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  • Name: Ilya Shakunov ( Ilya Shakunov )
  • Date of birth: 13 August 1970
  • Age: 46 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married to Anne of Dukhovoy

    Ilya Shakunov: biography

    Ilya Shakunov was born in the summer of 1970. During his school years he began to study in the Studio of the actor Igor Gorbachev.

    After graduation was admitted to the Leningrad medical Institute, and later transferred to the faculty of computers and automation in LETI (Leningrad electrotechnical Institute). But he soon left both educational institutions, as wanted to link her biography with the scene.

    Ilya Shakunov has successfully passed the examinations at the Leningrad Institute of theatre, music and cinema (now the St. Petersburg state Academy of theatrical art) and enrolled in a course of Professor Veniamin Filshtinsky.

    Ilya Shakunov theater

    Ilya Shakunov during the study were considered sufficiently promising actor in the fourth year he appeared on stage of the St. Petersburg youth theatre them. Bryantseva in the image of Chatsky in the play «Woe from wit».

    After graduation in 1996, Ilya Shakunov joined the troupe already familiar to Spectators – artist invited by theater Director Andrey Andreev. It took quite a bit of time to Ilya became one of the leading actors of the theater. In this theater by Sakunova was played multiple roles, particularly among young viewers is and the Prince from the play «mermaid», and bass player in the performance «the Teacher of rhythmics» and Henry from the play «Dragon».

    In addition to Spectators shekunov was involved in the productions of the Roman Viktyuk. The role of the actor got in performances of «Autumn violins», «butterfly, Butterfly» and «Confused».

    The actor had to work in the BDT them. BDT, where he was invited and rehearsed for a few weeks. But the love of youth theatre was stronger, and Ilya returned to native walls.

    Ilya Shakunov: movies

    The debut of Ilya Shakunov as an actor took place in 1993, the artist appeared in a small role double in the drama «Creation of Adam» by Yuri Pavlov. Then within several years the actor had the opportunity to work in a movie. In those years he starred in the films «freaks and men», «Kiss!», «Vaska Nemeshaev» and others — the widespread popularity little cameo Sakunova to no avail.

    A new phase in the film career of Elijah Sakunova occurred since 2000. Then he played a major role in the film «

  • Dark night» Oleg Kovalova. The actor brilliantly coped with the task and made the look a bit odd, manages to keep the intrigue of a photographer with an unusual name Imants, who was filled with the feelings for a little girl. The film was presented at film festivals, where he had success. While critics spoke of work Sakunova very positive. Evaluation of a mass audience did not have to wait – the picture was never released. In 2002, he starred in the films «Letters to Elsa», «Kamenskaya 2», «Girlfriend autumn». The following year the actor appeared in the film «special Forces 2», «Kidnapping», «Russian ark», «Three colors of love». Had to do so much and often that the actor was forced around the clock to be on the set.

    Ilya Shakunov had to embody very different, not like each other images. For his acting career, he played military, doctors, businessmen, sportsmen and even maniacs. Now filmography of Ilya Shakunov has more than six dozen paintings.

    Ilya Shakunov: personal life

    As recognized by the actor himself, with the personal life she’s all right, because it happened many years ago. Wife of Elijah Sakunova – actress of theatre and cinema

  • Anna Dyukova. Acquaintance of the future spouses took place in St. Petersburg youth Theatre, since the couple had not separated. Their marriage lasted for more than 15 years. During the years of joint life acting couple had two children – daughter Vasilisa was born in 2005 and her younger brother Makar was born five years later.

    The weekend, which, unfortunately, comes not often, spouses whole family loves to spend on his dacha near St. Petersburg.

    Ilya Shakunov has somehow shared his recipe for harmony in personal life. According to the actor, the main secret is keeping a balance between work, family and friends.

    Ilya Shakunov: movies

    • «The Creation Of Adam»
    • «Dark night»
    • «Kamenskaya 2»
    • «Women’s property»
    • «Letters to Elsa»
    • «Special force 2»
    • «Russian ark»
    • «Viola Tarakanova. In the world of criminal passions»
    • «A private matter»
    • «Twist of fate»

    Ilya Shakunov: photo

    Ilya Shakunov

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