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  • Name: Ilya Sherbinin ( Ilya Shcherbinin )
  • Date of birth: 3 June 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Novosibirsk
  • Height: 176
  • Activities: actor, screenwriter
  • Marital status: married

    Ilya Scherbinin: biography

    Every year, the TV opens a world of new and young talent. One of them is a wonderful actor Ilya sherbinin, who a year ago appeared in the mystical series «Chernobyl. Exclusion zone». The project made the artist famous and gave him a chance in the future to become famous in the movies.

    Ilya was born on a fine summer day in 1986 in the distant city of Novosibirsk. The love of art manifested itself in early childhood, which Shcherbinin held in the village of Togur. Not having much choice in entertainment, the boy would spend days reading books, and soon he began writing his first literary works. The rural environment was having a positive impact on his work, and the guy even dedicated a whole village piece titled «the Old City».

    Talents of Elijah, one literature was not limited, in addition to reading, the boy spent the evening watching TV, which often showed Soviet films. First, like Yuri Nikulin, the boy dreamed about the profession of a clown, which will bring a smile to the faces of the audience. A little later the clown was replaced by the owner of the zoo, and even astronaut. And then the next artist took the only right decision in this situation — decided to link their lives with his acting, which will allow him to visit any of the above roles.

    Returning to his native Novosibirsk, Shcherbinin was admitted to a local theatrical school on actor’s faculty. However, after his graduation to become an actor the guy is not planned. It attracted a large film and television, but he had no idea how there can get the guy from the Russian hinterland. Came to the aid of the head of Elijah, who advised the future artist to go to Moscow, where he could continue his studies at the University of cinema or literature Institute.

    The young man really went to the capital and applied in both educational institutions. A talented writer who had over their shoulders in acting, easily enrolled in the screenwriting Department at the Russian state University of cinematography. And although it wasn’t exactly what he wanted Illya, after all, before he dreamed of becoming an actor, the young man decided to trust to fate. Moreover, the study was given to it easily, and the scripting was fun. As a student, Shcherbinin made many useful acquaintances and true friends who will support him in the future and help in the work.

    From literary works, the artist refused and continued to publish stories in magazines and anthologies. His novel «the old Man Tongur» had even been any in the long list of award «curiosities» in 2008. In 2015, Ilya, along with his classmate Alexander Torenim published a collection of stories and scenarios in the book «politically incorrect».

    Ilya Scherbinin: movies

    My first job in the movie, Ilya sherbinin received when he was twenty-two years. His debut was a small role in Panin drama film Michael Kalatozishvili «Wild field».

    The actor willingly called on occasionally role or in crowd, which gave him the opportunity to hone to practice your skills, and replenish your acting portfolio. Over five years of work on television, his filmography consisted of nine pictures, among which were the movies and TV shows.

    First, the popularity and success Shcherbinin brought the multi-tape «

  • Chernobyl. Exclusion zone», released in 2014. To the casting the young actor came through his colleague Tatyana Komarova, with whom he worked on the project «Wild field» and «Pechorin». Director Anders Banke fully endorsed the selection of assistant and almost immediately adopted the guy for the role of Igor Matveyev named «Podcasters». The way was not easy and thus is especially geared artist. He played gradually went crazy kid who shoots his adventures on camera. Elijah not only had to play a man is not in himself, but to act on camera like a layman, to reflect the lack of acting skills of his hero. Hardest actor was given the shooting scene near the border with Ukraine. According to the scenario character of Elijah brought down the man and shoots podcast. On the street it was raining and it was quite cold, the actor has long acted and from fatigue have completely lost touch with reality, literally playing the role of your character. He kept seeing the downed man, and the artist felt a creepy feeling from these visions.

    The premiere of the series was postponed several times, but when it finally took place, the project was a huge success. The channel guide TNT has decided to extend the project for a second season, the premiere of which is scheduled for the 2015-2016 year.

    Ilya Scherbinin: personal life

    Despite the relatively young age Ilya are married. With his chosen artist met in mid-2013. The girl, as well as Scherbinin, the education writer.

    However, other details about its second half, including name, actor reporters not reported for fear of press invasion of their privacy. It is known that now the actor and his wife reside in Moscow.

    Ilya Scherbinin: filmography

    • Wild pitch
    • You go out to look for
    • Moscow courtyard
    • Short circuit
    • Bird
    • Pechorin
    • Life and fate
    • Your WORLD
    • The Romanovs
    • Chernobyl. The exclusion zone

    Ilya Scherbinin: photo

    Ilya Sherbinin

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