of the brightest and most talented players of KVN, pleasure on TV, in a variety of popular designs. So Sobolev appeared in «Lethal League» «Laughter without rules» and «the Comedy club». Soon Elijah became a resident of «Comedy club».

    In conjunction with the Novel by Clacking Sobolev took part in the first season of the show program «Laughter without rules», where took second place. And in the ninth, so-called «Golden» season «Laughter without rules», which was attended by most of the finalists of the previous seasons, Ilya Sobolev in the duet «Beautiful» has won first place.

    The name Elijah is often associated with another member of the «Laughter without rules» and «Lethal League», which performs under the stage name Uncle Victor. When Uncle Victor appeared in the tenth season of «Laughter without rules» on TNT, a attentive viewers began to associate it with Sobolev, noting the considerable similarity. Project leaders strongly denied this, but the audience remained unconvinced.

    In February 2010, Ilya Sobolev left «Slaughter League», deciding that we should move on. With him went creative producer, presenter and twelve participants. The guys did a good job and at the end of August of the same year on the TV channel «TNT» viewers saw a new Comedy show called «Comedy battle», consisting of two parts: qualifier and championship.

    Ilya Sobolev, definitely a talented artist. But now he is known as a great presenter and a showman. Colleagues Ilya claim that he is an extremely creative person. Is not afraid to experiment and knows no boundaries or restrictions. Therefore, the Sobolev successfully realize themselves in different genres. He makes parodies and miniatures. Brilliantly is in the genre of stand-up. And the artist is a great entertainer.

    Now Ilya Sobolev – resident of Comedy Club. For too long comic career, Elijah becomes a party to many popular Comedy shows. And Sobolev working for the channel Muz-leading events.

    Ilya Sobolev is also a musician. Along with popular Russian musician Ilya has recorded two music track «Gangsta» and «don’t worry.» They have become hits a long time stayed in the charts for the first dance, «Radio the Record». The track «Gangsta» even took 16-th place final superchart in 2009.

    Ilya Sobolev: personal life

    Personal life Ilya Sobolev fully arranged. The artist have a favorite

  • Natalia. Together they are already not the first year. When I first started Dating, Ilya brought his bride to introduce to your parents. Mom gave the future sister-in-law these exams to ensure the readiness of the girls for family life. Natalia successfully passed the test, and soon the lovers have legalized their relationship. Later they had a daughter, at the moment we know that the couple prepare to become parents for the second time.

    Ilya Sobolev: photo

    Ilya Sobolev

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